Excess thinness during detoxification

Excess thinness during detoxification

Why do people lose so much weight when it comes to a diet of living foods that contain the highest amount of nutrition when it comes to the foods and how their prepared? Nobody should ever lose too much weight eating raw living foods. Losing weight on a nutritive diet is not a bad thing, and most people need to lose excess fat and get rid of excess water their holding onto, due to eating foods their not biologically designed to eat that are creating an imbalance in the body. But to lose too much weight should never be a reality on a diet that is much more superior than cooked foods that only put artificial weight and muscle on the body.

It’s not a shock that when it comes to chronic and degenerative health conditions people face today are linked to systemic acidosis and this is caused from eating nutrient deficient foods, and creating an acid environment in the body that damaged cells, and impair absorption in the small intestines. You should be getting more rapid absorption with raw living foods because their the highest in nutrition, and they have not been tampered and manipulated to loose their nutritional power when consumed in their living state.

It’s very important to understand that when you stop eating cooked food any damages that the body has will be expressed, and dealt with on a living foods diet because this diet promotes the cycle of the body healing itself. Detoxification is a part of this drastic diet switch from cooked to raw. You’re not losing weight because your lacking nutrition, or your deficient in specific nutrients and minerals, it’s your body tearing down damages so that it could rebuild itself the proper way. If you have mucus blocking absorption then you can’t get the goodies inside, in order to keep a healthy weight on, and when you detox on the living foods diet the body isn’t focusing on building, but rather tearing down, so it can repair properly.

It’s much more than just mucoid plaque that is stagnant and blocking absorption in the small bowel due to heavy processed carbohydrates/ and undigested animal proteins, but it’s also acidosis in the body that’s in the walls of the intestines that are stagnant, and you must remove the acids in order for nutrition to enter the cells as well as the mucus that’s blocking access.

You also must understand that acid and mucus forming diets for the majority of your life will impair the body’s ability to digest, absorb, utilize and eliminate, and if you damage those four cycles of elimination due to unhealthy eating habits then it’s going to take the time to regain those cycles, and you must go through the detoxification process in order for them to be fixed. When the bowels get clogged up, and the kidneys become damaged, you will be unable to eliminate lymphatic waste from the body, it’s common to run into these pitfalls, and deal with absorption issues. As an irodologist it’s very common that I see this weakness in the eyes, very congested clogged intestines and absorption issues in the small bowel.

When a living foods diet takes more weight off then you desire, you must understand that your dealing with an absorption issue, and the body is simply trying to correct this problem, and you can correct this problem if you eliminate waste properly. Unfortunately the best way to eliminate waste is going to be on a very simple diet of fruits berries and melons and herbs and when you have absorption issues, this diet will most likely take more weight off you than you desire because it’s trying to eliminate the blockages so that your body can fully repair these problems that you probably have had your whole life, but were not as skinny as you are now, because you were consuming too many stimulating foods that put lots of fat and water in your body creating a sense of having a healthy weight, but really you have had absorption issues the whole time, and that’s why you were never satisfied on what you ate, and were constantly going to the pantry for more food, because your body is screaming and begging for nutrition, but none was coming in the body on the processed junk food you were eating out of the cupboard.

Detoxification is the process of elimination not building and cleaning at the same time. The same is when your car gets damaged to the point of no repair, it must be stripped down and rebuilt. When the body wants to repair, you must be patient, and wait for it to clean out the metabolic waste (all the mucus and acids) so that It could rest, recover, and build on nature’s time, not yours. It may take 2 years, it did for me.

A lot of people when they start detoxing they lose more weight than they desire, feel pressure from the outside world, and even though the feel much better, and experience much more energy than they ever have before. You never want to try to build and put on weight with starch and proteins, if you have a malabsorption issue. You must be patient and allow detoxification to take its course, so it can remove the acids interstitially, so that you can regain absorption, and the body will regain a healthy weight on the same diet that took off the weight.

It’s so common that people panic and lose more weight than they desire, and start to quickly eat foods to try to gain weight, but if their body is extremely backed up with systemic acidosis it’s not going to matter what they eat, because they will not put on a healthy weight on acid and mucus forming foods. Some people are so malabsorbed that they could even eat a large pizza a day, and still not gain weight, even before the detox and I was that person. When my health crashed, and I was unable to gain weight I quickly panicked before I understood what malabsorption was about and detoxification. I would eat fettuccini alfredo, and very concentrated calorie-rich junk foods to put on weight, and I could not gain a single pound, and weight just kept falling off of me.

Weight fell off me much more drastically when I started detoxing on fruits in herbs and I lost about 40 pounds. I’m so glad I went with my instincts, because I started to notice less painful symptoms, and was able to actually enjoy a meal without being in such chronic pain, and having such bad IBS symptoms. People around me couldn’t understand what I was doing, and thought that I wasn’t healthy because I lost too much weight, but as my energy returned, and the color came back into my face, and my energy came back, as well as the chronic pain leaving my body, which is just simply acid stagnation, I went with my instincts, and my heart, and continued the process, and accepted the reality of being on the thin side understanding that I must allow nature to play its course with tearing down my body, and getting rid of everything it doesn’t want, so that I could rebuild in the future, and I have to tell you that its not a quick process for a lot of us, and must take patients.

It’s always best to go by how you feel, versus how you look during this process, because if you go back to an acid and mucus forming diet, you better bet you will just continue to add on to the problem, and your symptoms will come back full fledge. If you can’t fix malabsorption with proteins, and complex carbohydrates, then there’s no point of eating them to put on water weight, and fat just so that you can meet an image that society has designed for you. You must understand that it’s just your car’s in the shop, and it’s not going to always look the same forever, and when you fix the problem the healthy weight will come back on you.

The 40 pounds that I did lose I’ve gained it all back in 2 years it took detoxing on a fruit raw food diet.

If your detoxing, and you noticed black sticky rope like bowel movements this is what’s called mucoid plaque and this “serpant of death” has been in your colon primarily your whole life contributing two absorption issues. In order to fix absorption issues you have to pull the mucus out of the bowels or you will never get absorption. If you don’t get to the root cause of the problem you can never fix the issue. It’s not worth falling into peer pressure, or buying into society’s standards of how you must look, because they don’t understand regenerative detoxification, and true healing of the body, which gets to the root cause, instead of masks and suppresses symptoms.

If you lose 40 to 60 pounds, this is just a reality of chronic malabsorption, and also systemic acidosis which means your backed up from head to toe and your lymphatic system is clogged up. If you don’t understand that the body has a septic tank or a sewage system, that inhabits metabolic waste material that shouldn’t be in the body, you will never understand how to deal with these problems that you face when the body starts to heal itself on living foods. There’s only two major fluids in the human body and the blood is not the answer to fixing these issues, the blood is the kitchen, and the lymphatic system is the septic tank.

In order to move the lymphatic system for elimination you must get your kidneys to filter and your bowels cleaned out, and the only way to do that is on a diet that promotes detoxification at a high level, and that’s a fruit based diet and also fasting.

You can fix this issue trying to build, don’t make that the focus, you must get to the underlying cause of the issue, and that’s systemic acidosis and mucus blocking the small intestines, and also impaired endocrine glands that affect the body’s ability to utilize chemistry so that the body can make proper hormones and steroids to keep a healthy weight on. When the thyroid and adrenal glands become damaged, then you can’t get utilization. In order to fix the glands, you have to detox, and get your kidneys to filter, because it’s acids that are suppressing their function, and the only way to get acids out is through kidney filtration, and also other channels such as the lungs, skin and bowels. When the acids come out, you will be able to absorb the nutrition coming in, and a healthy weight will come back on you. If it takes 1 to 5 years to fix the problem at least you know you fixed the problem, instead of masking, and suppressing symptoms, and putting on artificial weight built on acids and stimulants, and still feeling like garbage because you didn’t remove the problem, which is impossible to remove on foods that cause acid stagnation, and clog up the eliminative channels that deal with these issues.

Detoxification is not for everyone, and it takes a warrior and a spirit the trust the process, and being patient enough to allow the body to break down what it needs to break down so that it could rebuild all by itself.

There have been many people that have gone before you that have dealt with malabsorption issues and also was able to fix them by making no changes to their diet. These are warriors and pioneers that proved that detoxification does work, and it’s just a patient process and waiting for your car to come out of the shop when it’s fully repaired from removing the acid stagnation, and mucus stagnation the crates the problem. You want to astring and bring energetics to the body wh fruit!, and pole and remove the metabolic waste material in the body, and you will never be able to do that on proteins and starch.

Some people that don’t have malabsorption but also understand detoxification at some level, may even discourage you from fixing the underlying cause of the issue by trying to encourage you to eat more high-fat diets that do not promote detoxification, and actually suppress the kidneys ability to filter such as your nuts and seeds and gourmet raw foods. If it was me I would not take their advice, because they will mislead you down the road of getting nowhere, and you will have to repeat this all over again, because your kidneys weren’t filtering, and you didn’t get the mucoid plaque out of your bowels. I was consuming 3000 + calories of just fruit, and was unable to gain weight because it’s not calories that will fix the problem when the body wants to heal, it will not focus on building. It’s best to just eat what you can and stop trying to force the process, because you cannot force mother nature’s process when you are truly creating regenerative detoxification.

Just eat when your hungry, stop when your satisfied, and eventually you will be able to get absorption, and you will be able to benefit from calories consumed when it comes to putting on weight. Kidney filtration, and bowel cleansing is the answer to fix the problem.

Don’t let people con you into thinking that your obsessed with detoxification, because you know that if you truly have chronic malabsorption issues it doesn’t matter what you eat, because you can’t put on weight that way anyways until you remove the sewage waste that causes the issue. Be a soldier, and trust mother nature, because she will never mislead you, but people and their unawareness will.

The End

Get back to nature my friends, get back to a diet that your biological design to eat, tap into your intuitive Consciousness, let your instincts guide you, live in the present moment, and I promise you my friends you will thrive!

Written by Jonathon RA Stearns AKA the Mangotarian

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