6-Months Watermelon Juice Cleanse

6-Months Watermelon Juice Cleanse

Day 22 (18th Jun 2022)

Weight 50.6kg. New batch of watermelons arrived just in time before my last jar of juice was gone. Felt a little nauseous after taking it right after juicing and found it strange. Didn’t the 30+ liver flushes I did over the past decade sufficiently removed all the intrahepatic stones from the liver and gallbladder already? Maybe there is still some more healing to be done in them. I did still feel very brief pain in the gallbladder regions sometimes.

Mild pain in the right kidney today. Passed out another bigger piece of beige tissue while urinating. I think this will go on until the bladder or urinary system is completely cleansed.

Day 20-21 (16th-17th Jun 2022) NF2

D20 Weight 51.1kg General tiredness throughout the day. Ran out of watermelons and decided to drive 20 mins to the nearest market to get some. A mild stomachache started just before setting of and it developed into the dreaded colon pain upon returning. Thought I could rest it off but had to do 1 enemas at 9pm. There was a quick relief but pain was quick to return. Stayed with it until 3am when I decided to break it again with a palm-sized watermelon. I had to hold on to my lower back and hunch walking to the kitchen.

The pain was quickly alleviated and managed to catch some sleep. There was construction going on in the farmland opposite for the past 2 nights and I would not have been able to sleep anyway. Noise pollution ordinance enforcement is just not existent in rural Thailand, I guess and I had no one to turn to to deal with it.

Woke up with a milder pain and took another piece of watermelon. Didn’t weigh myself today (D21). Did the 5 Tibetan exercises and it went away entirely after that. I guess this is only expected when acid/toxins should been pouring out of my body by now this long into a fast. Just that my left kidney was not able to handle the offload; made worse by its compromised state.

When I was 16 days into my water fast (water only, no tea even), deep dark brown, almost blackish stick fluid, along with pieces of brown thin biofilm would be released into my colon constantly throughout the day that made me so sick that multiple water enemas could not keep up with the induced pain (more centered in the small intestine region), usually in evening. I had to break my fast because I felt very drained.

In retrospect, I was wondering why I did not have similar colon pain when I was doing my 100 days orange juice fast. It could be the Dr. Morse’s 14 weeks detox herbal kit that helped. This pain, from how sore my left kidney was whenever I touched it during the attack, gave me the indication that it could be a nerve induced pain, which is one of the worst type of pain anyone can experience…

Body is feeling a little feverish. A good sign. Urine is mildly yellowish, odorous and slightly cloudy. A tiny bit of tissue came out this morning again. Even my chronic pain spot inside the left collarbone area was working up. I need to be more careful not to exert myself during this period. The body needs all the rest and energy it can get to deal with the toxin offload right now.

Expecting the next week’s supply of watermelons in the afternoon later. Going to ask the supplier to get me 65kg next week. 57 was not enough… One of it spoilt too.

Day 17-19 (13th-15th Jun 2022)

D19 Weight 51.5kg The previous 2 days were uneventful, just easily tired during the day. Passed out 3 pieces of tissue during the first morning urination. No pain. Picked them out of the W.C. with a pair of tongs so I could have a closer look and took some photos. They looked smooth on one side and rough on the other. Perhaps they were part of the unhealthy layer of the bladder that was causing my odorous urine for the past several months. Maybe more will be released soon, shall see.

Day 16 - 12th Jun 2022

Weight 52kg Decided to push on with the fast with juice again in the morning. Woke with mild aches at old injury spot and had that sensation we get from a prior day of hard manual labour; lactic acid overload. Urine was cloudy as usual. Rested for the most part of the morning and worked the fields in the afternoon for a bit, and made sure I did not exert any strength. Passed out a tiny piece of soft beige tissue (about 3mm in size) while urinating in the evening. Day 15 - 11th Jun 2022 Weight: 51.7kg

Woke with mild ache in left colon and both kidneys, and headache on the right neo cortex. Didn’t give them much thought. Took plain water and delayed juicing as I had some online biz to attend to. Discomfort grew as I was juicing and had to lie down after the first juice intake. The pain went away after about 10-15 mins. Reminded me of the gut pain I had when I was on my water fast years ago, when it got to beyond day 10-15, which made me literally crawl to the washroom multiple times of the late afternoons to do enemas for relief.

The pain returned just before noon and I stayed with it on the bed till there was a mild feverish feeling. Did 1 enema at 2.45pm to relieve the pain and it helped, though the general discomfort lingered, centered around the left kidney and colon region.

The pain crept back soon enough and stayed with it until 9pm when I decided to break the fast. Took Dr Morse kidneys and bladder herb I but it did not help. Cut up a watermelon and took a palm sized piece. All the pain went away gradually but there was a general discomfort in the stomach and gallbladder, not to mention the colon still too, as the body rebalances itself. The body started to release the water it was holding on to due to the backing up of acid. That could explain the pain; body (kidneys and colon) was not able eliminate them fast enough as toxins were released.

Good thing I broke it so I did not lose my sleep, though I did wake a few times to urinate. Will use this method to keep pushing.

Day 13 & 14 - 9th & 10th July 2022

D13: Weight - 52.4kg. Excreted a large bulk of fecal matter at 7am just after juicing the watermelons for the day.

D14: Weight - 52.3kg. Felt parched today and ran out of the 6 liters juice by 8pm. Had to take water instead. Urine was a little cloudy at the end of the day, with the right kidney aching slightly. That was after working the fields again. Rest of the week’s watermelons arrived today at around 4pm; landlord assisted with arranging with a supplier to make weekly delivery. 58kg this week @ 1160 THB, tipped 140 THB.

Day 11 & 12 - 7th & 8th July 2022

Weight dropped to 52.2kg on D11. Decided to increase watermelon juice intake by another 2 liters, to a total of 6 liters per day. Noticed that I am sleeping a lot more. Weight increased to 52.5kg on D12. Felt thirsty quite quickly throughout the day and started to feel a little lethargic. Mild pain when passing urine, similar to how it would feel when kidney stone is passing; not the burning sensation. This could explain why I am feeling more tired these 2 days. Was able to work in the farm transplanting some seedlings into the soil, enjoying the light rain with my farmer’s hat on. Passing odorous gas, a sign that the gut is still purging. Expecting some more intense healing reactions within the next week.

Day 10 - 6th July 2022

Starting to feel hungry despite the 4 liters. Weight dropped to 52.7kg this morning. Will have to start juicing more watermelon but will need to get a large jar to store it. Managed to work on the farm a bit (collecting grass clippings, laying bricks for herb beds, transplanting seedlings and clearing some weed). White coat on tongue indicates issues with stomach/spleen and kidneys/intestines.

Day 6 & 7 - 2nd & 3rd July 2022

Overworked on D6 (was setting up a nursery for my seedlings) and had a brief IBS attack in the late evening, was not serious so I managed to sleep. Uneventful for most of D7. Weight hovered around 53.2 today. Watched an interview of John by Gillian about his 200 days juice fast and found out from his Instagram account that he has been taking 8 liters a day!! That is double my amount! It seems I have not been taking enough calories, thus the rapid weight loss. He did mention that he knew someone who managed with just 5 quarts so that’s about 4.7 liters. Also did a brief research on DRIs and it seems Sodium will be an issue if I stick to just watermelons. Curious about Iodine too.

Day 4 & 5 - 30th & 1st July 2022

Energy returning but weight is dropping daily, from 54.5 on D4 to 54kg today; shedding the unhealthy weight I have gained from those meat and desserts I had for the past few months. Passed motion at 3pm and noticed some bits sticking to the WC and resistant to the bidet at full output; the gut is definitely clearing out. Once that is done, pretty sure I will be expecting some healing reaction as the body redirects all the energy to the weakest parts.

Day 2 & 3 - 28th & 29th June 2022

It started with aches in both kidneys towards late afternoon and it deteriorated into the familiar IBS pain that visited me several times in the past month. Was working the fields, weeding, the entire morning and pushed myself to tidy up the neglected front porch and start sowing a fresh batch of seed for the food garden. By evening, could not stand up straight at all due to the pain in the kidneys. Sleep was not possible with the gnawing pain in the descending colon. Enema did not help. Was groaning in pain throughout the night until day break (Day 3), when I passed out the final remnants of fecal matter. Could it also be due to the Kidney/Bladder herb I took? Suggested by a Facebook friend of mine who knows more about detox than all my real life friends combined. Was desperate so reached out to her for help. Discomfort lifted entirely by late morning, after waking from a much needed nap. I’d say the actual detox is just about to start!

Day 1 - 27th June 2022

Drove 28 watermelons from Chiang Mai to Phayao the day before. Juiced 2 of the smallest ones, 2.6kg each, yielding slightly less than 4 liters. Will have to inform the handyman who will be helping me buy them from the nearby market every 2 weeks by the kg, not by piece, as sizes and source vary. 2.6kg x 28 = 72.8kg.

Not a good start as body felt ‘depleted’ of jing (精). Realized I still had quite a bit of food left in the fridge but it has been delayed for almost 2 months. They will have to go back into the compost eventually. Was wondering if having sufficient jing will suffice for the body to heal itself but recalling how highly advanced meditation monks like Ajahn Chah still subcumbed to cancer was conclusive that proper detox is still the way to go.

Expecting the first few days to be uneventful like previous juice fasts. Going to just drink to thirst or hunger.

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