High fat raw food diet is not an optimal diet for humans

High fat raw food diet is not an optimal diet for humans

I’m not referring this diet to being unhealthy such as a standard american diet, or a cooked food diet, but rather trying to emphasize the reality that foods that our species are designed to eat are not foods that are high in fat. When you get away from your natural design when it comes to the foods your supposed to consume, the body will become unbalanced, and cannot sustain itself long-term. Just because the food source is raw doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s optimal for you. Just because the food is vegan, doesn’t mean the food is healthy either. I once thought that as long as I’m not consuming dairy or animal tissue, I’m on a healthy diet. well if this was true then I don’t think my health would have crashed the way it did, consuming them. We live in a culture today where we are being confused from every angle, when it comes to what a healthy diet is. We have intellectual ideas, and conflicting opinions regarding foods, and nobody has any proper direction on how to get healthy, and what they should be eating to create a healthy body. With so much confusion, and so little time to address the confusion, people just end up getting frustrated and consuming whatever they have access to, and trying to go the easy route, with masking and covering up symptoms they have, so they can continue to eat diets that are unhealthy and not designed for them.

The goal should not be to consume healthier foods, and to get on some kind of special diet plan that some intellectual health guru design for you, with the periodic table of minerals and vitamins in the food, to convince you that it’s the best diet to go on for optimal health. It’s not about a certain amount of nutrition, that has been laid out for you through the so-called experts. The goal should be to just consume the foods that your species is designed for, that have the perfect ratio of nutrition, and minerals that your bodies require in order to function optimally and experience the health that it can experience eating the foods it’s designed for.


Humans are designed primarily for juicy fruits, and veggie fruits. These foods are designed for our digestive tract, and digests very quickly the way that food should digests, food should not remain in our bodies for long-term, we should be able to digest, isimulate, and utilize the nutrition as quick as possible from the foods, and eliminate the fibers of cellular waste at least an hour after consumption. Fruits digest very quickly. We know through common sense that the better digestion we have, the more energy we will experience, on top of experiencing more health. Nuts, seeds, avocados, and coconuts should not be the basis of our diet in order to experience optimal health, even though avocados are considered a fruit, they have a very short seasonal wall, and plus avocados these days are hybrid fruits that have been created not from nature but by man, because the avocados we have access today have been cultivated, and look nothing like wild avocados found in nature, untampered from its natural design. Avocados grown in the wild are much different then the avocados we find in the grocery stores. Wild avocados have more of a balance of carbohydrates and fats rather than being on the fat predominant side. I’m not trying to emphasize that fats are bad for you, I’m just trying to emphasize that too much fat is not optimal for the human species when it comes to our natural design.



Coconuts, no doubt have a structured and living water in them, the bring alkalinity, and an amazing amount of hydration and nutrition, and the meat can also provide many benefits as well, but is it an actual food source that’s most optimal for the human species, when we look at it in natures perspective? I happen to love coconuts, and I truly believe they are a sustainable survival food, if you have the right tools two have access to this food source to meet your survival needs.

Coconuts are considered a nut, because of the hard shell. Any food source that has a hard shell, in my opinion is not an optimal food source for the human species, when we look at our anatomy and physiology, it doesn’t add up to being a staple and optimal food source. It’s very difficult to climb a giant palm tree to get access to this food. Nature has provided us fruits, that are easily accessible, and we have the ability to get to the flesh inside, without having to use a very sharp tool to access it. This is why juicy fruits are the most optimal food source for the human species, their easy to pluck off a tree, peel, and eat without any tools, and even the melon varieties, have hard shells that are very easy to break open to get access to the inside. The coconut however is very difficult to get inside, and takes quite some work and heavy labor, to get enough of the coconut meat from the inside, to sustain yourself. It wouldn’t make sense that this is a staple food for our species, if nature didn’t design it easily accessible like the thousands of other fruit varieties that are. Most fat sources of plant foods found in nature are protected by a hard shell, and I believe these foods are for other species, that have claws, and the anatomy that would give them the ability to access the food inside the shell, and that will meet their nutritional requirements and, also would meet there digestive, and fuel needs as well. Foods that are high in fat, are extremely difficult for us to digest, they lack the water content that the juicy fruits provide, and we are a species designed for water-rich fruits, that digest fairly easily in our bodies, rather than the body has to try and work so hard on digesting foods that are not most optimal for it. Fat’s take a long time to digest in the human body, and that’s why the human body is a carbon-based species, design for carbohydrates, not lipids found in foods that are lipid-based.


This is another food source, that has a hard shell and is difficult to crack open, let alone to get the efficient amount of calories to sustain your fuel needs. Nuts also contain phytic acid, and high proteins, that are harmful to the kidneys, and leave behind an acid Ash in the lymphatic system. Any food that leaves behind an acid ash in the lymphatic system is not an optimal food source for humans, because the food source that is designed for humans, does not leave behind a lot of metabolic waste to dump into the lymphatic system. We obviously identify nuts as being a food source for squirrels, and other Critters that have claws that are able to access the nut inside the hard shell fairly quickly and their also very small animals that need very little amount of food to meet their nutritional requirements, and fuel requirements off very little food. The human species is designed to eat plenty of water rich fruits, that contain more fiber, water content, and are larger in portion size, because it’s what’s perfectly designed for our digestive tract, not a tiny hard nut, that’s high in fat and protein, and low in carbohydrates. Every cell in the body absolutely needs carbon in order to function properly, the body does not need fatty acids as a primary fuel source, to function the way it’s designed to function. The body cant sustain itself long-term on high fats/low carb diet, and after a while this will bring imbalances, because the bodies not going to function long-term on a fuel source that’s not designed for it. We simply just need to put our focus on our species specific diet, and we will not run into any of these roadblocks that we could face trying to avoid sugar, and falling prey to the silly myths, that too much fruit sugar is bad for you, and that a high fat low sugar raw food diet is better. Nuts also contain enzyme Inhibitors, they keep them from sprouting, and that’s why we need to sprout them in order to get the enzymes in them to properly digest them, you don’t have to do this with fruits, because they contain All the essential enzymes that we need for proper digestion.

Eating nuts are extremely hard on the kidneys, and also are extremely difficult on the digestive tract as well. Seeds in my opinion are not designed for consumption, because seeds are designed to produce more food, and when we consume seeds outside of foods that were designed for, this makes no sense either. I believe that nuts and seeds are more of a survival food source, not an essential food source and should definitely not be the base of our diet as Raw foodist. We should consider ourselves species-specific raw foodist rather than just putting our focus on consuming raw foods. This is no different than being a vegan, but only eating processed vegan foods that are unhealthy for you. We don’t need to get caught up on trying to find a specific nutrition ratio from a food source outside of are nature’s design, because we could get all these vitamins and nutrients from the fruits that we are designed to eat, in their perfect ratio, and balance the way that nature intended it. Use the seeds to plant more of foods for the animals in nature, and use the seeds that come from the fruits to plant more fruit trees, to create more food for your species.

We must escape the confusion, and the intellectualism that holds no water when it comes to the simplicity of nature. To avoid the food, that is designed for your species, because you cannot tolerate it, because you have ruined your body eating foods you’re not designed for, is not an excuse to blame the food, but rather to blame your body for causing the problem in the first place. The only reason why you would be having trouble with the juicy fruits, is not because their high in sugar, but because their very active and astringent when it comes to detoxifying obstructions that shouldn’t be in the body in the first place. When you remove obstructions with the astringent juicy fruits, your going to experience side effects in the process of elimination. When you clean out the obstructions in the body you will experience the complete opposite when it comes to the juicy fruits, you will hydrate, and digest the food so rapidly, all of your needs will be met, in a very comfortable and pleasant way. If the juicy fruits are exposing this weakness, it’s just a sign that your body is still very toxic. There are numerous amounts of people in the world that have quite the opposite when their bodies are healthy, they feel energy, optimal digestion, and hydration on a level that they never thought could be attained, simply because their bodies having that natural response to the food is designed for. There are also numerous cases of people that experience these benefits even from the beginning, of the detoxification process, they remove the tough fibrous dense raw foods, such as the fats, and vegetables, and their digestion improves, and they experience much more energy, because it’s the fruit sugar that feeds the brain, and activates the nervous system, and the vegetables and the fats do not, they have more of a calming effect rather than a regenerating and enhancing effect.

I highly encourage you to remove the brain constipation, when it comes to fruit sugar being bad for you, if you think about this rationally, you will come to understand how ridiculous this is! Why would God, and nature provide thousands of fruit trees, on this planet that contain fruit thats sugar-based, easily accessible and ready to eat, if it wasn’t intended to be used as our primary food source to create an optimal and healthy body?

I know there will be questions risen about fruits that are high in fat, and why they were created in nature, easily accessible to eat for humans. I would say that nature definitely gave us a gift, of having these food sources, In seasons that are colder, or in climates that are not optimal for the human species, so that we can get some sustainable fuel, from them in smaller quantities. This is why I believe that it’s not an optimal source

For us all year round, or else we would have a large variety of fruits that contain higher fat all year round but we don’t, however we have extremely low fat, high carb fruits, and enough variety to sustain us all year round. This isn’t about not consuming fat at all, it’s just understanding that fats should not be the base of your diet, like they are in some circles in the raw food community. You don’t want to settle for second class nutrition, but rather to pursue the diet that’s most natural for the human body, because that’s always going to be first class nutrition, and whenever you bring imbalance long enough, you could run into problems down the road. focus on carbohydrates in the form of simple sugars, and that’s where the juicy fruits come in and should be the base of your diet as a raw foodist, and somebody that desires to be on an optimal diet. Just simply eat the foods are designed to eat, and you will create health. Their is no intellectualism and confusion that should go into eating a healthy diet, just understand first that you’re not designed to put fire to your food, and nature has provided a food source for you, in a large variety to grow everywhere on this planet, and needs to be taken advantage of, in order to be healthy, to get your health back, before we lose our natural food source because of good addiction consumption of junk food, that everyone is addicted to, but are also dying like flies every second, and every day because of it.

Fatty food sources also do not move the lymphatic system, and it’s important to move the lymphatic system, and to filter these metabolic waste through the kidneys, in order to experience optimal health. Fats and proteins clog up the kidneys, and suppress this process of elimination, which therefore will create health problems down the road. Being exposed to an environment of absorbing cellular waste at a corrosive level every single day as long as you have lungs, you will need to detoxify your body. I would highly recommend you eat the foods your designed for, that create this process of elimination, rather than fearing fruit sugar, and turning to the fats and the salads, to meet your needs. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what diet your on, you will not experience true health, until you get your kidneys filter out these acid waste that are locked in the lymphatic system and that have been constipated and stagnant for a lifetime of abusing the wrong foods.

If your a raw foodist, and have health issues, and have been on this diet long term it’s because your kidneys are not filtering. The best way to get your kidneys to filter and to rebalance the damage that was caused from eating foods you were not designed for, is to use herbs, that have been known to regenerate the kidneys, and the endocrine glands to bring more balance back to the body, and also create the detoxification process of eliminating these metabolic waste, that have accumulated in the body for many years, so that you can experience the many benefits of a raw food, juicy fruit based diet that is designed for you, regardless of the lack of results you may be getting from not filtering through your kidneys. If your a raw foodist and you hate on the herbs, and you also have health problems, you might want to consider changing your views on this, and understand that God and nature has provided us herbs for our medicine, and they will restructure a damaged human body, if you just get your constipated mind away from intellectualism, and the BS regarding these medicines, try it for yourself, and see what happens regarding health improvement. If you pee in a jar first thing in the morning and your urine is clear, and you see no sediment or a cloudy like substance forming, then your kidneys are not filtering, and you’re not removing these stagnant metabolic waste. Bring in the herbs on top of a juicy fruit based diet, and do this long enough, you will get your kidneys to filter, you will remove your health problems, and you will be able to benefit like you were intended to benefit from a diet that was intended for you, a species specific diet, which is fruits, veggie fruits, and the herbal botanicals for your medicine.

A high-fat raw food diet is not an optimal diet for the human species, it doesn’t align itself with nature, and the human anatomy is not designed for high fats and proteins, and even vegetables for that matter, but rather a body that is designed for fruits that contain simple sugars, and that are high in carbohydrates, and low in fats. All juicy fruits contain fats, but they contain the perfect amount of fat that you need, to create an optimal and healthy functioning body. You don’t need to add on overt fats to meet your nutritional needs regarding fatty acids, you will get all the essential fats you need from juicy fruits alone.

We need to forget about the silly propaganda regarding fruits high in sugar, and simply just get back to nature, get back to the diet were designed for, tap into her intuitive consciousness, get back to common sense and instincts, and look at this in simplicity, and meaningfulness. It doesn’t matter what that so-called experts say, nature does not lie and natures design makes the most sense at the end of the day.

The End

Get back to nature my friends, get back to a diet that your biological design to eat, tap into your intuitive Consciousness, let your instincts guide you, live in the present moment, and I promise you my friends you will thrive!

Written by Jonathon RA Stearns AKA the Mangotarian

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