Medical doctors are not not trained healers

Medical doctors are not not trained healers

If the cause is ignored or not understood then why would you waste time with so-called doctors regarding your health….???

There is always a cause to the effect your experiencing and your body is expressing this and your not crazy even though your narcissistic elitist doctor may make you think you are because their useless medical degrees seem to make them know more about your body when your living in it!

No your not crazy but you are treading in dangerous waters when you follow the advice of most medical doctors that ignore cause and effect and how chemistry has an effect on the human organism.

As long as the lymphatic fluid-based system in your body is ignored then you will be left with modalities of surgeries and subscribed acidic drugs that mask and suppress symptoms leaving you sicker and even getting worse down the road when your sewer system backs up (lymphatic) and your nervous system and endocrine glands fail to function. If chemistry and diet and bodily elimination are ignored then you will be left in a state of confusion, stress, and searching for answers when nature has them but it’s up to you to abandon all that you know regarding “disease” and nutrition and return to the diet you’re designed to eat so that your lymph system can drain and the body can detoxify itself back to a state of wellness.

So there are only 2 sides to chemistry and everything you drink, eat and put on your skin is chemistry right? There is a corrosive side to chemistry and a protective side to chemistry and then of course a proper balance of acid and base.

Acids burn and damage, and Alkali protect, hydrate, and enhance. It’s simple the reason you’re dealing with a dysfunctional body is that the chemistry you put in your body is acid dominant and when acids at a high level come into the body and the body fails to remove the acid then your tissue and cells will become damaged. When the acid comes into the body will use, cholesterol, water and steal calcium from bone and connective tissue to protect your body from being chewed on and the body hardens up like a stone due to interstitial lymphatic stagnation and constipation because you have obstructed the body so bad there is no energy and fluidity from the process of hydration on an alkaline diet (raw fruits and veg) so you enter into the realms of dis-ease, dysfunction, disharmony and you get the idea.

You won’t hear from doctors to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables raw, eat very little cooked foods, stay far away from processed foods, and dead animal “foods” and to rest and fast to encourage the body to effectively eliminate.

Medical doctors should never give nutritional advice because most if not all have no clue about what healthy food is and the diet designed for the Homo sapiens. But when they do advise on diet often it’s advice to eat a high protein diet and to fear “sugar” because it’s the enemy while your constipated from eating these essential animal proteins right?? And even grains and beans can clog up and congest the bowels at a lesser level.

What happens when your body triggers an immune repose (fever) because the body is trying to expel or expectorate unwanted waste that should not be taking residence around your cells. Doctors will advise you just treat this fever and kill bacteria because it’s germs and bacteria that’s the enemy and your diet and the state of your lymph system and gut terrain play no role right?? I mean the doctor is most likely eating a big Mack and French fries in the backroom before he gives you his “expertise” on why you’re sick!

It’s a blessing your sick and your body is creating a fever so you can sweat and expectorate and during this time it would be best to either fast, hydrate with raw fruit and vegetable juices, or healing herbal teas. But that’s not the advice you will get and if you put your body in the hands of most medical doctors you will most likely get prescribed antibiotics which will kill off essential gut flora and bacterium and now you run into chronic candida problems and struggle to eliminate even more because bacteria helps the body break down waste for the lymph system so the kidneys can filter the waste out through urination and sweat because the reason you’re sick because you have an elimination problem, not a “disease” your diet is acidic and your not informed on what is healthy and what’s not.

If you struggle with pain then put this info to the test. Stop eating high protein diets (acidic) and adopt a raw food diet and keep the protein as low as possible. Hydrate with fruit, clean those kidneys in the process of hydrating with fruit and filter out these acids, do daily saunas and enemas if constipated, give yourself a few months on an alkaline diet, and then eat some protein and you will learn real quick why protein chemistry is acidic (cause of inflammation) and why alkaline dominate foods low in protein pull inflammation (acids) out of the body.

When it comes to health and wellness it can be dangerous to take advice from medical doctors because let’s be honest here they don’t have a high record of curing anyone and on the contrary, they have a high reputation for killing millions due to there treatment based methods that are dangerous and many criminal!

The End

Get back to nature my friends, get back to a diet that your biological design to eat, tap into your intuitive Consciousness, let your instincts guide you, live in the present moment, and I promise you my friends you will thrive!

Written by Jonathon RA Stearns AKA the Mangotarian

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Medical doctors are not not trained healers

Medical doctors are not not trained healers

If the cause is ignored or not understood then why would you waste time with so-called doctors regarding your health....???
Mangotarian by Jon Stearns, 9 months ago