Head congestion

Head congestion

If your experiencing negative head symptoms during detox, this is an indicator of how toxic your bowels are in. Also when your expressing uncomfortable symptoms in your head you are backed up from head to toe with interstitial lymphatic constipation. This is just a sign that you have work to do with cleaning out your lymphatic system because acids that built up in the head mean that you have acids all throughout your body. If your head is clogged this is a big red flag that you need to get healthy before you run into some serious cognizant disorders.

Without a healthy brain, you cannot function properly and fend for yourself in this world. It has been said that the bowels are connected to the head, and I believe this is very true especially when the transverse colon becomes clogged, this will suppress the autonomic nervous system which is connected to the brain. When your having equilibrium responses, experiencing clogging in your ears, headaches, dizziness, balance issues, brain fog, blurry vision, mucus coming out of your eyes, burning and dryness in the eyes etc, this most likely is contributing to a clogged up transverse colon. When I look at the eyes in iridology, it’s very common to see radio Solaris lines present heavily in the transverse colon as well as mucus congestion and sulfur. This is an indicator of heavy acidosis, and a heavy toxic load in the bowels and mucus congestion is building up in the head to protect it from being damaged by acids.

Acid and mucus forming foods such as your beans, grains, starches, eggs and all animal foods all together will create heavy acidosis that damage the intestines, and end up building heavy acid loads and mucus congestion in the head. When you clean out your stomach and bowels, you will experience detox symptoms in your head and these symptoms may become worse, because this is the process of elimination, and when you clean out the bowels, the head will flush with it.

Do not be alarmed when your detoxing on fruits, berries, melons and herbs and you feel dizzy, fatigued, blurry vision, equilibrium and imbalance, feeling like your going to pass out from getting up too quickly, headaches, brain fog, sinus congestion, popping in the ears, dryness and redness of the eyes, these are all common symptoms that will get worse when the body is going through the process of elimination that is encouraged through detoxification. But all these uncomfortable symptoms will go away, and you will experience a clearness in your mind, and your body will almost feel mucus free. you just must target the bowels, while you target all the other channels of elimination which are the kidneys, lungs and skin, and also work on enhancing the endocrine glands with the berries and the herbs, while you go through the cleansing process. Fruits, berries, melons and herbs do not cause congestion in the head, they just allow the head to drain, and this can be a timely process when you are backed up from head to toe, but you would be if your head is extremely clogged up.

You do not just want to focus on bowel cleansing, but you also want to focus on getting your kidneys to filter interstitial lymphatic waste that are stagnant in the lymph system which is Miles and Miles long. It’s not just mucus waste stagnation there’s also acids trapped in interstitial space all throughout the body damaging trillions of cells. The kidneys are a very sensitive organ but are also the most important eliminative channel to get rid of these stagnant lymphatic wastes. Fruits and vegetables clean and repair the kidneys so that they could do their job and eliminate these acid waste that are stagnant in interstitial spaces. In my personal experience, a fruit diet, along with herbs for the kidneys, the glands, the bowels and lymphatic system and also herbs that will for the brain function during this process of elimination is the best way to encourage detoxification and kidney filtration in my experience. Dry fasting is also another method to get your kidneys to filter and kidney filtration is the most important thing to create in order to remove the stagnant waste throughout your body.

Sulfur and fungus that’s backed up in the intestines will also create negative head symptoms, so you want to encourage detoxification in the way that pulls fungus and sulfur out of the body. Fungus and sulfur could cause depression and excessive fatigue. you want to use the astringent fruits, and the astringent herbs to pull fungus and sulfur out of the body. Nature has provided lots of bitter herbs that are anti-parasitic that will pull fungus from the body, as well as astringent herbs that will help to pull this sticky glue like sulfur that likes to find a home in the transverse colon and also builds up in the head as well. Sulfur is like Gorilla Glue and you must go on a mucus free diet high in astringent fruits and even incorporate water and dry fasting with the herbs in order to pull this toxic residue out. Grapes have been known to pull sulfur out of the body as well as the citrus fruits so going on juice fast with grapes and lemon juice may be a good idea to pull sulfur out of the transverse colon and head to help alleviate head symptoms, and also you want to create health, and sulfur stagnation does not create a healthy environment in the body.

In order to get fungus under control so that it doesn’t build up in the head and cause depression like symptoms you want to focus on healing and regenerating the adrenal glands that are responsible for sugar metabolism. The adrenal glands help the body to utilize carbohydrates, so when there not doing their role in metabolism of sugar, then sugar can ferment and turn to alcohol and this is what feeds fungus. For those that have depleted adrenal glands, will only create a nest of fungal issues if there still eating starches and complex carbohydrates. Your simple sugars found in fruits and vegetables will be much easier for the low functioning adrenal glands to metabolize because simple sugars are much easier to metabolize than high sugar that’s in starch. The best way to get rid of fungal problems is to utilize the anti-parasitic herbs, as well as enhancing the adrenal glands with herbs that help the adrenals, but to also keep your meals as simple as mono fruit meals so that you’re not putting too much energy on the adrenals trying to metabolize sugar and you don’t want this sugar to ferment in the body. Guzzling down fruit juices may not be a good idea you want it sip and chew your juice, and also super chew your smoothies or meals, eat slowly, and eat smaller meals more frequently while the adrenal glands heal.

A good way to drain the head is also to do enemas because enemas will pull old stagnant protein plaque, and mucoid plaque from the bowels, this will also take pressure off of the head.

Ear candling while detox will take pressure off the head, and hot and cold showers with the water beating on the back of the head where the cerebellum is located can also loosen up acid waste while you detox with the fruits and the herbs.

If you have done a lot of prescription drugs and recreational drugs and alcohol, your body will also want to pull those residues out so feeling depressed, anxious during this time of eliminating these residues is very common. If you are detoxing and trying to drain your head, it’s suggested to take it easy, and just allow the body to clean while you enhance with the fruits in the herbs. You don’t want to be too active during these heavy loads of waste that are being drained from the head. If you have a lot of acids and mucus in your eyes, it’s highly recommended to use an herbal eye wash to help flush out these acids to help with your vision when your detoxing at a high level on a fruit and herb based diet.

If you don’t decide to get healthy on a raw living food diet, and continue to add on more protein and mucus forming foods you will find yourself in danger of accumulating toxicity in the brain that could lead to serious neurological dysfunction and nobody wants to deal with Parkinson’s, sara palsy, alzheimer’s and dementia. No matter what the silly medical term is for the condition, it’s just systemic acidosis throughout the whole body, and toxic and damaged GI tracts that cause these problems as well as damage kidneys and not eliminating acid waste that build up and attack the body systemically. You cannot run into these problems on a fruit and herb based diet or even eating vegetables for that matter, so the best thing you could do for yourself is start detoxing now if your experiencing head symptoms, knowing that your backed up from head to toe, and have serious congestion in the bowels, and this is just a sign that you’re not eating foods that you’re not designed to eat, and the body is just simply having a reaction to this. It’s as simple as cause and effect, if you change the chemistry you consume, you will never run into these systemic chronic degenerative health conditions. It’s as simple as removing the foods that block the flow of energy, and you could overcome any problem that you may be facing.

If you clean out your bowels, you get your kidneys to filter, you could overcome head congestion, such as what I described above. Detoxification is a patient process, and usually the head will drain last during detoxification but if your experiencing head symptoms on a nutritive diet that promotes detoxification such as your living fruits and vegetables, this is a good sign that your on the path to wellness because clearing the head, is the best thing you could do not only for your own personal health, but also so that you could use your gifts and your talents that the universe has gifted you with, and clogging up your system and damaging your health is a disservice to what your here to do, and that’s to shine your light and be a voice to a dying and decaying world dealing with chronic and degenerative health conditions. There is no true regenerative cure outside of detoxification, so do yourself a favor and avoid treatment based modalities that only help suppress symptoms temporarily.

The End

Get back to nature my friends, get back to a diet that your biological design to eat, tap into your intuitive Consciousness, let your instincts guide you, live in the present moment, and I promise you my friends you will thrive!

Written by Jonathon RA Stearns AKA the Mangotarian

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