Fruit or chemo? What makes morse sense?

Fruit or chemo? What makes morse sense?

Your choice putting battery acid on top of an acidic body and having 5% change you will even have a couple years to live!? Or to use a natural draino solvent food to clean out the acids that damage your cells? and live a long healthy abundant life! Hmmm I think I will would go the natural route instead!

If I needed to heal ”cancer” I would personally go on a mango fast until the “cancer” was nonexistent or the damaged cells were regenerated. It would be mangoes because they are water-rich, astringent, and properly ripe taste better than any fruit in my personal opinion, and shit I already lived only on them for 7 months in the past!

If I couldn’t get mangoes I would go for the grapes or oranges. I would eat only fruit all day, and I would dry fast for 20 hours every day. That would give me an eating window from 4-8pm and the rest would be resting my body and dry fasting. Dry fasting is no contact with water on the skin, consumed internally and no food for a duration of time. The reason I would intermittent dry fast would be so I can get my kidneys filtering. If you don’t open up the valve to remove the swamp, then you cannot regenerate cells and remove the acids that damage them.

The whole reason you would damage your cells is because you lost filtration in the first place, and you created an acidic environment in your body, and failed to eliminate the acids. The acid got in your body of course due to the acidic foods you were consuming, stuff you were putting on your skin that were acidic, and whatever other contacts with acids entered your skin or lungs.

If you’re not eliminating, your accumulating. It’s that simple. You want to get to the cause not treat it with the very chemistry that causes damaged cells to occur (acids) chemo and radiation is ACID!! Makes no sense to damage more cells in your body with the very chemistry that creates the destruction. This is the very reason cancer ether gets worse on chemo, or it just kills you. Very few people get lucky with this treatment, but the percentage of people exposed to it don’t.

“Cancer” is not the end all “disease” the reason people believe this, is because they have no idea about simple cause and effect. It’s the FOOD!!! the majority of the time, because that’s what humans do most of the time 24/7 they eat, and the food they eat is acidic! Change what you put in your mouth, and you can change the outcome of the “incurable diseases”

Your kidneys need a break from all the acids, because once they get clogged up, and you loose filtration, you will continue to get worse, and throw yourself at people to fear monger you into treatment of with a chemical that only makes your issues worse down the road.

The answer is regenerative detoxification on a fruit-based raw food diet, with herbal botanicals and dry fasting. Your odds of doing this are much greater than treating a problem that occurred from acid chemistry. Fruits are alkaline and they are full of living water. Fruit flushed out the debris and terrain in the body so you don’t continue to accumulate, and fail to eliminate before your tissue gets damaged by acids. Fruit is astringent and will clean out your pipes so that they can be strong and eliminate effectively. Herbs enhance structure function, and they clean and regenerate damages in the body, and dry fasting allows the body to use all its energy on healing and repairing, instead of trying to just elements urinary electrolytes, and digestive waste.

There are only 2 major fluids in the human body, and that’s blood and lymph. Your lymphatic system is your sewer system. This system is not understood by medical doctors, because if it was, they would see it’s a giant detoxification system, and the kidneys are the eliminative organ to remove the acids, and sewage that accumulates in the lymphatic system.

If the diet you’re on is not cleaning your lymphatic system daily, then your getting backed up. The kidneys hate acids and dense proteins found in grains, beans, and animal products. The more you damage your kidneys, and the more you back up your lymph system, the more damage cells occur, and other bodily dysfunction, and the more hellville your experience.

You want to hydrate and alkalize with living foods such as fruits, berries and melons (all the fruit varieties) the astringent fruits that clean, pull and remove obstructions the most aggressively, are the juicy fruits, so that’s why I would recommend mangoes, grapes, or your citrus fruit varieties. This is “natural draino” not chemo and radiation. Why damage all your cells, when you can regenerate them?

It’s not natural sugar that will cause “cancer” to grow, it’s acids that do that. Sugar feeds every cell in the body this is true, but you’re not going to cause cancer to grow with sugar, because it’s the acids that cause this, and fruit sugar is alkaline. Even though your “feeding the cancer” your also hydrating and alkalizing the cell, and that’s why people that heal themselves from cancer on a fruit diet get better and end up living long and productive lives.

You can get constipated with the theory’s and bs scientism, or you can look around at all the soldiers that healed themselves on a raw food diet based around sugar! Glucose or fructose it doesn’t matter, it’s all sugar, and every plant you consume is sugar!

Understand it’s the acids that cause this problem to occur, and losing kidney filtration and backing up your bodies sewer system (lymphatic system). Its the fruit that helps the kidneys filter, and also it’s the fruit that moves the lymphatic system most effectively. The fruit are the cleaners, and that’s what you need with this condition you suffer with. Again if you’re not eliminating cellular waste, then your only accumulating waste stagnation in the body.

If it was me I would hit the kidney and lymphatic herbs that the herbal health club as formulated and get my kidneys filtering, because this is the most important thing you can do, to clean out the terrain in the body.

You can take the info or run from it, but what I would do if I needed to heal cancer, is turn to nature, and a natural human diet based around fruit, I would detoxify my body with the fruits, and the herbs, and I would fire any doctor that handed me poison to “Fix the problem” I created with the acidic foods I was addicted to. It’s the acidic cooked foods, and it’s the animal products and drugs that are backing up the lymph system, and that is the truth! If you don’t adopt a raw food diet based around the astringent fruits, and you don’t get your kidneys filtering, then enjoy your suffering, I just know if it was me, I would turn to nature, and the solution, and heal myself, rather than being used as a poor rat in a cage to be used to do test on.

The oath every medical doctor takes is “I will not administer poison”! Well in my opinion chemo is a poison, and that’s why when it spills in a medical facility, it’s mandatory to evacuate the building.

The End

Get back to nature my friends, get back to a diet that your biological design to eat, tap into your intuitive Consciousness, let your instincts guide you, live in the present moment, and I promise you my friends you will thrive!

Written by Jonathon RA Stearns AKA the Mangotarian

If you are interested in my iridology services or phone consultations regarding regenerative detoxification please send me a private message or shoot me an email I can discuss with you with what Im offering to assist you! ?

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