Antibiotics, lymph node bacteria, and poison in the name of “healing”

Antibiotics, lymph node bacteria, and poison in the name of “healing”

Do you understand how important your lymph node bacteria is? It brakes down your 3.5 ph acids in your body, so you can eliminate them through your kidneys.

Eliminating acids and metabolitic waste from your body is kinda a big thing, don’t you think? Antibiotics kill the very thing you need, so that you can brake down, and eject acids out of the body, via the skin, and kidney channel. You kill the bacteria, you don’t brake down these acids, and then they just chew on the body, create stagnation, and you run into more lymphatic problems down the road.

These issues your dealing with most of the time are not bacteria related anyways, and bacteria only can stay dormant in a body full of sewage, because you continue to back your body up, by eating acid ash forming foods.

The only reason these dumb down MDs prescribe antibiotics in the first place, is an exit route to get you out of their hair, because they don’t have a clue about chemistry, and physics, and how that effects the human body!

If it was me I wouldn’t listen to these intellectual scammers manipulate you into their fear based propaganda! Just clean out the sewage, by flushing it out with hydrating electrical astringent foods, such as your fruits, berries, and melons. Their is a cost when it comes to killing! You don’t want to kill your bacteria, you just have to take the trash out of the body, and your body will populate healthy bacteria, and get rid of the terrain that blocks he flow of energy, causes lymph stagnation, which is acids staying at home, and overtime this creates a cationic, corrosive environment, and the result is damages to cells and tissue, and then you run into trouble with your body.

If you want a healthy immune system, healthy bacteria, and a healthy microbiome, pay attention to what you put down your throat, eat organic living foods, and treat your body like a gold mine, and understand that it’s acids causing the problem, not bacteria. Bacteria is just a byproduct of the terrain your created in your body, from putrefactive dead animals, their fluids, and processed starches that cause fermentation in the body.

The answer is restoration, and regeneration, not killing and masking symptoms! Hydrate the body, alkalize the body, and it will remove the sewage. Get your skin sweating, get on a fruit diet, and herbs for the kidneys, and clean your kidneys so you can remove your cellular waste, but if you kill the bacteria that helps your lymph nodes brake down your acids for elimination, failure to eliminate, means damages to tissue, cells, bones and nerves!

“What you suppress and kill today, is your nightmare tomorrow” The Detox Miracle Sourcebook by Robert Morse, N.D.

You allow them to get your mind, then fear will rape you from truly getting well! Don’t buy into the bullshit that you need antibiotics, the body will heal itself with alkaline living chemistry, and as long as you get rid of the acid chemistry in these acid, mucus, and pus forming foods which is sewage, or what we call lymph, then your body can heal itself, and clean up the mess you keep creating by eating foods that are not properly eliminated from your body, and can’t be, because they clog up the eliminative organs that allow you to eliminate your waste, through your bowels, skin, lungs, and kidneys.

Get back to simplicity, and it’s not taught by white coats! For the love of god you will learn more from my articles then anything result worthy from these intellectual, and egotistical white coats, that have gone to school, to learn a whole lot of nothing for 8 years! Why? Because it’s simple! It’s fork to mouth that creates the majority of human suffering with their physical body. Their is only 2 sides of chemistry, acid and alkaline, and the body is made up of a bunch of cells, and the body runs on 2 major fluids, blood and lymph, the blood is the kitchen, which is the nutrient carrier, and the lymph system is the sewer system, which hold your metabolitic waste, for elimination, primarily though the skin, and kidney channel, well if you obstruct your body with acid ash forming foods, and acid chemistry inhaled, and put on the skin, then your impairing your body’s organs that eliminate the ease left behind by them.

Go after the cause, and that means stop eating the acid, mucus, putrefactive, and pus forming foods, and you can open up the doors, wake up the body with hydration and alkalization, and the body will heal itself naturally, and you won’t need pharma drugs, and guess what, if these chemicals were so useful for eliminating illusionary “diseases” then why are the pharmaceutical drugs killing humans like fly’s? Because pharma drug deaths is number # 3 on the list of leading causes of death! So don’t be shocked when little old me has something negative to say about antilife drugs, or a more convenient name, “antibiotics”

Don’t bitch about chronic lymph stagnation, and struggling to get well, if you continue to take antibiotic bacteria killing drugs, and then dealing with swollen and harden lymph nodes, because you are creating the problem, because it’s not clicking in your brain, that you have to go after the simple cause, and understand chemistry, and physics like Robert Morse Nd teaches it, myself and his students, because if you don’t understand how important fruits are for cleaning the body, and how they are the natural foods for the Homo sapiens, and the importance of hydration and kidney filtration, you will never know how to get well, because these problems are not mystery disease, they are all created from acids, and sewage terrain, and a diet of fruit, and living foods that hydrate, and don’t create sewage terrain, they remove it, and they help strengthen structure function to tissue, strengthen the immune system, because the lymphatic system is not backed up with sewage that invite bacterium, and virus (foreign proteins) to take residence in the human body, because when the body is hydrated, and flowing with foods that clean it out, like fruits and herbs, there is road block, and the energy and electromagnetics keeps the body in a state of detoxification, and the diet designed for your species should be a diet that continues the process of cleaning and detoxification, because detoxification, is not just a “temporary cleanse” it’s a natural cycle that should happen for every animal that eats its natural diet, and when this stagnation occurs, the body can’t fight of “infection” but when you eat foods your designed to eat, all these areas take place, such as hydration, alkalization, detoxification, and bodily elimination, when it comes to both digestive and cellular waste.

If you stop putting acids on your skin, inhaling acids, and eating acid ash forming foods, such as, grains, beans, starchy tubers, dairy, and all animal dead tissue, and fluids they produce, you can create the flow of energy, remove the mucus and calcification, and microbe uric acids they produce, and everything else that accumulates in the body that cause bacterium to thrive, because when your body is clean and alkaline, and your skin is sweating, your kidneys are filtering, and your eliminating your digestive waste regularly, then your body should heal itself, and you don’t need to run off to pen and paper masters, that will just give you an acid chemical, to mask and suppress for a nightmare down the road, and also a harder and more pleasant natural detox down the road.

I would get started now, and don’t put off for tomorrow, because tomorrow is just more bullshit propaganda, more drugs and Ginny pig experiments, and god bless the Ginny pigs, because there is no cure in a system of killing, and guess what!? They are on top of the list when it comes to killing humans, when it comes to the leading cause of deaths, it’s medical procedures, their drugs, and recommendations on heath!! They say eat proteins and acids, and just take a pill to avoid a symptom, well nature’s answer is, don’t treat, but Instead expectorate, hydrate and alkalize, and the best way to do that is, a diet of fruit, herbs, and intermittent fasting, and it’s the best natural way to heal, and there is nothing new under the sun, when it comes to truth, but there is always lies and confusion, when the ones that claim authority for healing humans, turn away from nature to poison, and you really think they are trying to help, when they administer poison, and charge thousands of dollars on top?

The End

Get back to nature my friends, get back to a diet that your biological design to eat, tap into your intuitive Consciousness, let your instincts guide you, live in the present moment, and I promise you my friends you will thrive!

Written by Jonathon RA Stearns AKA the Mangotarian

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