Just because it’s “raw” doesn’t mean it’s a food that supports regenerative detoxification

Just because it’s “raw” doesn’t mean it’s a food that supports regenerative detoxification

Their is no doubt that switching your diet from a cooked food, or standard american diet to a raw food diet will clear up a lot of issues regarding obstructions in the body. When you remove processed food, heavy fats and proteins, your body will heal at a certain level. When you stop eating cooked food, your body will start to heal itself. We are not designed to cook our foods, so when we eliminate cooking our foods, the body will have a different response, and that response will be more on the alkaline side of chemistry, which will create more hydration and enhance cellular function in the body.

But just because the food is raw doesn’t mean that it’s designed for your species, and will be compatible for your digestive tract, and also remove obstructions that have been stagnant in the body from years of abusing acid and mucus forming foods.

We could turn anything into a fad diet, or follow something because it’s trendy and seems to be beneficial, but at the end of the day we need to get back to what matters the most, and that’s the simple fact that every species has a species specific diet, and that species specific diet will be what promotes health for that specific species.

Their s no doubt that it’s a good idea to transition slowly, when you have been trained to eat a certain way your whole life, and going 100% raw, is the first step to moving towards your species specific diet. I highly encourage those that have been eating a standard american diet predominately the large portion of their lives, to just simply eat raw living foods, no matter what that may be, because it’s always going to be a better option to eat your food raw versus eating your food cooked, let alone processed, and chemicalized.

When your trying to heal a health element that has caused pain, suffering, and dis-ease to the body for many years, then you don’t want to just eat raw foods whether that be fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, and all the packaged raw foods you find at the health food store.

Eating fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds sounds like a very healthy diet, and it is a healthier diet, and it also is a healthy diet as well, but when it comes to regenerative healing and true detoxification of eliminating wastes from the body, just eating a raw food diet is not going to cut it when it comes to deep regenerative healing.

You could eat all your food at a raw food restaurant, and have raw food pie, ice cream, cupcakes, and have an extremely fattening raw food gourmet meal, and just because it’s raw doesn’t mean it’s healthy, in my opinion eating too much gourmet raw food is like eating a junk food vegan meal, apart from the cooked processing that takes place. Highly processed raw food is not healthy. It’s not about raw food it’s about raw living food, and raw living food isn’t highly processed in a dehydrator, and poor food combinations blended together.

There are plenty of people in the world that have been on a raw food diet for many years and have barely moved an inch of, metobolic waste, and have gotten deep inside the body of stagnant lymph congestion to remove the acids that are stagnant interstitially in the body that create imbalances and obstructions that cause dis- ease.

It’s a good thing that you have stopped eating cooked food, and have gotten away from high proteins, and processed foods, but your body will soon plateau with just a raw food diet predominantly gourmet based after a while, this is simply because we’re not a species designed for raw foods primarily, but a species that’s designed for fruits, and veggie fruits primarily, and you can get by with some salads and a few nuts and seeds here and there.

If your trying heal, and detoxify your body, you need to get your mind off of just raw foods, and understand what moves your lymphatic system (bodies sewer system) in order to move the lymphatic system that inhabits all the metabolic waste in the body, through the kidneys and through the urinary tract,

You need to provide the body enough energy and hydration, and the astringent value of scrubbing and removing these metabolic waste, with the fruits, berries, and melons. You cannot move the lymphatic system effectively when it comes to detoxification with vegetables, and nuts and seeds. They do not have the angstrom energy power, to provide the body that energy to get things moving. You also have to understand that the body wants to get rid of excess acid, and mucus, and there are plenty of raw food options that are high in acid and mucus, that may actually contribute more damage to the body, depending on how backed up you are lymphaticly, and how chronic your health may be. Vegetables, nuts and seeds are very difficult for humans to digest, especially for those that have compromised their digestive system with acid and mucus forming foods, that are trying to reverse a poor health condition they have created.

The reason why fruits, berries, and melons and herbal botanicals are so beneficial in detoxification, Is because they have enough energy and power and astringent value to turn on the endocrine glands, and remove the metabolic wastes from the kidneys, and also move the lymphatic system, so that you can eliminate these acids, that are causing a blockage of flow in energy, that keeps you from healing on a systemic level. If you can’t provide enough energy, and hydration, interstitially, you are not going to be able to remove the metabolic wastes, because it’s the energy and the hydration, that causes this process to take place, and eating dehydrated raw foods that are mainly vegetables and nuts and seeds, are not going to provide your body enough fuel, to get things moving. Nuts and seeds are high in protein, and fats, are also very hard to digest, and most of these nuts found in the store are not truly raw and sprouted, and are very rancid and acidic and rancidity and acidity will create mucus in the body that will slow the body’s ability to remove lymphatic waste through the kidneys.

I’m not trying to promote a dogmatic and religious fruitarian lifestyle for those who do not desire to live one, I’m just talking about true regenerative detoxification and what works with removing the acids that are blocking the flow of energy that are causing the health condition to be poor in the first place.

True regenerative detoxification is not about treating a symptom, by adding on nutrition. It’s rather removing the old stagnant waste back up in the body, so that the body can start to heal, and regenerate and function more optimally so that you can improve digestion, absorption, utilization, and elimination, which is key to finding your success in healing your body. If you don’t fix these things, you could never truly reach your goal, and soon plateau on your healing journey, at least for most people.

Vegetables, also contain very heavy and tough fibers, called cellulose, these fibers are extremely difficult for the human body to digest, so anything that is hard on the body when it comes to digestion, will block the body’s ability to target the energy to healing damaged tissues, organs and glands, because the body is spending too much energy on trying to digest food it’s not designed to eat. if you need some balance with vegetables, I would highly suggest eating the veggie fruits, because they are fruits, and fruits are the easiest food for the human body to digest, because that’s what their designed for. If you improve digestion, you could allow the body to target the energy towards the lymphatic system, which is the major fluid in the human body that stores all the acids that create every dis-ease you could think of.

The veggie fruit categories are going to be your cucumbers, squash, green yellow and red peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, and avocados. I suggest only eating avocados in small amounts in moderation because their high in fat, and fats suppresses the movement of the lymphatic system, because it doesn’t contain that electric energy the body needs from the juicy fruits to get things moving.

Fats are also more difficult for the body to digest, because the human species is designed for carbon not lipids and nitrogen primarily, so if the body is not designed to get its fuel from these food sources primarily, then it’s going to take more energy for the body to digest these foods to properly utilize them.

The goal is to eat foods that are going to be the most optimal for digestion, bring the most energy and hydration, and also have the astringent power to get things moving. The very food your designed to eat is the best option for detoxification. The sub acid / acid fruits will be your best option to move your lymphatic system, so that you could remove the acids that are suppressing your body creating your condition that you have. It’s the process of elimination that brings true regenerative healing.

The goal is to move the lymphatic system, and to remove the acids through the eliminative channels such as the kidneys, bowels, lungs, and skin, when you do this effectively, and you get rid of all your symptoms and regain your health, then you don’t have to be a staunch strict purest frutarian if you don’t desire to, I would highly suggest you get back to the diet your biologically designed to eat which is a frugivore diet, predominantly 80% to 100% getting your fuel source from fruit alone, but I also understand that in today’s world as a species we are not quite there yet to handle this type of change.

So I believe that having a balance of 80% fruit, and 20% vegetables and a small amount of nuts and seeds after you heal your body, is a much better option for the human species at this time in the world. Just remember though that you could only get so far on a diet high in vegetables, nuts and seeds versus a diet that is based around fruits. If you want to dig deeper and you feel like you have plateaued with your health, I highly suggest you get to the high fruit levels, such as an 80% raw living foods diet, and that 80% being fruit-based. You will create the detoxification process, of eliminating old stagnant waste, you will be able to get your kidneys opened up to filter out these waste, and you will soon experience health, and regain your health back, much quicker, and much more effectively than just simply eating a variety of raw foods, which can be very acid, highly mucus forming and high in protein and fat, which is not an optimal diet for your species design.

If you want to heal effectively on a systemic level, you want to be low fat, high fruit in the 80% to 90% range, and utilize herbal botanicals that will enhance the function of your endocrine glands, organs, brain and nervous system, and lymphatic system. Do not base your diet around vegetables and nuts and seeds, because this does not encourage kidney filtration, and getting your kidneys to filter these acids out is vital when it comes to regenerative healing through detoxification.

Fruits are the Holy Grail when it comes to getting your kidneys to filter along with herbal botanical formulas designed for them. If you don’t understand kidney filtration, and you don’t get your kidneys to filter, it doesn’t matter how long you have been on a raw food diet, you cannot heal effectively until you remove the old stagnant acid waste from your past diet, and if you haven’t remove these acids through the lymphatic system, a raw food diet will not clean you out effectively to produce optimal health, and effective healing regarding your poor health condition.

If you want to know if your kidneys are filtering these acid waste out of your body, then pee in a jar first thing in the morning, and let it sit for a couple hours, if your urine is clear, and there is no sediment forming such as white particles, or likr in a cloud form, or sand like white particles that settled to the bottom, then you’re not filtering, and this is a sign that your kidneys are very weak, and you need to step up your diet to a fruit-based diet in order for them to un plaque, so they could drain properly.

Just understand when it comes to true regenerative healing, you need to get over the lies regarding fruit, and understand that their the most detoxifying food source you could consume, and it’s the detoxification process that provides deep tissue regeneration. This is not just a fad diet program, this is a true fact, that fruits are detoxifying foods, and nuts, seeds and vegetables are not.

The End

Get back to nature my friends, get back to a diet that your biological design to eat, tap into your intuitive Consciousness, let your instincts guide you, live in the present moment, and I promise you my friends you will thrive!

Written by Jonathon RA Stearns AKA the Mangotarian

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