Even the “best” of us fall short

Even the “best” of us fall short

I want to come clean as an educator of health and detoxification. I have been transparent to a degree but maybe some of you don’t know and think I always practice what I preach. The last year I have made it clear that I no longer am a purest with foods but do try to maintain a mucusless diet lifestyle. I’m interested in other things in life other than my diet. My heart is to truly help others but this last year I have neglected myself with creating unhealthy habits.

My ego has held me back from sharing this with the public but I feel I have to because I continue to write on topics regarding fasting and raw foods and the fruit diet and how to heal etc.

You have to know that I don’t always maintain what I teach but I must share the truth and the facts and I would never neglect this with the knowledge and experience I have. When you are in serious trouble with your health you stick to the protocol and this is why I continue to help and educate others even when I don’t always live by my teachings.

Well here is my teachings nowadays for healing and as a detoxification coach. I advise all my clients it’s vital to be a raw foodist and maintaining a high fruit mucusless diet along with fasting when you’re sick and suffering from health conditions. After you heal yourself I don’t care what anyone does regarding their diet because after I healed myself regarding getting out of pain and suffering I have returned to a habit of binge eating on vegan-based Thai food or Indian food for a year now and then I go on a fast and a mucusless diet to start feeling better again.

One month I binge on nonoptimal foods and the next month I go back on a detox. The one thing I used to warn people to be careful with I have found myself doing myself 🤦🏻‍♂️ and I want everyone to know because my ego and pride hold me back and apart of my SPIRITUAL journey is to be authentic and honest as a public figure.

I know what works regarding feeling good and maintaining health and this is why I don’t continue to eat mucus-forming foods every month and find myself stopping and detoxing again and fasting. When I say binging I don’t mean I eat 3 meals of mucus-forming foods a day 😆 or in this cycle even doing this every day. I still have intermittent fasted this entire time and I eat one meal a day with raw juices in the day but when the evening comes during this toxic cycle I eat foods I would not recommend anyone eating.

You can figure it out vegan Thai dishes which is not many options 🤣 green curry without the fish sauce and Massaman curry and the rice noodle stuff you can make vegan which in my opinion is better than the Indian stuff because the Indian vegan foods are heavy in starch/bread and oils 😕

I don’t beat myself up I really don’t and as you guys know I always try to keep a positive mindset. It’s more about not being transparent about this because I work with a lot of people and have a lot of online friends in this community and I know a lot of people think my diet is perfect 24/7 all year round and that’s just not the case for 2020 😆 4 years before this we can make this argument. I don’t obsess about food anymore but I do think it’s toxic and unhealthy to be in this pattern of detox and retox and would be better to find a middle ground with the diet instead of eating clean for 30 days and eating dirty for the next 30 days and repeating this pattern for a year straight 😂

I will always help educate people that are in trouble and continue to be a detox coach and iridologist regardless of my mistakes I won’t quit that and I know a lot of detox coaches that have entered into this cycle myself and if nobody wants to be honest about there shortcomings I will.

I also have many clients that are health coaches that have done what I have done this last year so I know I’m not the only hypocrite 🤣🤣 just kidding nobody is perfect and again If you are in trouble you don’t want to create this habit you can’t afford to and I will say this after being that person that had many health problems and was suffering greatly in pain that was strict for at least 3 years out of 5 in this journey to heal myself creating this cycle has caused my some new health problems and one is being a jerk to my pancreas which has caused me digestive issues mainly chronic gas from the new mucus I created 🤣 and from the foods my sensitive raw vegan body just can’t handle anymore and the very reason I tap out and go back to the juice, fasting and raw vegan diet every time I create this cycle. Cooked veggies are not going to hurt anyone or cooked fruits it’s the oils and starch and processed foods that are the killers.

Now you might ask why have I created this habit and to be honest it must have been the stress and uncertainty of this Covid lockdown world and being bored and feeling oppressed without 100% freedom that created this careless mentality and I suppose the lack of community at the time created a comfort food eating habit.

For those that I coached you may be shocked I have done this who knows but remember when you come to me for help and you’re suffering I am going to be straight to the point about what you must do to get well regardless of any bad habits I created. I mean I just have bad uncomfortable gas now, I’m not dying 🤣 because if I was I would be strict and militant like I was when you found me at the beginning of my journey to get well.

I feel my lymph system backing up when I’m on this addictive cycle and this is why I always return to what works and that’s a fruit diet, juices, and fasting to take out the trash I created in my body. I must be real and take responsibility and admit this to all of you because it’s a cycle I want to change because it’s not healthy to do this and it’s hard on the body to always be In a retoxing cycle.

The End

Get back to nature my friends, get back to a diet that your biological design to eat, tap into your intuitive Consciousness, let your instincts guide you, live in the present moment, and I promise you my friends you will thrive!

Written by Jonathon RA Stearns AKA the Mangotarian

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