If you're not filtering on a juice, then stop juice feasting

If you're not filtering on a juice, then stop juice feasting

Even though I don’t believe juicing is “fasting” it’s still no doubt a detox! Your removing all fiber from your diet, and your body will then put more focus on healing and repairing, because of the very little if any digestion that’s taking place. The one thing that’s so overlooked in my opinion during a detox is the fact of eliminating what your steering up. Juice, especially fruit juice is an astringent solvent, and will brake apart debris and mucus that has hardened in the GI tract. But remember the goal is to not just brake things up and move the lymphatic system. The goal is to move, brake up, and remove lymphatic waste from the body.

If you don’t prep properly because your new to this detox lifestyle, and don’t understand transition, you can throw yourself into a healing crisis, and potentially hurt yourself.

My criticism with juice feasting is not the juice feasting itself, but not prepping for it properly. If you’re not filtering on your detox then you will feel more aches and pains because your steering up acids but you’re not really eliminating them well. You don’t want to be a toxic mess and not be filtering on solid food, and then jump into a long term juice feast. Get your kidneys filtering first on solid food, and give it some time, and then enter a juice feast to see how you filter. If you filter on the juice then I would continue to endure the “hero’s journey” and “go the distance”, however if you’re not filtering then muscle up and push through the healing crisis because they will come if your steering up metoblic waste, and sewage in the body, and not eliminating it fast enough, because you have stubborn kidneys, a poor functioning thyroid/parathyroid, you don’t sweat well, and have too much lymph in your subcutaneous layers in your skin clogging that pathway to eliminate waste through them. Juice feast may be to aggressive for you at this time, and going slower with mono fruit meals for a while with herbs may be a better option for you, until you crack open your kidneys, so you can eliminate at the pace thats on par with what your steering up.

Prep yourself for a solid food vacation, and also understand that kidney filtration is the most important focus. Yes juice will clean the bowels good, but you want to remove acids from miles and miles of intestinal spaces in your lymphatic system, and that’s the kidney pathway not the bowels. The bowels are mainly organs that eliminate digestive waste from the body, and the kidneys are the main channel to eliminate trillions of cellular waste throughout the entire body.

You want to pull out the old fecal matter and Mucoid plaques without question, but if you’re not filtering you cannot heal, and repair the entire body, and if juice is not helping you to filter, then you will plateau, and also could create a healing crisis you may not be prepared for, if you’re not filtering what’s being steered up form the astringent fruit juice your drinking around the clock.

If your filtering well on juice go for it! Do what you can handle, and know when to hold and know when to fold, and it’s not a race or about ego. Don’t go the distance if you’re not prepared, and don’t know what your doing. Transition slowly if you can afford to, because you can heal at a level that will not rat you out, to were you can’t have a regular life attending your responsibilities.

Juice is pointless if it causes less filtration then if you were eating solid food. Most people have such damaged kidneys, and bladders they can’t handle juice, and the body will just put its focus on eliminating your electrolytes, instead of eliminating the dirty acidic fluids that have been stagnant in your sewer system (lymphatic system)

Repair your kidneys and bladder first, because then you will be able to handle all that juice on the bladder, and you will filter on the juice. If you think you can’t detoxify unless your on a juice feast your creating a useless obsession in my opinion, and a potential eating disorder. Eating fruit the way nature intended it is the best way to detox in my opinion because juice is not “natural” in nature. Yes your body is using energy on digestion, and this will slow down detox more then juice, however you want to do things that work with your body best, and not filtering on juice is not doing you any favors.

If you have a parathyroid issue, and connective tissue weakness then you may have connective tissue loss in your bladder, and if so, then juice is not the best route for you. Sensitive bladders on juice equal little to no filtration for most people.

This is not a race, and you want to be smart on this journey to getting yourself well and healthy. Remember you have been destroying your body with acidic foods for the bulk of your whole life, and your eliminative channels are clogged, so you don’t want to smash your body with solvent fruit juice like a demolition construction site, but rather chip away for several months at a pace you can handle, get your kidneys filtering consistently, so that when you do hit the juice feast, and you steer things up, you may be able to eliminate well, and not throw yourself into a painful scary healing crisis you’re not prepared for mentally, and physically.

If you never filter on juice then don’t waste your time with it. Just eat your fruits whole, intermittent dry fast, and heal and repair, and enhance your glands, and organs with herbs, and detox at a reasonable pace and slow down.

Juice can be very hard for people to even metabolize because they have damaged adrenals, and don’t metabolize sugar well, so it would make sense to get the fiber in the whole fruits right? To get a slower sugar release, instead of jolting the body with sugar all at once.

Most people filter best on whole fruits, herbs and daily 16-20 hour intermittent dry fasting, and again this is what’s most important that your eliminating the acids that you are steering up, especially if you already have damaged tissue and weak organs.

Get over the juice obsession and “going the distance” and transition if you can, and you don’t have a life threatening condition. If you do have a life threatening condition, and your in so much pain, and want to end your life because of it, then “go the distance” because you don’t have an option to go slow, but for most of you learn how to transition intelligently, and that may even be fruit, and green juice, or fruit and steamed veggies, because even a diet of eating whole fruits alone is very aggressive, and also must be earned, and if you haven’t even transitioned to all fruit yet, then you should not be on a fruit juice feast in the first place, unless again time is not in your hands, and you need to go fast, and will just have to cross your fingers that your kidneys will open up and filter what your steering up.

Be smart and understand the kidney and lymph system connection because it doesn’t matter what any healer is pushing, because if you’re not filtering it really doesn’t matter in the end!

The End

Get back to nature my friends, get back to a diet that your biological design to eat, tap into your intuitive Consciousness, let your instincts guide you, live in the present moment, and I promise you my friends you will thrive!

Written by Jonathon RA Stearns AKA the Mangotarian

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