Long term 100% fruit based diet to reverse systemic acidosis

Long term 100% fruit based diet to reverse systemic acidosis

If you have serious health conditions, and you have been suppressing the problem, and treating them with allopathic medicine unfortunately you have created more acidosis in the body due to these acidic and chemical manufactured drugs. Chemical manufactured drugs only suppress and band-aid symptoms temporarily. Whatever the condition label may be that a doctor has given you, it all points to one major condition and that’s systemic acidosis. Systemic acidosis is due to a backed-up and stagnant lymphatic system that is constipated with metabolic waste such as acids and mucus. Acids and mucus buildup in the body due to consuming chemistry that is acid/ mucus forming. It’s a simple as understanding cause-and-effect when it comes to these systemic health conditions.

You must understand that when you damage the body with the wrong foods, and over-saturate your body with chemical drugs prescribed to you, you’re only weakening and damaging these important glands and organs that help to regulate toxicity and acids out of the body. Everything works as a system, in the body does not recognize foreign chemicals as something that It can tolerate. The body can tolerate a lot of damage for a certain period of time. When the body gets oversaturated by acids constipated in the lymphatic system congested with metabolic waste, then your entire system shuts down. The nervous system, the lymphatic system, the blood system, and everything stops functioning optimally when you continue to eat high-protein foods, that are not designed to be processed, absorbed and utilized because there are foreign to the natural chemistry and anatomy of the human species.

For those of you that have gone on these raw food programs, and seem to not get any better, you must understand the seriousness of how to move the lymphatic system in order to get well. If your body is so backed up, and you have chronic health conditions that were not taken care of through regenerative detoxification, it will take longer for you to reverse your problem, because it has been suppressed for too long with the wrong foods and chemical prescription drugs. You must understand that you can only go so far in the plant kingdom when it comes to your healing if your ignoring the fruits.

You must understand that the confusion regarding fruits will only hold you back in your healing when it comes to regenerative detoxification when it comes to cleaning and strengthening the body. You could clean out a certain amount of metabolic waste with vegetables, but sooner or later you will plateau because the body needs more energy and astringents that come from the fruit kingdom. It will take a tropical diet to move the lymphatic system. It’s also a tropical diet that is most compatible with the design of the human physiology and anatomy. We are not adopted and biologically designed for vegetables, grains, starches, nuts and seeds, and animal products. These foods create acidosis in the body apart from the vegetables.

There is nothing wrong with vegetables and vegetables will clean you at a certain level. But when you reach the saturation point when it comes to cleaning out your body from systemic acidosis, you need to get rid of the vegetables and go 100% fruits only. Most people will tell you that a hundred percent fruit is dangerous or that you’re lacking specific minerals and vitamins, this is simply not true, and even if it was true you need the electric astringent power of the fruits in order to scrub and pull out these metabolic waste. Vegetables just don’t have the energy and the astringency to move the lymphatic system to get these acids to the kidneys for elimination. You need the fruits for the nervous system, and to regenerate and heal the kidneys. Systemic acidosis takes 100% fruits. If your plateauing on a raw food diet, and you know that you need to get well, and get your kidneys to filter out these wastes. I wouldn’t waste any more time with vegetables.

If you have serious health condition that has not been taken care of, and you don’t have much time to waste when it comes to removing these obstructions from the body, then I highly suggest you get on a 100% fruit based diet for a season, so that you can clean out your body effectively turn on the glands, regenerate the organs, remove this harden quaguated mucus plaques from the bowels, and instead of using the vegetables to scrub which are not the best scrubbers in my opinion, use the herbal botanicals that have an astringent power would be a better option and hitchhiking tool with the fruits to remove this metabolic waste that is stagnant. Stagnant metabolic waste needs that electric power and astrigency that the fruits are proven to create. It’s the energy and the electricity that creates mobility and movement, and the vegetables do not have the power to do so. All you have to do is get rid of the vegetables, muster up the will power, get on a 100% fruit based diet along with herbal botanicals, and watch your body clean and detoxify much more rapidly than by abstaining.

We can’t be nit picky about the foods we eat when we have serious health conditions and need to heal. If you’re already on a 100% raw food diet, then you are a very wise human being, and have chosen nature to heal yourself, rather than wasting your time with treatment based modalities that get you absolutely nowhere, but to suppress your problems temporarily to have to deal with down the road.

So if you’re wise enough to be on 100% raw food diet, in my opinion it’s best to not be stubborn and get rid of the vegetables for a season, so that you could clean out your body effectively to remove the acids that suppress the body, so that your body will regenerate and heal, and then you could balance out with vegetables, and nuts and seeds down the road when you actually get some real effective regeneration taken place. Believe in the power of the fruits. Understand that it’s the fruits for one that your design to eat primarily anyways as a human species, and it’s these very foods that your designed for that move the lymphatic system and detoxify the body much more rapidly than herbivore food that’s not even really designed for us.

We can get away with some leafy green vegetables, and do well with the veggie fruit varieties, but when it comes to pure digestion, rapid energy, healing and enhancing the body systemically, you need a 100% juicy fruit diet in order to create this reality. Give it a try, fruits and herbs only, and watch yourself progress in your healing. You will create detoxification more rapidly, you will release more toxins and metabolic waste from your body more quickly, and you may experience more uncomfortable detoxification symptoms, but at least you will know that your getting rid of these stagnant toxins in the body, and not keeping them locked in without having the effective tools to detoxify properly. 100% fruits and herbs, is the best and most effective method to create detoxification and rapid healing.

I believe though if you go on a 100% fruit based diet, it’s important to get herbs for your kidneys, endocrine glands, lymphatic system, and some of you may need to get herbs for your bowels because your so clogged up and you need more than just fruit to push the waste matter through. It takes fruits and herbs for most people to get their kidneys filtering. Kidney filtration is the most important aspect of cleaning out the lymphatic system. Eating too much vegetables and especially nuts and seeds will suppress kidney filtration. Fruits and herbs have been proven to be strong effective tools to create kidney filtration. Try it for yourself and test to see if your filtering through your kidneys more effectively on just fruits versus a fruit and vegetable based diet. All you can do is try for yourself, and understand that suppressing your problem today without using the effective tools to promote detoxification, you will only have to deal with the problem down the road.

I strongly encouraging my friends to get back to nature, get back to the diet your biologically design for, tap into your intuitive consciousness, let your instincts guide you, and understand that for a season for most people with systemic acidosis, it will take all fruits, and herbal botanicals to move the lymphatic system, and to create healing and regeneration on a systemic level. If you are a chronic case and have a degenerative illness, I highly suggest you give it a try.

The End

Get back to nature my friends, get back to a diet that your biological design to eat, tap into your intuitive Consciousness, let your instincts guide you, live in the present moment, and I promise you my friends you will thrive!

Written by Jonathon RA Stearns AKA the Mangotarian

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