Gas and intestinal discomfort could be a result of excessive mucus in the bowls

Gas and intestinal discomfort could be a result of excessive mucus in the bowls

During detox, you may feel a lot of international discomforts when the body is breaking up mucus in the gut. Mucus/biofilms can create painful and uncomfortable gas and even burning as it makes its way out of the body.

You created all this mucus by eating mucus forming foods and now you need to pull it out to get relief. If you are breaking it up and pulling it out then you are you’re doing something right. Raw foods high in fruit and green juices pull out mucus and cooked foods full of starch, dairy, meat, eggs, and processed foods create mucus in the body.

The stomach has a mucosa for a reason because the stomach must produce acids to break down and process foods. Your stomach must create mucus so the stomach can produce acids as well and not becomes damaged. Mucus protects the wall of the stomach and bowels. It’s too much mucus in the body that is an issue. When you put more acids in the stomach the mucosa will produce more mucus and as you eat toxic foods that also fill the body with bacteria, parasites, foreign proteins and the like this will create a breeding ground for microbes and biofilm is the result which produces gas and when you eat foods that your body fails to digest or metabolize the carbon too much fermentation becomes the result and uric acid loads take place and you run into joint problems and fungal overgrowths.

The more alkaline foods you eat and you focus on living foods, not dead foods your body will rid itself of too much mucus and your system will function more optimally and you create more fluidly for the body to pull out unwanted waste. It’s the obstructions that block the flow of energy and slows down the elimination process and too much mucus in the body will block the flow of energy and cause discomfort in the stomach and bowels.

During detox when you feel lots of gas and discomfort pay attention to what’s coming out of the colon because if you see mucus and also get relief this is why you were feeling so uncomfortable. It’s not the fruit and veggies it’s the terrain environment and you’re eating foods that clean the body and also are not acid and mucus forming.

Detox is a process and sometimes can be uncomfortable. As the body gets clean so will your mind and the more comfortable you will feel in your body.

One thing I’ve learned being a raw foodist and once a very strict mono fruitarian is that as the body gets clean it becomes much more sensitive to acids meaning that if you start eating acid and mucus-forming foods the body can get clogged up with mucus very quickly. This has been my personal experience after being 100% raw for 3 years 90% raw for the 4th year and on the 5th year 80% for the last 6 months and now back to 100% raw is that 80% for me eating cooked caused me problems and mucus congestion has been quite shocking as I’m retoxing all over again.

20% cooked!! And you clogged yourself up!?? For my body yes that has been my experience and the 20% cooked has not been the best choice I just haven’t eaten meat, eggs, or dairy. Mainly Indian food or Thai green curry with rice.

It doesn’t take long to create mucus loads in the body and this is why I had to experience this to know that when you go raw for long enough and you clean out the body properly you can’t go back to cooked even 20% cooked and 80% raw and thrive at least I haven’t experienced this personally.

Raw foods are the best and nuts and seeds and fatty fruits in moderation and when you feel the mucus from the cooked foods it’s simply your body telling you that it wants raw alkaline foods, not acid and mucus forming cooked foods that damage tissue cause systemic acidosis and create all kinds of discomfort and pain because the human body wants hydration and living foods that are mostly alkaline which are fruits, greens, veggies, Veggie fruits, and herbs.

When the mucus comes out and you clean the lymph system you will improve intestinal health and this can take time, patients, and consistency.

The End

Get back to nature my friends, get back to a diet that your biological design to eat, tap into your intuitive Consciousness, let your instincts guide you, live in the present moment, and I promise you my friends you will thrive!

Written by Jonathon RA Stearns AKA the Mangotarian

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