Juice til 4 lifestyle and kidney filtration

Juice til 4 lifestyle and kidney filtration

My current intuitive protocol as of late regarding diet has been mainly a diet of liquids (juice or coconut water) until 4 and then I have one meal and that’s usually a simple salad or a mono fruit meal.

I do well with this simple diet and I feel more than satisfied on juice and one meal vs multiple meals a day. The more you tweak your metabolism for multiple meals the easier it is to overeat. Less is more and health is achieved on simple, not complex.

My favorite juice by far is watermelon juice when the watermelons are quality, second to that is orange juice and I like coconut water for back up when I can’t get good organic oranges or quality watermelons. I like simple green juices such as cucumbers, apples, ginger and some kind of herbs like parsley, mint, dill, cilantro or dandelion greens.

For a while I avoided juice because my kidney and bladder were very weak and I suffered from IC and chronic prostatitis for a couple of years and the least amount of trips I had to go to the bathroom the better and I learned that kidneys heal more effectively on just the right amount of juicy fruit, without any added drinking water along with 16+ hours of intermittent dry fasting starting in the evening hours when melatonin kicks in after the sun goes down. The kidneys will filter more effectively on whole fruits, kidney herbs, and dry fasting without any added drinking water in the diet.

After a while of hydrating and alkalizing my body with fruit and filtering my lymph system effectively with herbs, Whole juicy fruits, and dry fasting I achieved the ability to filter effectively on juice because my bladder and kidneys have regenerated.

Water does not hydrate and water is hard on the kidneys, I have learned and really dampers the process of kidney filtration. Kidney filtration is so important because your lymph system is connected to every organ, gland, and cellular spaces throughout the body and this includes the bowel wall interstitially.

Water fast and juice fast is effective in my opinion after going through the process of kidney filtration and healing the kidneys and adrenals. The whole fruits are effective because the kidneys are not overburdened by fluids all at once and the more relaxed the kidneys are the better the filter. Fruit is important for the kidneys because of the astringent properties, electrolytes, and the fact that fruit is the lowest in proteins and this as well will cause less strain on the kidneys because proteins are hard for the kidneys to get rid of and acidic proteins found in grains, beans, nuts, and animal “foods” are very hard on the kidneys and break down their function.

If you can filter good on juice, and juice fast or water fast then you know that you have strong kidneys and better functioning adrenal glands. If juice and water cause excessive urination and damper the kidney filtration process then avoid juice and water and just focus on simple mono fruit meals, don’t overeat, and intermittent dry fast when the sun goes down every day and after a while, you can become a “juiceatarian” and filter with ease. I literally base my diet on liquids for bowel regeneration and because I’m perfectly satisfied and content on one meal a day as long as I juice in the day and I usually only drink 32 oz juice and sometimes a little more until dinner and I intermittent dry fast for 16 hours + a day. I also try to stay on liquids only every other week for 7 days which means I only have 14 meals a month.

The goal is to earn this level after hydrating and alkalizing and maintaining a constant fruit based diet for a while and just eat until your heart desires as long as your diet is raw, fruit based and low in fat and protein. Get the diet right first without cheating and being consistent and over time your body will just require less food and run more efficiently on less naturally because your body is alkaline and your no longer dealing with systemic acidosis.

Nobody becames a liquidation or breatharian overnight it takes years of discipline and hard work. I don’t aspire to become anything like this I just simply do what my intuition calls me to do and I have learned to enjoy a meal instead of eating like a glutton and basing my diet around my emotions rather than my health, and I’m still growing in this myself because it used to be the cheese pizza and giant Belgium chocolate bars guy and ? now if I emotionally eat on my (OMAD) it’s a minimally processed cooked vegan meal that my body doesn’t want but I also cheat consciously for taste pleasure as well as enjoying the creation and experience part so that I’m not obsessed with diet and protocols and this has balanced me out and keeps me grounded from time to time. Focus more on spirituality and less on eating for healing!

Put in the work and stop making excuses if your suffering! So many people half-ass there healing process and I say this with love and also because I see no need for anyone to complain if they are stubborn to put in the work. Balance out later and heal yourself and get out of hellville now because remember what you suppress today is your nightmare tomorrow is what Robert Morse ND has said which is so factual and true and it’s the truth that matters and true way showers will always submit to the truth because the ones that love you will never water down the truth for acceptance and popularity and I can care less about that.

The End

Get back to nature my friends, get back to a diet that your biological design to eat, tap into your intuitive Consciousness, let your instincts guide you, live in the present moment, and I promise you my friends you will thrive!

Written by Jonathon RA Stearns AKA the Mangotarian

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