Coffee enemas are a problem, not a solution

Coffee enemas are a problem, not a solution

Just another “quick fix” detoxification method that does more harm than good. Humans have lost their instincts of balance, and continue to overcomplicate things, and because humans continue to try and find a quick fix, that doesn’t exist, they run into even more problems because of it.

Coffee?! Really in the natural health world? Is coffee a food, or a straight up acidic stimulant!? It’s an acidic stimulant and can be worse on the bowels then a laxative can be. Let’s get back to the Hippocrates focus of healing, and that’s let your food be your medicine, and your medicine your food. Or even better let’s coin the phrase of let fasting be your remedy, and remedy your fasting!

The body doesn’t need supplements, and coffee enemas to heal. Yes coffee can stimulant the bowels and enemas can help the body expectorate mucus, without question. But you need to ask yourself why your bowels are sluggish in the first place, and also you must understand the more natural way to fix constipation, and to be carful not to weaken the bowels with stimulants, when you don’t have to.

constipation can be too much protein plaques in the body, (from proteins) Mucoid plaque, which is proteins and starch glued to the bowels, too much sulfate residues in the colon, mucus, biofilms, and a bunch of undigested fecal matter weakening and clogging up the bowels, but it’s also caused by fatigued adrenal glands. Which I will get into further in this essay of detoxification the right way.

Most people are dealing with interstitial lymphatic constipation in the small bowel, and coffee enemas are not going to fix that problem, because you must move the lymph system for one, with the astringents, and you must get your kidneys to filter to fix this problem, and enemas will not fix that, but the astringent herbs, and the astringent fruit varieties, and filtering kidneys can fix that problem.

So first let’s address why coffee enemas are “effective” ok so your adrenal glands are a huge importance for your autonomic nervous system, which is the hub of the stomach and GI tract, and the adrenals produce Neurotransmitters that control the autonomic nervous system. When your adrenal glands are fatigued, and damaged, you struggle to produce Neurotransmitters that help muscular function and mobility. Your bowels are a muscle right? You could be constipated because of this very reason (adrenals down) it you have low blood pressure, and the top number is below 120 then your lacking Neurotransmission.

Coffee enemas are putting more of a burden on the adrenal glands that are weak in the first place, because caffeine and acidic chemistry, which coffee is, is a problem for the adrenals, and only overburdens them to make more Neurotransmitters, which in return makes the adrenals dependent on the caffeine to make them, because the caffeine makes it so the adrenals can’t make them naturally overtime, and overtime you run into serous adrenal problems, such as chronic fatigue (low neurotransmission) low sex drive, not producing sex hormones, not producing steroids to help the body utilize sugar and minerals on top! You never want to burden the adrenal glands, because they are responsible for so many functions in the human body, and they also sit on top of the kidneys, and help the kidneys filter your metabolitic waste (via urination) because they control the kidneys, and kidney health is vital regarding true healing, and regenerative detoxification.

If you abused coffee enemas, and you have a genetic weakness regarding your adrenal glands, (Iridology can show this) or you fried the adrenals, because you backed up your lymphatic system, and acids shut them down, then you now created another problem that you don’t want to create, and that’s damage to the adrenal glands which help you to have regular bowel movements.

If you can’t poop, because you adopted this out of balance ridiculous detox method for expectoration and cleansing, and you need enemas to poop, then I highly suggest you learn from this, and get none addictive herbs for the bowels to bring healing and restoration, and to help you with your Bms, and overtime when you fix the adrenal glands, you will be able to have bowel movements regularly on a diet of raw fruits and vegetables, fruits being the focus.

Regular enemas don’t cause dependence when you use them with balance. You also must understand that enemas really only clean the large bowel, and you would have to do hand stands, and other methods of stretching to try, and get that water up in the small bowel, and you would have to be on a fruit based 100% raw food diet for years in my opinion to remove the mucus and debris in the entire colon, to be clean enough in the GI tract to get up there, which I think is possible, because I have heard story’s of people doing head stand enemas, and water coming out of their mouth ? so that says something about being able to clean the entire bowel with enemas, when you have put in the work in regards to removing the mucus out of the small bowel enough to get the water up that far for that to happen to someone, which will be rare for most people on this plane earth we live on.

I don’t support coffee enemas, and I don’t support coffee at all, whether that’s up the butt, or down the pie hole. Coffee is acid, and caffeine is hard on the adrenals and liver in my opinion, and acids damage the colon, not heal them! Just do regular enemas with distilled warm water, or add lemons to the water for extra pull, but understand that enemas don’t heal the bowels, in the sense that they don’t pull out acids in the walls of the colon that brake them down, only diet, herbs and fasting to help the kidneys filter can fix that problem. You need to understand the lymph system in the colon as well.

Yes it’s vital to pull out the mucus and Mucoid plaque out of the colon, but a fruit diet, astringent herbs, and astringent fruit varieties (sub/acid), and (acid/citrus) fruit varieties, and fasting on water, or fruit juice, will help pull out the debris in the colon, and you don’t have to use these methods of detox to eliminate your waste, because it’s actually causing a problem, not fixing the root cause of one.

The reason why some of these “natural” healing protocols, and systems resort to these methods of “detox” is because they shit on the fruit, and focus on the vegetables, which are none effective with detox, because they lack astringent power to clean and move lymph!

When you focus on fruits, herbs and fasting with water, or dry fasting, you don’t need all this other stuff to help you heal, such as turpentine, coffee enemas, excessive use of liver/ gallbladder flushes, drinking your piss, poop injections, kambo, and whatever other trendy aggressive purgative method, that is hard on the body.

Those that follow this stuff usually are out of balanced thinkers, and have a militant mind set, and this OCD quick fix mentality, I really think is problematic, and also gives my field of expertise, regarding natural healing, and detoxification a bad name, and a big reason why people may be afraid to take on a lifestyle of detoxification.

Focus on the fruit, herbs, and fasting, and anything else in my opinion is not wholistic anyways, and playing with nature, which can cause a blowback in the human body. Restore your bowels naturally, focus on the astringent fruit juices, not carrot juices that have very little, if any astringent power to clean your pipes, and move your lymphatic system, which is metabolitic waste to the kidneys, or out through the skin for elimination.

If the system doesn’t focus on the lymphatic system, and kidney filtration, then good luck getting very far when it comes to regenerative healing regarding systemic acidosis.

Go from within the body, and too much innervation can be problematic, especially when your putting acid chemistry in the human body, which is coffee. Focus on alkaline chemistry, and use your common sense. Coffee dehydrates the body, it wares down the kidneys, adrenals, and liver, and you need those glands, and organs to be healthy to eliminate properly, and when you fast and let your food be your medicine, and your medicine your foods, you don’t need to resort to these “quick fix” modalities, because they don’t fix anything, and nature will clean you on her time, and it’s no rush, because the body will heal itself on a fruit based raw food diet that is designed for the human body anyways, and as long as your filtering, sweating, and moving your bowel waste, and the old plaques that are plastered to the walls of the colon come out with the herbs and fruits, you will be on your way to healing naturally, without creating more problems, with this purgative unnatural focuses.

If you want to strengthen the bowels, and pull out the mucus, fungus and microbial waste, focus on the none additive herbs such as Robert Morse herbal bowel formulas, such as his stomach and bowel formulas, and gi broom, and anti parasitic formulas, and focus on the fruits that clean and bring energetics to the body, and also help the kidneys filter, so you don’t go this coffee enema, turpentine, and every other trendy goofy unnatural route that is out of balance with natural, and problematic to the endocrine, nervous system, and lymphatic system in the human body.

The End

Get back to nature my friends, get back to a diet that your biological design to eat, tap into your intuitive Consciousness, let your instincts guide you, live in the present moment, and I promise you my friends you will thrive!

Written by Jonathon RA Stearns AKA the Mangotarian

If you are interested in my iridology services or phone consultations regarding regenerative detoxification please send me a private message or shoot me an email I can discuss with you with what Im offering to assist you! ?

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