Fruit, herbs, and fasting, and nothing else is required for healing the body

Fruit, herbs, and fasting, and nothing else is required for healing the body

(For serious minded hue-mans) it’s long ?

Nature is sufficient, and nothing man made, and isolated is required. The mind in its conditioning thinking has turned away from that in-tuned wisdom (intuition) that is in every one of us. The issue is we have created a society that is built on capitalism and greed, and so man had turned away from nature to a negative modality of making money, and that’s why the symptom suppressing modality came into the picture, when it comes to healing the body, and there is no healing with suppressing!

The medical establishment has obviously turned away from the hippocratic thinking that was originally establishment in the blueprint, and that’s to let your food be your medicine, and your medicine your food, to chemical based pharmaceutical drugs, and the naturopathic establishment has also turned away from nature when it comes to trying to “treat” an issue with the body, without the understanding of how it works, and regenerates, with supplements and unfortunately, most these days recommend a high protein diet, and have been dumbed down to think sugar is the issue regarding all “disease”

What is your spirit telling you? does it really make sense to eat dead animals flesh? Does it make sense to take an herb and isolate it to a supplement, or to make a drug out of it? Or does it make sense to take the herb from the earth in its living state full of alkaline chemistry, and everything bonded in its wholistic chemistry in the proper ratios, and to then ingest the herb in the body with all the magnetic and electric frequency? (Living consciousness)

Why the fruit?

Fruit is created in the highest form of electromagnetic energy. Energy is the important factor when it comes to regeneration, and of course the alkaline chemistry that brings the body back into its place of homeostasis. You need energy to move your lymphatic system, and you need the astringent properties to clean up the terrain that has been created in the body that causes stagnation, the blockages that creates a cationic environment. Fruit moves the lymphatic system that brings the sewage waste to the kidneys for elimination, (interstitially) and also cleans the walls in your pipes on the outside layers, such as your GI tract.

Fruit also is designed for hue-mans anyways, so the body is going to use up all the bio-available properties, and also use up less energy for the body burdened by digestion, because the food designed for you, will in return digest the quickest, allowing the body to use more energy for healing damages that need to be addressed.

Fruit has all the properties to encourage the body to heal itself more effectively. It’s the most hydrating food, and you need to hydrate the body to remove the acids, and sewage that dehydrate the body, and you need the alkaline chemistry as well, because the human body was designed to be alkaline dominate.

Fruit cleans the kidneys the most effective, which is important to remove the metabolitic waste that is stagnant in the body, the sewer system, or the (lymphatic system) the kidneys are hooked to the giant piping system in the human body, lymphatic system, it’s the main eliminate organ, along with the skin, which is the 3rd kidney in the body for sweating out your sewage. Fruits are very low in proteins, and it’s the proteins that burden the kidneys, and clog them up, making it hard to eliminate acids in the body, whether that’s lactic acids that are created from movement, or acid chemistry from foods that are consumed, and when the kidneys get clogged up, your waste backs up, and acids find homes in the body, and in return damage tissue, and the end result is dysfunction, or dis-ease! If your cleaning your kidneys with a fruit diet, then eventually you can filter the acids out of the body, (via the urinary channel) and the acids that brake down the body causing you to experience dis-ease, will in return bring an experience of harmony and wellness.

Why the herbs?

The herbs are a gift form the universe, Mother Nature, and the conscious awareness, or the infinite if you will. The herbs are tissue specific when it comes to strengthening structure function to the cells of the tissue, regarding the organ, nerve, gland, or connective tissue in the body. The herbs literally have awareness and consciousness, they communicate, and know how to clean, enhance, and strengthen tissue, as the body expectorates and cleans itself.

You want to strengthen and enhance tissue while your moving your lymphatic system, and removing acids out of the body. The good thing is that herbs are very anti inflammatory as well, so the buffer the acids, to make detox more bearable. The herbs are also alkaline, and the magnetics and nutritional properties are most aligned with nature, because the herbs are wild, none hybrid, organic, which means that the more aligned they are with nature, the more aligned the chemistry will be at strengthening the body, and helping the body to clean itself effectively.

Just do the research regarding the power behind the herbs with how they strengthen, enhance, and help the body to clean itself. There are miracle based testimonies, and eye personally have experienced amazing kidney filtration using them, better bowel movements, more brain clarity, and more pain reliving benefits then just trying to clean with the fruits and fasting alone.

The fruits because they are picked unripe, and also because of the level of chronic regeneration regarding the human organism, are just not enough for highly involved humans, and the herbs can pick up the slack, especially with those that are so damaged on the way out the door regarding leaving their human body’s. You need the magnetics, energetics, and astringent properties of the herbs, so the fruits and the herbs combined are a win, win regarding cleaning and expectorating, which is what detoxification is all about, and you don’t need to go the kill and purge route with other out of balance modalities like coffee enemas, and turpentine, and the like, when you can clean, enhance, strengthen in a balanced way in harmony with nature, and to be spiritually connected as well, which will bring the mind back in to balance, and patients will be a result of that.

Why fasting?

Fasting is nature’s cure, and this is what every specie’s naturally does anyways when the body finds itself in the state of dis-ease. If you’re not consuming, then your body can focus on cleaning. Again it’s about bio-available energy right? It’s about allowing the body to be less burdened by digestion, because digestion takes energy away from the body, and digestion takes a lot of time, which in return takes more energy away from the body to focus on cleaning and repairing damaged internally, and externally.

Fasting will open up the blood gates, and if you don’t get the sewage out, then you can heal and repair the body. It’s all about the lymphatic system, and it’s all about taking out the trash, creating fluidity and a hydrated alkaline environment, and that is achieved when the body takes the trash out, and can’t experience that until it comes out. Fasting will clear out the Mucoid plaque, protein plaques, mucus, pus, undigested fecal matter, and all the other terrain, and microbial waste that becomes stagnant in the body, from eating foods out of balance with nature, and are not properly eliminated from the body, which in return creates residues that build up, that blocks the flow of energy for elimination, and the end result is dysfunction and dis-ease.

Fasting will encourage elimination and that’s the goal. It’s not an addition based focus when the body is clogged up with mucus and acids, and the like, it’s about cleaning out the debris, so the body can eliminate better, and if the acids don’t come out, then the body can’t repair itself, because acids brake it down.

True fasting is water and dry, and only those that have entered these levels of fasting can attest of that when it comes to the detox that takes place at that level. Fruit juice, or veggie juice vacations are not fasting, because they are more in the dietary realm, and again fasting is not consuming chemistry at all. The diet regarding fruit and herbs is so you can still eat, and also because it’s smarter to work your way up to fasting after hydrating and alkalizing for a season to better handle the detox strength that comes with fasting on just water, or dry fasting, which is consuming nothing at all for a period of time.

Fruit and herbs also is the highest level of what you can consume and still clean and repair the body, and not over burden it, and also anything outside of fruit and herbs is a slower detox, and may be encouraged for those that are not so involved with degeneration, for more of a transitional lifestyle, so they don’t detox to aggressively that may interact with their jobs and daily Babylon responsibility’s lol.

I think dry fasting is the most effective, and eye also think everyone can add this to their protocol, and regeneration lifestyle, when they do it on an intermittent basis, or time restricted dry fasting, for a lack of a better term.

I like to combine fruit, herbs, and time restricted dry fasting as a healing lifestyle protocol, and detoxification, and this is how I got myself out of hellville, and from being in chronic pain, depression, and of course the fatigue that comes with damaging the body on a systemic level.

Time restricted dry fasting the way that personally adopt it as a lifestyle. Is that I will stop eating, and drinking when the sun goes down, and I will not consume of course through the night, and extend as long as I can the next day until I brake my fast. The goal is to start with 14 hours everyday, and everyone I believe can do this, as long as they are hydrating well in the day, and to increase to 16-20 as a staple habit routine. I have found that 21-23 hour dry fast with one astringent meal a day, and mine is usually mangoes ? has given me the best kidney filtration results, and if your Interested in season the results, eye can post in the comments bellow.

Their is so much to say and so little time to bunch all this info in just one article, but just have fun and play with fasting. Skip a day of eating, and just drink distilled water, skip a day of eating and drinking and dry fast, but work up to these levels overtime, and find your sense of balance and be patient in the process. Eye understand that your in pain and fatigue and want to find your remedy, but stress and the mind, will only go against your healing, so be patient and if your kidneys are filtering, your bowels are moving, your getting your skin sweating, you will find your remedy overtime.

The End

Get back to nature my friends, get back to a diet that your biological design to eat, tap into your intuitive Consciousness, let your instincts guide you, live in the present moment, and I promise you my friends you will thrive!

Written by Jonathon RA Stearns AKA the Mangotarian

If you are interested in my iridology services or phone consultations regarding regenerative detoxification please send me a private message or shoot me an email I can discuss with you with what Im offering to assist you! ?

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