Alzheimer’s and dementia is acidosis of the brain

Alzheimer’s and dementia is acidosis of the brain

Loosing cognizant function mentally is not the result of “old age”, and it’s not a mysterious disease you get from bad luck. It’s acids in the brain, and they don’t just get their by mistake. Neurotoxins also damage the brain. Their is a detoxifying system in the brain and it’s called the glymphatic system. When the head gets clogged up with acids, that of courses causes a corrosive and cationic response to tissue and cells, then you will experience the blow back from it. Acids damaging the brian, meaning that a person has been backed up from head to toe for many years, and not filtering their sewer system (lymphatic system)

Regardless of the terms and labels regarding “disease” you still need to go back to the simplicity of chemistry, because a these problems are caused by chemistry, no if, ands, or buts!

Acids damaging the brian will of course take away memory, and your motor skills. Your central nervous system is in your head, so when acids suppress this system, you will loose your ability to function mentally.

Most of the time when a person comes down with this condition, is because they have had a very clogged up congested GI tract, especially the transverse colon (this is the hub of the autonomic nervous system.)

Everyone wants to treat these problems with supplements, drugs, and diets that only suppress symptoms like the ketogentic diet. Why not get to the root cause of the problem, and that’s acidosis in the brain, and throughout the body. It makes more sense to clean out the terrain, and get rid of the acids that are damaging cells, and causing systemic interstitial dehydration.

The body is designed for alkalinity and hydration. So how do we create this environment in the body? Well you go to the foods that are hydrating and alkaline! The raw foods! Mainly the fruit, berries, and melons! Fruit is full of water, nutrition, and has astringent power to move and clean lymph. If you don’t clean out the colon, and move these acids out of the lymphatic system, and create an alkaline environment in the body, you will not remove the acids in the brian that cause these mental cognizant dysfunctions.

The colon is connected to the head, so the head cannot drain effectively until you clean the colon first! This is why regeneration is not about treating and masking symptoms, but rather about cleaning and hydrating tissue!

The importance of kidneys filtration is key with creating systemic regeneration. If you don’t clean and repair the kidneys, then how can you drain the system it’s connected to? You must urinate out the acids in interstitial spaces throughout miles and miles of lymphatic spaces, or fluids in the body. The lymphatic system is a great piping system in the body that holds metabolic waste to be drained, and filtered though the kidneys, out through the bladder, via urination. Yes you pee out the “disease”

If you don’t remove the acids you can never find your remedy regarding acidosis in the brain. It’s the proteins and carcinogenic compounds that damage the eliminative organ that drains the lymph system, (your kidneys), also the bodies 3rd kidney gets damaged, and causing blockages, and stops the flow of energy with removing acid waste from the body, and that’s the skin, via sweating.

So why would you eat acidic foods cooked, if your trying to create a hydrating and alkaline environment in the body? These foods cause stagnation and cellular constipation in the physical organism. Dead dehydrating foods will only back up your lymph system, and contribute to clogging up the kidneys, when the body creates a mucus response to protect them. Well mucus clogs up the valve, and your body just builds up from your feet to your head with acids, until it reaches the final stage of acidosis in the brain.

Fruit and vegetables in their raw and natural state do not cause mucus to accumulate in the body blocking the flow of energy that creates bodily dis-ease, these foods hydrate, create electromagnetic energy, and wake up the body to clean itself, because the body cannot clean itself in an acidic medium, the body must become alkaline first.

Eating in general will slow down the healing process at some degree, but because humans are so clogged up for most people they have to transition, and wing off the dead food first, before they can handle any kind of fasting. Fasting from food will allow the body to use all its energy stores to clean and repair on a cellular level. This is why those that have fasted from food and even water have done the “impossible” when it comes to healing systemic acidosis!

An all fruit diet is the most aggressive method of allowing the body to detox at the highest level, other then fasting, and this is the goal to achieve when it comes to transition, if you really want to clean and repair your body, that has been damaged and compromised from conception. However for those that are dealing with acidosis of the brain don’t really have a lot of time to waste, if their kidneys are very damaged, and GI tract, they need to take the bull by the horns and enjoy the ride, and get themselves on all fruit ASAP!

I believe that acidosis in the brain can be healed if taken these measures with fruit, herbs, and fasting! The body can heal itself if you set up a hydrating and alkaline environment for it to heal itself, and that means giving up the dead foods, high protein acid ash foods, get on a natural human diet of foods that digest effortlessly, fruits, berries, and melons, and these fruits are electromagnetic foods, they are highly energetic, and this is what the body needs to heal and turn on things, and that’s why fruit is the king of the foods when it comes to the humans natural diet, and for regenerative systemic regeneration.

Herbs are the medicinal plants that nature has provided for all damaged living beings on this earth. They help the body heal all animals, and also help heal the human animal. Herbs clean, activate and enhance structure function to cells, tissue, organs and glands in the body. They are a great tool, and side kick for a fruit diet! They are none hybrid, full of nutrition, and they are for the most part wild and organic. There are herbs for nearly every function of the human body such as organs, glands, blood, lymph, bones and nerves, so I highly recommend them for systemic acidosis for all bodily “diseases”

If I had acidosis in the brain I would get on a high water rich fruit diet such as fruits in the sub/acid and citrus fruit categories, and I would get on these following herbs to help clean, enhance and repair damages caused from a lifetime of consuming acid ash foods. These acid ash foods are all meats, eggs, dairy, beans and grains, and of course all processed chemical laden foods, drinks and skin products.

Herbal botanical formulas I would take:

  • Kidney and bladder # 1 tincture
  • Kidneys and bladder # 2 caps
  • Upper circulation tincture
  • Lower circulation tincture
  • Spasm calm tincture
  • Brain and nerve # 2 tincture
  • Lymphatic system # 1 tincture
  • Stomach and bowel or gi broom

I would go after my body naturally the way nature intended, I would adopt a living foods fruit diet, I would fast and pray, I would get out in nature, and i would enter the process of full body regeneration, instead of eating the foods that caused the problem to occur in the first place, taking acidic masking agent drugs, and isolated supplements, I would put my focus on kidney filtration to remove the swamp, and I would try to enjoy my life in this direction, rather then being lied to about how you can’t heal these “diseases” and that I will have to take masking agent drugs, and be cared after in a retirement home for the remainder of my life.

The End

Get back to nature my friends, get back to a diet that your biological design to eat, tap into your intuitive Consciousness, let your instincts guide you, live in the present moment, and I promise you my friends you will thrive!

Written by Jonathon RA Stearns AKA the Mangotarian

If you are interested in my iridology services or phone consultations regarding regenerative detoxification please send me a private message or shoot me an email I can discuss with you with what Im offering to assist you! ?

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