Educate yourself on fasting and detoxification before jumping all in

Educate yourself on fasting and detoxification before jumping all in

Detoxification hands down is important in today’s world, because of the state of humans lymphatic systems, human beings have created a habit of eating predominantly acid forming foods, as well as mucus, puss, and fungal forming foods. It’s the high protein foods that are the most acidic such as your beans, grains, and animal meats of various kinds. You must detoxify your body to get to the root cause of the problem. These foods create systemic acidosis in the body, damage the kidneys, clog up the lungs, bowels, and create poor circulation in the skin, which damage the body and creates a difficult process of elimination of these wastes.

When you change your diet from a cooked food diet, to a raw food diet, the body will start to heal itself naturally, because raw food creates healing and restoration of damaged tissue, damaged organs, glands, and cellular function, however cooked foods create mucus and acid that are very corrosive and damage the body and prevent it from healing itself. Detoxification is the first step, to getting well. The goal is to move to a 100% raw food diet letting go of cooked foods, and allowing the body to detoxify and heal itself at a systemic level.

However because of years of building improper dietary habits of eating the wrong foods we are designed for as a species that’s designed for raw foods like every other species is, we must withdrawal ourselves, from those bad habits, very carefully. Coming off of an acidic diet, right into a raw food diet, and then jumping right into fasting modalities for detoxification can be very dangerous, if you don’t know what your doing.

Usually those that change their diet from a cooked food diet, to a raw food diet, that are having struggles with their health, want to go very aggressive, right into raw foods and fasting, to rapidly try to create the healing process, and to eliminate waste as quickly as they can. This can be very common, and also not an intelligent way to approach this lifestyle. You do not want to shock your body, when your all clogged up, and unable to eliminate waste properly. Their is an art to detoxification, and you must build yourself up from an apprentice, to a journeyman, at a slow and steady pace.

When you come off of a mucus forming and acid forming diet, most likely all your eliminative channels are going to be clogged up by this metabolic waste that was left behind, so when you jump into 100% Raw, or even more aggressive, such as a 100% fruitarian level, you better ease your way into it, understanding that your going to stir up a lot of metabolic wastes, and may not eliminate it quick enough the way that you would desire to.

This is why I believe in herbal botanicals, and the transition diet. You want to slowly withdrawal off of the cooked food, transition properly into 100% Raw, open up your kidneys for proper elimination, clean out your bowels well, and then transition yourself into an all-fruit diet, and learn how to fast when it comes to regenerative healing.

A lot of people these days are so toxic, that their body goes into drastic detoxification mode even on 80% raw with a cooked plant-based meal for dinner. If your creating detoxification at that level, then you want to wait until your body plateaus, until you jump into 100% Raw would be the most recommended in my opinion.

The herbal botanicals, will help too open up the kidneys to eliminate the acid waste stored up in the lymphatic system, as well as clean out the bowels from excess mucus that slows them down. Even on and 80% raw food diet, you could clean yourself out well enough, to better transition to 100%, without releasing to chemical toxicity, that can create dangerous repercussions, and a lot of people that go to quickly end up in the hospital, because their just way too impatient and aggressive not understanding how toxic their body really is.

My recommendation for those that do not have a life-threatening health condition that need to go quickly because of disparity, should transition to whatever diet they may be on, to an 80% raw food diet first for at least 2 months.

What does an 80% raw food diet look like?

You always want to have fruit for breakfast, to break the your death from the day before. Fruit for breakfast will give you the energy you need, and will also help to better balance your day. A large simple tender leafy green veggie fruit salad for lunch, and mucusless free, and starchless steamed veggies for dinner a large bowel and low in fat, sugar, and salt.

If you do this for a while and detoxify your body at this pace, then you will do much better on 100% raw food diet low in fat and high in fruit. After 3 months on a 100% raw food diet high in fruit, water fasting, juice fasting, or dry fasting will be much safer, and you will be more hydrated interstitially to handle these types of fast, without releasing too much metabolic toxicity from the body to rapidly shocking your system, creating excessive weakness, fatigue, and other symptoms that are just very difficult to handle with daily responsibilities, and not having somebody to look after you.

Fasting in my opinion is only for those that understand detoxification, and that have been on 100% living foods diet for long enough to be able to mentally and physically endure the process. I however hold fasting to a high regard of healing, and highly recommend it when you get to the proper level and educate yourself more thoroughly on the process.

The body will heal very effectively, when we allow nature and the body to focus primarily on healing, instead of focusing on putting too much energy on digestion. Fasting truly is natures healing remedy for us. Plus when the body is very toxic you will lose the desire to eat all together because the body wants to heal and fast naturally. I also believe that fasting is extremely important in today’s world considering the toxicity load we are exposed to in the foods, the water, and the air we breathe. Allowing the body to fully rest, and detoxify at the highest levels is extremely important to create on a daily basis. The beautiful thing is when your on a very high fruit, and 100% raw food diet your body will detoxify every single day, and this is very important, and today’s world do to the level of damage we have caused to our health weakening our body and immune system, and backing up the lymphatic system with sewage waste. It’s important to get our kidneys to filter and to remove these waste on a daily basis. Fasting has been an important part of daily life in many cultures around the world for thousands of years. We have become a culture that is oversaturated by consumption, and have become so highly addicted to foods that are more like drugs, rather than foods that nourish and replenish the body on a systemic level.

My favorite form of fasting is simply just not consuming any water or food, and allowing my body to dry fast for a certain period of time every day. I believe that if we just eat a certain amount of food that our bodies desire and need, and then allow the body to rest from all digestion, we can create health at a superior level compared to the average person that walks on this planet we call earth. We need to get back to desiring health rather than being crippled and addicted to consumption. We spend so much time trying to meet all of our emotional, and pleasure needs, rather than understanding that true happiness, and joy will come from when we remove obstructions the block the flow of energy in the body. When need to move away from being oversaturated by consumption, and allow the body to detoxify and heal so that we could create spiritual evolution, mental evolution, and physical evolution, because this is something that the world is lacking, and we are losing our species because of it.

Fasting is the way the body can rest from excessive digestion and metabolic issues. It uses the same energy, instead to clean itself out of acids and toxins that’s allowing itself to heal. Our digestive, eliminative systems become overworked and weakend on typical diets of meats, grains, dairy products and the like. Fasting allows the pancreas, stomach, liver and intestines, and even the kidneys to have somewhat of a rest. This gives more energy to the immune glandular and lymphatic systems. Fasting at one level or another is vital in getting well. The Detox Miracle Sourcebook by Robert Morse, N.D.

Another way to determine how long to fast is the tongue examination method. This is the old-fashioned method that I’ve used for years. When you start fasting, your tongue will become coated with a thick white, yellow, green, or brown substance. The more toxic you are, the thicker the darker this coating becomes. Of course the healthier you are, the less your tongue will cut when you fast. If you fast until your tongue becomes pink again, you will have done a tremendous job of cleaning your body out. Detoxification is an ongoing process that could take years. That sounds worse than it is. Health should become one of your hobbies. Spend a good year or so aggressively working on yourself, then set your new lifestyle in motion with balance and harmony. This will be the new, healthier, cleaner and more aware you. As you grow spiritually, and seek to balance your lifestyle and eating habits with your spiritual awareness. The more you expand your awareness, the healthier and more energetically you will want to eat. You want your physical body to keep up with you. Have fun on your dreaming of health, vitality and spirituality, there’s nothing like it. The Detox Miracle Sourcebook by Robert Morse, N.D.

There are many different types of fast you could do, such as dry fasting, water fasting, juice fasting, master cleanse, mono fruit fasting, and herbal tea fasting. You must experiment with this, when you get to a certain level of your health to handle it, and find out what works best for you, and creates a cleansing response that gets rid of the obstructions, that create dis-ease in the body. I believe that listening to your instincts, and intuition is the best guiding force for you, when it comes to this. There will always be somebody that will tell you the perfect way to do something, but I believe that your body will tell you what to do, and what you can handle. Just always make sure you educate yourself and learn as much as you can from the experts, as well as listening to your body, and experimenting with these types of fast, so that you could better equip your body for optimal health, and spiritual development.

Just remember, don’t go so aggressive, without being properly prepared for what your doing when it comes to fasting and detoxification. You also must understand that just simply going from cooked food to raw food will create the detoxification process in the body. You may need to do an enema at first when transitioning to 100% Raw, getting herbs for your stomach and bowels, as well as utilizing herbs for your endocrine glands, kidney’s, and lymphatic system so that you can help your body in pushing through the excess metabolic waste, so that you could learn to digest raw living foods, without experiencing lots of pain and discomfort from the excess waste trying to come out of the body.

Remember that fruits are the most aggressive when it comes to removing obstructions in the body, so if your body cannot handle too much fruit, you may need to hold back and work your way up to the aggressive fruits, and focus more on the green juice, and sweet fruits rather than the sub acid and acid fruit varieties. I highly recommend for those that are very new to this, but also want to heal and progress in their health, to work with a detoxification professional, so that they can feel more equipped and competent enduring and going through the process. Detoxification fasting is a beautiful lifestyle, and can create a life change that you have never experienced before. If your passionate and desire true optimal health, you could do amazing things in your life through detoxification and fasting, but if you have a bad attitude, And just want a quick fix and mask your symptoms, you will have trouble in the long run with ever getting rid of your health problems.

I highly recommend that you abstain from fasting and detoxification, and allow yourself to hit rock bottom with that consciousness, and wean off of your addiction first, because you will not go very far, and may end up hurting yourself and getting more unhealthy by yo-yoing from healthy food back to junk food. This is why you must be passionate and have a positive attitude, because usually those that have a negative attitude end up creating this yo-yo effect in their life, and never truly get well, so they need to have more balance, and allow karma to have its toll, so that they could be more willing to learn and change, without being in bondage to an addiction, or a quick fix type of mentality, or another words “treatment based thinking”.

The End

Get back to nature my friends, get back to a diet that your biological design to eat, tap into your intuitive Consciousness, let your instincts guide you, live in the present moment, and I promise you my friends you will thrive!

Written by Jonathon RA Stearns AKA the Mangotarian

If you are interested in my iridology services or phone consultations regarding regenerative detoxification please send me a private message or shoot me an email I can discuss with you with what Im offering to assist you! ?

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