I dry fast every day

I dry fast every day

Dry fasting is the top of the mountain for fasting. Some people like to dry fast for several days and some people like to time restrict a dry fast every day. I like to dry fast for 16-20 hours every day. Dry fasting is not “dehydration” it only exposes dehydration. Of course if you eat something that dehydrates the body and you start a dry fast right afterward you will feel dehydrated because you burnt off your electrolytes in the body but if you hydrate before and you maintain a diet of hydration and foods that are alkaline you will be able to dry fast for long periods and not be dehydrated.

Dehydration is a systemic problem because of interstitial acidosis. If your lymphatic system is holding onto too much acid which constantly dries up the body because that’s what acids do then you will feel the need to constantly consume fluids to try to create hydration.

If you have done work on cleaning out your lymphatic system through the process of kidney filtration and sweating consistently and maintaining a diet of fruit and raw living foods that hydrate the body which is all the raw foods apart from oils, avocados, and nuts and seeds and fruits being the top of the mountain for hydration. You will be able to experience hydration for long periods and can go for hours on a dry fast without the need to hydrate.

Remember water doesn’t hydrate living foods high in electrolytes do.

I dry fast every day because for one it helps my digestive system and kidneys relax so that I can promote more regeneration to rebuild damage tissue I’ve caused from years of abusing my body with the wrong foods and drug abuse etc.

Dry fasting helps the kidneys filter the lymphatic system. When you dry fast for long durations of the day and you break your fast with juicy fruits that are astringent you will create an electrical current and pull lymph to the kidneys to remove the waste and if you have cleaned out your kidneys enough you will see kidney filtration and you can test this by peeing in a jar first thing in the morning and letting the jar sit for 3 hours to see if your urine is cloudy or thick sediment settling at the bottom of the jar. This is metabolic waste, mucus and acids coming out of the body. It’s your sewer system taking out the trash from years of saturation trapped in tissue in the human body.

Dry fasting helps clean the lymphatic system so it’s used for full-body regeneration and dry fasting can simply be done for spiritual development as well because abstaining from the desire to drink and the desire to eat helps you to put a handle on your desires and helps you to be grateful for food and drink when you break the fast.

Dry fasting is abstaining from food and water completely for a duration of time and that means (no shower during this duration) and I would say at the 20-36 hour mark is when you start to feel the effects of detoxification and when the body goes into ketosis.

some people need to work up to 16-20+ dry fast when their bodies are still very dehydrated and there adrenal glands are really asleep. You want to at least maintain a raw food diet based around fruit for several months and use the kidneys herbs to help clean the kidneys to get them filtering and then bring in the time-restricted dry fast daily starting in the evening until the following day for several months until you do any extended dry fast for several days. The longest I have done has been 3 days.

If your adrenals are shot and your lymph system is really backed up I would start dry fasting for 12 hours daily and every two weeks add on 2 hours until you maintain at least 16 hours daily to ease into it so you can experience the mental clarity and focus of abstaining from food and drink.

It really clicked on me regarding what true hydration is and it’s not the lack of consuming water and liquids it’s an acidic body and not removing the acids that dry out the body and it’s eating too much-cooked foods that burn up electrolytes do to the acid ash from the food and the starch that absorbs water in the body.

Because my diet is 95% raw and 90% fruit and I’ve been time-restricted dry fasting for years my body is alkaline enough to where I can dry fast for 20+ hours and also do intensive exercise before I feel the need to hydrate with fruit. It took a couple of years of cleaning my kidneys and working on my adrenal glands to be able to do this but the fact is I’m learning from my own personal experience that dry fasting is healthy and promotes regeneration and I don’t care what anyone says that just talks and has failed TO DO like myself to experience the results and the epic euphoria that dry fasting creates.

There was a study done on 22 women and 7 men dry fasting during Ramadan was conducted. Investigation showed that the plasma levels of serotonin, BDNF, and NGF were significantly increased during the fasting month of Ramadan.

Study here ?


Dry fasting heals the body point blank period, fruits and herbs are also amazing tools for cleaning out the lymphatic system and this is why I promote a fruit diet, herbal botanicals, and dry fasting for healing and regeneration because this is how I healed myself. All “disease” is an accumulation of waste build up in the body and the waste not coming out because the body is clogged up with mucus, acids, chemicals, metals, microbial infestation, etc. Fruit, fasting, and herbs are all that is required to take out the trash so that the body can regenerate damaged tissue created from chemistry on the acid dominate side that has damaged the eliminative organs that are responsible for removing the waste which is the kidneys/skin/and bowels.

The End

Get back to nature my friends, get back to a diet that your biological design to eat, tap into your intuitive Consciousness, let your instincts guide you, live in the present moment, and I promise you my friends you will thrive!

Written by Jonathon RA Stearns AKA the Mangotarian

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