Distractions to numb the pain

Distractions to numb the pain

Healing trauma and generational curses are like going to boot camp preparing for war. We are scared to go to war so we seek constant distractions to avoid it. These distractions are addictions to things because we don’t want to feel and embrace the pain.

Drugs, alcohol, sex, porn, relationships, food, etc will never take the pain away. We ALL have to learn to love ourselves and embrace every moment with acceptance and gratitude and innerstand that you can transition out of your earth body at any moment. The more I embrace every moment without any desire to feel a certain way I don’t need a distraction to numb the pain I have inside me. I do seek distractions to numb my pain. It’s a transition of gaining awareness and gaining strength and finding the fullness of joy takes time, effort, endurance, and active in fighting the flesh that seeks a pain killer.

When I stop caring so much and taking this human experience so seriously the more I can be free and even embrace my demons seeing growth in everything that vibrates duality. We are “good” and we are “bad” we are everything creations offers. When you see things in experience as something that doesn’t conquer you and destroy you but rather teaches you balance and imbalance than overtime you see things for what they are and learn to allow your intuition to guide you to what serves your personal life experience and there are no rules outside yourself because all divine inFORMation comes in you meaning infinite knowledge and awareness and what we call consciousness.

The curses and traumas are beautiful because they teach us to learn from what serves the higher self and how needing to embrace the lower self helps us innerstand without the pain we would never find the awareness that everything can be healed also.

Play, experience, learn, grow and make your own rules and when you find awareness in love and light which is your inner essence anyways nothing matters regarding “right” and “wrong” because you will know intuitively how to find balance and your choices won’t hurt others around you.

We talk about spirituality like some gurus creating a concept and people often make religions out of it. You can be a trend, and trendsetter or you can make your own spirituality which is simply knowledge of experiencing self and moving in love and light as you activate that infinite awareness inside of you.

In duality, there is light and darkness so don’t think “spirituality” is always pretty, gentle, nice, and silly haha. Spiritually can be darkness as well and that means you can experience the darkness if that’s what you like as well as giving your energy that vibrates the light.

Don’t ever speak negatively of yourself because words come with a vibration and when you give birth to energy remember it will gather more of that energy and in return bring back a virus to confuse your computer’s software. I believe self-love means total love and acceptance of who you are and honoring your astrological blueprint. Give your energy to the people that bring balance and positive energy to your essence and being or else you will be drained energetically.

Love all I feel is light and I love the light. But be wise in who you spend time with because there are levels of awareness and those that think like you and feel built up by you and you learn from each other that grows a positive experience will want to share energy with you and your human experience will be more pleasant and energy will be utilized more wisely to grow and expand in that space of awareness.

We are all mirrors and reflections and nobody is better than anyone. Love is understating and it’s better to understand than to judge and pick apart people’s flaws.
You can continue to find distractions to numb the pain or you can embrace it and work through it. Just don’t take life so seriously in the sense that you never find peace in the NOW but also remember being serious is necessary or else humans would never have a need to experience that vibration. It’s all about balance and learning more about who you are and embracing that and being married to that mission even when that comes with a blowback from the mirrors and reflections around you.

The End

Get back to nature my friends, get back to a diet that your biological design to eat, tap into your intuitive Consciousness, let your instincts guide you, live in the present moment, and I promise you my friends you will thrive!

Written by Jonathon RA Stearns AKA the Mangotarian

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