Malabsorption and knowing if you should build up on other foods other then just fruit

Malabsorption and knowing if you should build up on other foods other then just fruit

If your small intestines are clogged up with hardened mucus like mucoid plaque then eating is not going to pull it out. You know if you’re dealing with excess thinness and most people have this issue due to processed meats, starches, dairy and eggs that are very sticky and mucus forming as well as putrefactive.

You may have some water weight on you and fat and muscle put on by steroids and hormones and excess acidic proteins from animal products and then you start eating healthy like raw living foods full of nutrition and bioavailable amino acids, and you start losing weight!? This is only because for one you’re not eating an excess amount of unwanted calories and two your natural weight is actually being revealed on healthy food.

Now if you get too skinny then this is malabsorption being addressed and the body is on overdrive trying to remove acids and the plaque build up on the bowel wall, and in the process, you are going to get skinny. The thing is you always were skinny even at your “regular” weight except like I said you just had inflammation weight and mucus and water retention on your skinny body.

When you detox you also stop hyper-stimulating your adrenal glands to produce more steroids and hormones then they should and the real state of your adrenal glands are being shown to you and you lose fake muscles as a result.

Healthy foods don’t hyperstimulate so the true state of your endocrine system will be revealed. So you lost a lot of weight detoxing on a diet mainly of fruit and 100% raw and your natural instincts are to try and put on weight even though your starting to feel better and finally not dealing with so much pain. You don’t want to do this as tempting as it may seem.

You need the fruit juice to pull out the mucus and to pull on the lymph system to filter out your acids and metabolitic waste and also you need the juice to desperately get sugars and nutrition into your cells, and eating with a clogged system is not going to help that process better then juice can.

A lot of people with chronic malabsorption have found that they actually are able to maintain weight better with juice then by eating the foods whole. The reason for this is because the fruit will just pass through you if you’re dealing with malabsorption or even a hyperthyroid, but at least on juice, you are going to be able to get the nutrition into the cells faster before the body gets rid of the digestive matter.

You always want to know when to build and when to focus on letting the body do its thing, and strip down the old tissue that has been damaged by acids. If your filtering for weeks or months consistently and the body is breaking up the mucus that’s blocking absorption and pulling it out of you, but the weight continues to fall off and your feeling too weak to function then it’s time to take a break and pump the green juice and alfalfa juice, because the amino acids are rich and the green juice will slow down detox and help the body build up a little bit. If you’re in a lot of pain or dealing with degeneration (“cancer”) and still and not filtering well, then I suggest you stay on fruit or fruit juice and herbal botanicals (cellular botanicals I recommend) until you get the pain out of you, and then build up a little.

If you want to know when you fixed malabsorption is when you don’t need to eat a lot of fruit and veg to feel satisfied and you don’t need to eat a lot to maintain your natural weight. Your natural weight was not your weight on a sad diet or cooked diet. Your natural weight should be on a fruit-based Whole Foods plant-based diet void of acids and mucus forming foods such as grains, beans, eggs, dead tissue, and dairy. It’s not about what you think your weight should be. It’s about how you look and having strength and energy, and you will have a healthy appearance regardless of your actual weight.

You need to become an intuitive master and you also need to know when it’s time to build up a little because you’re dropping too much weight drastically, and your feeling more weak than normal, and your energy levels are very low.

You guys need to understand something and that’s that I got really skinny, and I felt weak and fatigued for at least a year straight detoxing on fruit and herbs only and I also did not add in greens until 2 years on just a fruit and I muscled through the fatigue and low energy dealing with chronic adrenal burn out and chronic malabsorption. I lost 45 pounds and that’s 145-100 lbs at 5’11 in hight. My natural weight as a healthy person is about 135-140. I actually started to build up with more dense foods like greens and avocados when I was able to successfully put on 10 pounds on just fruit. So I started to build up when I started to gain weight on the same diet that made me a stick figure, and that’s when you know that you have successfully cleaned the small bowel and corrected this issue with malabsorption.

I know that not many people are going to do what I did, and have the patience and faith to do what I did, but I’m just expressing what worked for me, and as an iridologist at least 7-10 people eyes I read I see a malabsorption ring, so I know that most people have this issue, and shy away from the raw food diet, and it’s not the diet that is causing this issue when it’s really just the body finally being able to address this issue, because your finally on a diet that allows the body to fix and repair itself and with time you can fix the problem, but it’s not months it’s years but at least you took care of the issue now naturally then going the masking and suppressing route and like Robert Morse ND has said and I quote what you suppress today is your nightmare tomorrow.

(A sidebar for you)?

I think the brown malabsorption ring around the pupil in iridology is more of an interstitial small bowel obstruction issue (this is chronic) this is acids in the cell wall itself, and the black ring around the pupil in iridology is an excess mucoid plaque on the bowel wall. This is a subjective intuitive observation regarding the thick black ring. Some may say that the brown ring is sub/acute malabsorption and a thick black ring is chronic, but in the majority of cases and eyes I’ve read it seems to be the opposite.

The time to build up as long as your feeling good and energized as a stick figure is when you start putting on weight on the same diet that took it off. Building on other foods like greens is only Necessary if you are not in the tropics living on tree ripen fresh organic fruit, but if your trying to maintain long term health on shipped in chemical laden low quality industrial farmed fruit, then I suggest you find your balance and try to build up a little on green juice or salads if you can digest them ok, and this is only for those that struggle with excessive thinness and have lost a lot of weight detoxing on just fruit and herbs that accelerate deep levels of detoxification. If you’re not underweight, you feel strong and have good energy levels on a 100% fruit diet then I wouldn’t change anything.

Remember detox and regeneration is an art form and you want to be intuitive and your experience may not be mine or someone else’s, but what I do know is your body will tell you when you won the day and your body will most defiantly tell you when you have gotten out of hellville!

The End

Get back to nature my friends, get back to a diet that your biological design to eat, tap into your intuitive Consciousness, let your instincts guide you, live in the present moment, and I promise you my friends you will thrive!

Written by Jonathon RA Stearns AKA the Mangotarian

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