Iridology notes: possible set up for MS and other neurological conditions

Iridology notes: possible set up for MS and other neurological conditions

You can look at your eyes, to understand your symptoms, and the state of your lymphatic system, functions regarding your endocrine glands, organs and nervous system and the like.

The iris is a window regarding the state of the human body, and most importantly the lymphatic system, and was there is the most lymph stagnation in tissues that need to be worked out of the body.

For MS and other neurological conditions you can make a good case for this regarding a possible set up for these conditions, not diagnostic, but an idea. At the end of the day, you eat healthily, you move your lymph, you hydrate, and alkalize the body, and the body fixes itself, and can strengthen these genetic weaknesses. Fruits, berries, and melons hands down when it comes to diet-related is the best lymph moving diet, and also the diet that encourages the kidneys to filter the giant lymphatic system, that holds the trash in the human body, and if you’re not on the right side of chemistry (alkali) and you’re not hydrating the body, then you can never take out the trash, and when you never take out the trash, then you bath in it, and dysfunctions present themselves amongst tissue.

For Neurological conditions that may be a reality or possible reality, you can look to in the iris, and signs can present themselves that can point to these possible realities. When you look at your iris photos, and you see these things, then don’t panic, but understand that changes you should make are imminent.

1 if you see a violate hue at the top of the iris. At the arch of the top of the iris, you will see a violet shade arching over the iris, this indicates poor circulation to the brain, and when there are circulation problems in the body, then cholesterol could be building up in the brain in the near future, and then you run into strokes, and of course, the CNS becomes compromised leading to cognizant and neurological problems.

2 nerve rings, when there are nerve rings present in the iris, this means the autonomic nervous system is compromised, which is the hub and brain of the stomach and bowels as well, and because the GI tract is connected to the head, when it gets backed up, so does the head, and this is why the body runs as a system, so in every MS case or the like, the GI tract is always involved. When there are nerve rings in the iris, then this means the adrenal glands and Myelin sheath is down which means low Neurotransmitters, and this person has crashed the adrenal glands and quite possibly has a lot of neurotoxins in the body. The adrenal glands always should be the focus of dealing with neurological dysfunctions, and the kidneys for everyone. In the iris you will see circles in the iris-like you would see on a tree stump, these are called cramp rings, or nerve rings.

3, of course, the adrenal glands. If you see in the Iridology chart right below the GI tract area, and pupil at 5:30 in a right eye chart, and 6:15 in the left iris chart, and lacuna or crypt shape, depending on how dark and transparent that is, then you will see ether acute, sub/acute, chronic, or degenerative weakness, the more dark and transparent you see this, then you know that your nervous system is compromised, and your adrenals need regeneration, and those that have weak adrenals are not getting steroids, hormones, and Neurotransmitters, and also the very reason the lymph system backs up into the head, because the adrenals sit on top of the kidneys, and control how they filter the lymph system.

4 radius Solaris in the transverse colon area. This is what Dr. Robert Morse ND calls toxic tunnels, which means heavy lymph stagnation in the brain, and also means the transverse colon is involved, which is where a large portion of the autonomic nervous system sits (solar plexus area) these lines are present in the iris and look like spokes on a wheel. We call this a slow-moving bowel, toxic bowel, or heavy lymph in the transverse colon, and lymph is backing up in the head impairing the endocrine glands in the head, such as the pituitary, pineal, and hypo-thymus gland. Bernard Jensen, I believe also thought this could indicate parasitic activity in the brain, and transverse colon, but in my opinion, we can’t be sure about this, and only speculation, but I don’t doubt this theory is not possible.

5 cerebellum, when the cerebellum is compromised which is the back of the head, then the person is going to struggle with equilibrium, (dizziness centers) when the iris shows genetic weakness in this area or a radius Solaris, this is very common for a person with MS when observing this kind of case in Iridology. You will always see lymph stagnation or genetic weakness in the cerebellum. When the back of the head is comprised, it will also affect mobility and motor skills.

when the cerebellum is being suppressed, brain fog, blurry vision, swinging blood pressure, equilibrium imbalance, dizziness, feeling like your going to faint if you get up too quickly off of the bed, sensitivity to light, etc.

At the end of the day, you must understand how vital and important it is, to keep the kidneys and adrenal glands healthy, because when they shut down the lymph system backs up, and when the pituitary shuts down, the thyroid is involved, and when you don’t sweat the skin backs up, and you deal with skin problems, etc.

Iridology is just a map, and tool to track your progress on this journey of detoxification, and also a tool to motivate yourself to get focused on your body, and diet, because it’s fork to mouth, what you breathe, inhale, and put on your skin that will determine the outcome of your lymphatic system, and state of your physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental body’s.

Always when your on a herbal protocol dealing with possible MS, or any other neurological problems, you want to have your basic Fab 5 herbal formulas such as your kidney/bladder, endocrine balance, lymphatic system, adrenal gland tonic, and always upper circulation and brain and nerve formulas, from the herbal health club, and if you want a personalized herbal protocol for 60 days to 14 weeks, then I would either work with a certified ISOD specialist, or you can always watch Robert Morse YouTube video called the protocol video, and write yourself one.

Just know that whatever damages you created, you can turn them all around with the right focus and determination, and a positive attitude. Natures pharmacy is a diet that promotes detoxification, and regeneration of the human body and a diet for fruit and herbal botanicals is all you need the way I see it, to move and remove lymph, and also fasting is free. Just remember the more simple your diet and protocol is, the more quickly you recover. Less is more and subtraction, not addition, mono fruit-eating, don’t overeat, eat when hungry, stop when satisfied, time-restricted dry fasting to open up those kidneys, and just wait for the body to regenerate, and if that’s 6 months, or 2-5 years to recover, who cares, the body will heal itself in the right side of chemistry, and ask long as you get rid of the acid ash foods that create sewage and mucus in the body, you can watch your body regenerate before your eyes. Fruits, berries, melons and herbs, and you don’t need anything else, just a little patience and a good attitude ?

The End

Get back to nature my friends, get back to a diet that your biological design to eat, tap into your intuitive Consciousness, let your instincts guide you, live in the present moment, and I promise you my friends you will thrive!

Written by Jonathon RA Stearns AKA the Mangotarian

If you are interested in my iridology services or phone consultations regarding regenerative detoxification please send me a private message or shoot me an email I can discuss with you with what Im offering to assist you! ?

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