My experience with kidney filtration

My experience with kidney filtration

Ok so there are skeptics out there that think that kidney filtration is just peeing out your mineral or what have you, I don’t pay much attention to the intellect regarding these issues, not because I’m close minded or to stubborn to entertain rational thought.

I’ve experienced this kidney filtration thing, and have made it a mission to know how to find more effective ways to clean the lymphatic system, to get rid of acids, so tissue will heal, and rebuild itself.

When I was laying in my bed, bedridden, depressed, anxious, fatigued and full of pain, I found Robert Morse ND on YouTube. When he was saying get your kidneys to filter, remove the acids that are causing your pain, and your pain will go away! My ears and eyes were alert.

2 major fluids in the body, blood and lymph, 2 sides of chemistry acid and base, the body is made up of a bunch of cells, and the humans natural diet is a diet of fruits, berries and melons, and the diet designed for you will be the most effective diet to clean your lymph system, and to help the kidneys filter, and the complex proteins in all these foods not designed for us, are acids, it all made sense to me.

My intuition was telling me for months why am I peeing all day long, and why does my urine look like pure odorless water? Something was wrong, and it made sense. My kidneys were clogged, the lower back pain for years was because my kidneys were not filtering, and my disk were being chewed on by acids, and my creatinine levels were sky high ranging from 8.0-1.0, and my diet was proteins for days regarding the food and powders!

So I started to transition my diet from a sad diet to a dirty vegan diet. I knew I needed to return to a vegan diet that I was very familiar with for 6 years before I tuned back to a sad diet, paleo diet, and keto diet, and whatever else meat based diet you can do. Then I started eating whole foods plant based, then I always had fruit for breakfast, then juice, fruit and mono sweat potatoes for several months, and I got to the fruit and green juice level because I couldn’t digest a salad at the time because my pancreas was so torn up. I started getting serious with educating myself on the knowledge of Robert Morse ND, and I started checking for kidney filtration, and to my surprise on fruits and green juices I was not filtering.

I didn’t release at the time with lack of experience that juice and weak kidneys, prostate and bladder, was not a good mix for kidney filtration, because I was already going to the bathroom several times a day, and then guzzling juice, and eating watermelon, and mangoes was not a good thing at the time.

So I stepped it up to all eating fruits whole and taking herbs, and when I started filtering on fruit and herbs, I became sold, and after about 60 days of maintaining just a diet of fruits and herbs, the pain started going away in the lower back, colon, gonads, prostate and bladder. It did take like a year to overcome having to pee several times a day, but I don’t anymore, and that’s the premise of what I really want to talk about.

I’ve done everything when it comes to filtration, mono fruit feasting, long hour time restricted dry fasting, and extended dry fasting, making very strong kidney tonic and teas, like several of the herbs from the herbal health club, and my own teas I would make for myself for experimentation, and it took as while to understand that it was just a matter of time and effort to get this whole thing, and there is no reason to rush, and to try so hard to get kidney filtration, because it will happen on its own, when the body becomes properly hydrated and alkaline, and the kidneys bust open, and clean themselves.

Yes without question in my opinion, long daily dry fasting, herbs, and restricting yourself to one big fruit meal a day before the sun goes down will encourage better filtration, because the kidneys are at rest, and when the body is at rest, and not burdened by digestion, and urination, it can heal and purge itself more effectively.

If you think it’s just dehydration pulling out minerals, or whatever else your theory is doubting this whole thing, you haven’t done anything to make these silly statements. They are acids, and I know first hand, the pain was very active ruining my life when I was not filtering, and the pain went away when I started filtering, so it’s acids, because acids burn, and I know what burning feels like!

Also what I do know from hard work and doing the “kidney filtration protocol” if you will for almost 3 years now, is that I don’t have to try so hard to get filtration, and I didn’t before ether. It’s just time, and hard work, simplicity, and consistency, and now I can filter chugging water, eating really late, eating greens, and lots of avocados, and even nuts, and seeds, and heavy dirty raw food meals, and I even after 3 years of doing this could filter eating cooked food.

But please understand that I was not filtering before I put in the work, and I was still in so much pain and fatigue in the past. When I push myself to fast I filter better without question, but I still filter good everyday consistently, and even when I drink distilled water, which I don’t make a habit, only when I cheat on gourmet raw ?

If you doubt and question, and find excuses not to put in the work, you won’t experience what I have to get to a place of healing, and cleaning the kidneys, to were now I can filter good on juice, water, and foods that are not ideal for detox and regeneration.

Understand that you want to filter on a diet that hydrates and alkalizes the body on an interstitial cellular level, because the idea is not to clean the kidney so good, and just create acids to filter them out, like on acid and mucus forming foods, because overtime you will loose filtering when the kidneys get damaged by the acids and mucus, and the lymph system will back up again, and all your work will go to waste. This should be a lifestyle now, because you know the truth, and if you do this long enough, you won’t be able to veer off long enough, because you will feel the burn and blowback.

Kidney filtration, cleaning the lymph system, and maintaining an alkaline fruit based diet is best for detox, and lifestyle, but don’t rush into all fruit, if you’re not dying, and in a lot of pain, transition intelligently, and adopt a mucusless diet the way Arnold Ehret promotes, and ease into an aggressive diet of fruit, herbs only and fasting, and with time and emotinal balance, and stability, and a positive attitude, the kidneys will filter, and if you avoid the foods that are high in proteins, dairy and starch, and focus on the fruits, you will be able to crack upon your kidneys and filter your lymph system, and with time and patients you will experience the results your looking to achieve.

The End

Get back to nature my friends, get back to a diet that your biological design to eat, tap into your intuitive Consciousness, let your instincts guide you, live in the present moment, and I promise you my friends you will thrive!

Written by Jonathon RA Stearns AKA the Mangotarian

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