Isolated Iodine supplements can cause hyperthyroidism

Isolated Iodine supplements can cause hyperthyroidism

For one we must understand that isolated supplementation is hard in the body, regardless of what it is, and supplements only mask symptoms and don’t dig up the root cause. The root cause of thyroid dysfunction is acids. People that have dysfunction in the thyroid don’t need iodine to fix their problem, they need to drain their septic tank (lymphatic system).

Any kind of glandular dysfunction is only caused due to a congested lymphatic system, due to ingesting too much acid and mucus forming chemistry in foods that don’t aid in regenerative health but contribute to systemic acidosis (Interstitial lymphatic constipation).

If a gland is down in the human body then most likely the kidneys are down and not filtering the human body’s sewer system. When the kidneys shut down, then the lymphatic system gets backed up, and acids remain at home and attack weakened glands, and when these glands get damaged by acids then they go hyper and hypo functioning.

It’s as simple as removing the foods that are acid and mucus forming and eliminating foods that are hard on the kidneys. If you eat food that brakes down the kidneys, then you will have trouble eliminating metabolic waste, and can never get proper glandular function in a culturing medium of sewage!

The answer is not supplements like iodine, thinking that you can just stimulate a gland that is bathing in acids, and think that you can just solve your problem.

You need to get to the core issue, and that’s getting your kidneys to filter so that you can drain the acid sewage, alkalize your body, and you can dig up the root cause of your problem, which is systemic acidosis not “deficiency”.

Iodine supplements will overstimulate a damaged thyroid, and give you temporary function, and then just throw the gland out of balance, and cause more problems, all because isolated compounds are acidic and out of balance with the human body.

The body wants to process and break down chemistry found in wholistic foods, not isolated compounds made in labs!

If you’re worried about iodine you should find it in whole plant sources that are quality like kelp in clean oceans that don’t contain heavy metals, mercury, etc.

Too many people have run into hyperfunction in their thyroid trying to treat a dormant acid condition in the body with iodine, and end up making their thyroid worse down the road.

The best approach to healing damaged glands is to just change your diet, focus on simplistic regenerative detoxification, such as foods for medicine, and fasting and using herbs to enhance and clean damaged glands, and most importantly to get your kidneys filtering on a hydrating electromagnetic raw food diet based around fruit that moves the lymphatic system, such as your water-rich sub/acid and acid fruits so that you can clean your entire body on a cellular level, and you can fully regenerate the thyroid as well as the whole body as a system, and brake the habit of treatment based modalities created by the AMA to suppress and mask symptoms, and unfortunately even NDs and holistic docs and raw food gurus have adopted this same modality, rather then understanding the simplify of detoxification of draining the lymph system with living foods, and herbs that are astringent, and electrically charge the glands and repair them at the same time.

Isolated iodine is a difficult compound for the body to break down and properly assimilate in the human body, and also is very difficult to detoxify out of the human body, and I know this to be true as an iridologist when I see iodine deposits in peoples eye photos when conducting an analysis. Whenever you see a deposit of some kind in Iridology, and it’s located in vital tissues surrounding organs and glands, you know that there are most likely hyperfunction and damage caused from acidic isolated chemistry, and the body is struggling to remove this toxic compound, because if it wasn’t there, there would not be black dotes in the iris, which indicate most of the time an iodine deposit stagnant in the body, which means this substance is not being processed, and the body is recognizing it as a chemical drug like residue.

Don’t waste your time with these supplements trying to treat a problem that can’t be treated. “Treatment” is only masking and suppressing symptoms, and also causing dysfunctions down the road. Focus on regenerative detoxification, which is eliminating acids, and metabolic waste terrain with astringent living foods such as your fruits, berries, and melons and herbs, and you can fix the issue rather than wasting your body on these useless supplements that the body doesn’t recognize as medicine, but rather as a toxic acid compound.

Nature creating whole food to be medicine, and the best medicine is doing nothing and fasting, so the body can focus on elimination, so it can rebuild!

The more simple you make this, the more long-lasting benefits you will experience. Less is more, and nature in its natural state is enough, and yes even in a damaged world dealing with mutated damaged bodies.

The body can heal itself on its own, and the best way to create this process is by elimination, not adding on isolated compounds created in labs built around confusing “nutrition gula” bs! The fruits and herbs clean out the body and don’t leave behind toxic residues, and cause acid stagnation saturation that causes these glandular imbalances to occur in the first place.

Nature is the answer, and anything made in labs is out of balance with nature which will create an out of balance in your body! You are from nature and function best when you keep things simple that are in touch with her laws!

The End

Get back to nature my friends, get back to a diet that your biological design to eat, tap into your intuitive Consciousness, let your instincts guide you, live in the present moment, and I promise you my friends you will thrive!

Written by Jonathon RA Stearns AKA the Mangotarian

If you are interested in my iridology services or phone consultations regarding regenerative detoxification please send me a private message or shoot me an email I can discuss with you with what Im offering to assist you! ?

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