If your 0-35 years old, you most likely have a chronic genetic weakness in your kidney, and adrenal glands

If your 0-35 years old, you most likely have a chronic genetic weakness in your kidney, and adrenal glands

The genetics of humans in today’s world is only declining. You cant say anymore, “your to young to have health problems” it’s the opposite actually. The acidic and mucus forming foods and chemicals that enter the human body in today’s world is staggering and scary. The worse the food is, and the more junk humans eat out of convenance, and the obsession of eating more pleasure like foods like taking a drug, and getting a high, the more compromises humans will make when it comes to acidifying the body, clogging up the lymphatic system, and creating these genetic weaknesses in the kids.

As an Iridologist I understand well what is going on, in the human body regarding the state of the lymphatic system, and the organs, glands and GI tract looks like in the kids and young people, and one thing I continue to see is weak kidneys adrenals, drug residues and lymphatic problems. It’s almost like the kids lymph systems are always chronic, and most of the older humans are only in the acute and sub/acute stages. If your 0-high 30s without question your dealing with kidney and adrenal issues, and this means your most likely not filtering, your lymph system is backing up, and your dealing with chronic fatigue, and so many dealing with stiff, hardened, inflamed body’s.

All because we live in a protein obsessed culture. No matter if it’s a vegan diet, omnivore diet, or carnivore type of diet, it’s all marketed around protein! And it’s the proteins that are causing the genetic weakness in the kidneys, and adrenal glands. These meats, beans, grains and nuts are damaging the kidneys, and the stimulation overworks the adrenal glands, and creates fatigue down the road, and the adrenals fail to make steroids, hormones, and Neurotransmitters, and this is why the kids these days are so moody, irritable and take naps mid day like senior citizens.

We need to stop the protein eating, and market the energetics of the foods. If the food is dead, then the food contains zero electromagnetic energy, and this is why you need caffeine just to function, and your sugary sports drinks and preworkout powders.

Humans are fruit eating species, and we are eating dead animals! because we think we need protein to be strong, and the result is damaged joints, constipated colons, and lower back pain, because the kidneys are shutting down. When the kidneys and adrenals shut down, your sewer system gets clogged up, and then you wake up with chronic health elements.

The kids these days are full of depression, because they are loosing calcium due to acidosis, they are full of anxiety, because their adrenals are hyper functioning because of all the sugar, caffeine and stressful lifestyles, and a culture of convenance breeds laziness in the young parents, and the kids are locked up in their rooms playing their shoot em up video games, and watching porn, burning out the adrenals, because they have hyper sex drives from this genetic weakness they inherit, on top of the acid ash diets they are eating, and they end up in hypo functioning adrenal weakness in their early 30s, or late 20s, and end up with low sex drives, and chronic prostatitis, and the meat head kids, end up really damaged way to young in life! It’s the culture that burns out the adrenals, it’s the high proteins and processed foods that damage the colons and kidneys, and humans decline in their health, and the genetics continue to decline.

It’s scary how bad the kidneys and adrenals, and lymphatic systems are in the kids, when I observe the iris as an Iridologist, and time and time again, the constant pattern when I work with the kids and parents, is the anxiety they are dealing with, and the heavy fungal problems, and the root cause is damaged adrenals, and it’s the acids that brake them down.

Humans it’s the foods! It’s the acids ash foods! And we have to turn this weakness around, because this is what the powers that be want to see, because an evil system, and the power vices the establishments create, wants to breed this modality for population control, and they will use the foods, and toxic energy products as a weapon against you, to create this weakness, because humans that are dependent, and addicted to these stimulating acidic chemistry products, will continue to grow a negative money grab system, that will profit of human suffering, because everyone is so dumb down, and have no idea that it’s the foods, and drinks that are stripping down the human organism like battery acid strips things down, (what do you think inflammation is caused from?) and if you want to create healthy kids, and somehow create healthy genetics in today’s world, we have to return fork to mouth regarding foods back to nature, and are natural diet of fruits, berries and melons.

Sorry but that’s the human diet, is it to simple for you to understand? I can imagine that it’s very hard to understand, when parents are spoon feeding their baby’s McFlurrys from McDonald’s! We are so brain washed it’s scary, and I’m not just saying this with…!… because I’m trying to create drama, I actually work full time as a specialist that helps humans regain their health on a natural diet they are designed for regarding fruit, and I see suffering on a scary level, and the kids, O my the kids ? however humans are so damaged, some can’t even tolerate the detoxifying power of the fruit, they have to transition to this type of diet overtime, not only regarding physical regeneration, but to be emotionally and mentally able to handle such a simple diet, that does not sedate and stimulate, and this is what humans are so used to eating foods, and drinking drinks, that are manufactured to give you a rush, and drug like euphoric effect, however this comes with a consequence of cause and effect? And that’s the build up of the brake down of tissue, regarding systemic acidosis!

Their is a heavy cost to health decline when you feed your kids acid ash forming foods, and parents you need to understand the karma your creating, and understand the unawareness and brainwashing, so I am not intending to judge, but to warn you with great passion, because when baby’s are born with systematic acidosis and degeneration to cells “cancer” for a lack of a term you will understand, there is a cause to this, and it’s lymphatic related, and acids chemistry passed on to the children from the mother, because the mother and father eat foods that are on the opposite side of nourishing, hydrating and alkaline, and those foods that are, are the living foods, and the living foods put on this earth for humans, are fruits. It’s the fruits that also can reverse extreme chronic degeneration regarding the human body, and it’s not the grains, beans, starches, nuts, seeds, vegetables, and dead animal tissue doing it, it’s the fruits, only simply because they are designed for the human body, and that’s why they have the power to clean and regenerate damage tissue, and because they are on the alkaline dominate side of chemistry, and we all know regarding the 2 sides of chemistry that acids damage tissue and alkalize regenerate tissue!

We need to make it cool again to be healthy, and bring back the simplicity of anatomy and physiology regarding the foods that the human species is truly designed for, and it’s this diet ?


The kidneys, and adrenals heal when you remove the acid ash forming foods, and the genetic weakness, and tissue can only strengthen, when you clean the terrain, and take out the trash build up from a lifetime on a chemical processed Babylon diet of eating dead animals, grains, beans and way the hell too much protein, and rancid cooked fats! Mothers milk is like 1-2% protein!? Interesting, and these are also the same ratios in fruits pretty much ? the body heals when you return to your natural diet that detoxifies and cleans the body, but it will rebuild with patients, bit it takes time to drain the giant lymphatic system, but very few get to the other side to understand this process. You can build muscle on any diet high in protein, even a raw vegan diet high in protein, but you don’t want to build muscle on acids, you want to be quick, flexible and strong, even if your on the skinny side, because the illusion of how the body should look means nothing! It’s how you feel and how strong you can get and this can be attained on a diet of fruit, when you get through long term deep cleaning! The energy and strength is overwhelming, and that’s a fact! You just have to put in the work first.

All rants and side bars aside, handstand that the genetics are declining, and the eliminative organs are becoming damaged, and it’s the young that are the worst these days not the elderly! We don’t have to be the generation of the parents out living the kids, because of this genetic decline, so to turn this ship around, learn all you can from the Robert Morse ND (light barrier, and master healer) myself, and his diligent students teaching the simple message of truth, so we can avoid this from happening, became no parent should ever have to burry their children from health problems, when there is a solution, and it’s the fruit, herbs, fasting, and the understanding of kidney filtration and lymphatic system that will bring you home to wellville, you just have to jump in the water and make it happen!

The End

Get back to nature my friends, get back to a diet that your biological design to eat, tap into your intuitive Consciousness, let your instincts guide you, live in the present moment, and I promise you my friends you will thrive!

Written by Jonathon RA Stearns AKA the Mangotarian

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