New age Spiritualism

New age Spiritualism

We are all eternal spiritual souls having a human experience whether you have this awareness or not.

So you are “spiritual” huh? When has spirituality becomes trendy self-promotion, isolation, meditation, crystallization, saging “bad” energy away from your gifted “conscious” presence, being apart of a spiritual elite club and spiritual elite appointed guru to become what spirituality is? To me this a type of mental illness. Go hug a tree right but don’t forget to hug a human as well 😆

What I mean is there is a self “righteous” trendy spiritualism that is nothing spiritual and this often breeds isolation from the world because you are just too important for anyone else and You are all that matters!? Yes You are all that matters, however, that is not a form of awareness of self-isolation and being too “good” for someone that is ignorant. Everyone is having a spiritual experience and every thought is a spell of manifestation meaning that everyone will eventually remember there true state of being that is one with self, love, nature, and everyone or most importantly the YOUniverse!

Spiritual awareness is being the light of the world and loving all souls unconditionally not creating this illusionary concept of separation that doesn’t exist. We are reflections of one another and there is no separation because everyone is god having a human expression whether a none “spiritual” person finds that awareness or not.

I’m tired of seeing “spiritual” people act like children dressed up to draw attention of look at me I’m a guru and I will guide you on the path of “enlightenment” get out your crystals and sage and let me blow away your negative energy so you can be just like me haha.

Sage is cool, crystals are cool, ecstatic dance is cool, twin flames journeys are cool, tarot readings are cool, chakra aligning is cool, being an expression of being and expressing gratitude for life, love and nature is cool but I would avoid trying to elevate your ego because you know some kind of spiritual concept and act like you are a special enlightened healer (like your not healing yourself still) this is “spiritual” elitism and it’s ugly as f**ck just saying.

The spiritual teacher is not a “celebrity” it’s a person that is finding there higher self and has gone through many dark and light spiritual experiences and is simply sharing and reminding the uniformed reflection to remember the infinite awareness that’s within every soul. There is nothing “spiritual” about your Unauthentic guru after money, fame, and woman all in the name of “spirituality” and sly manipulation skills.

Being genuine and REAL is a spirituality that must not be “lost” or forgotten!

All are spiritually good or evil so just because your “spiritual” doesn’t mean your channeling positive spiritual energy because if your love for spirituality becomes a gimmick like cult and religion you’re most likely channeling imbalance energy and Entities that are not embodying the essence of light.

You want to be truly spiritual it’s not what you ware and what you know and how eloquent and articulate your words are with spiritual terms and concepts thrown in the mix. It’s being you and being aligned with your higher self that wakes up the already master in you and brings out the knowledge of self (THE ALL) and when you are one with you and love you than inFORMation can be found in you! Information is found in your FORM because yes you’re god having an experience in a “physical” human body in a state of duality and you don’t need a “spiritual” ceremony, guru, or club following to activate this!

Get to know you and be love and light to everyone around you and yes it’s wise to preserve your energy for those that are connected to you and support your being and love themselves in that state of awareness. Just don’t (limit) yourself to a group of people and judge those that are not “spiritual”

Honor your core essence and that is many colors and shades of expression and that expression are not always gentleness, silence, and true spirituality is not political correctness and tolerance of bullshit that evades your freedom ability to experience yourself and people you choose to build with.

Sometimes infinite Expression is loud and passionate and expresses “righteous anger” We all have astrology that’s aligned with who we are in a personal way some are loud and expressive and some are quiet, meek and their calmness reflects a balancing beauty.

Love is understanding and love is without IMBALANCED judgments but there is no limited expression of spiritual things and this is why the planetary system Aligns in certain placements when you were born and your astrology is “god” expressing an infinite form in a programmed human body 😆

Be you and be balance and when you let go of guru worship and following others as IDOLS you to can and will find the knowledge of self and you can walk in that light and darkness. You are darkness as well and that is spiritual energy too. In order to experience duality, you have to experience all forms of what is spiritual and sometimes when you express and do what is “evil” you learn to know that is “good” or to come back into balance ☯️

O, Jon…. you’re just projecting!? Well yep we are all projections and we are reflecting each other and being mirrors with different astrology placements not in separation just different, colors, shapes, and forms if you will and there is no better or worse (just imbalance or lack of expansion) To find that state of NOW just be you and be in harmony of what is and we are all learning and growing to flow in change because everything is shifting and expanding and nothing continually remains the same even your “spirituality”

Real spirituality is honoring you not being apart of a trendy club of people using spiritual phrases and precepts that come from some guru that has the end-all of knowledge and transformation. Be whatever you is and as long as your not hurting anyone in the process than your spirituality is flawless and what is spiritual is an infinite expression and the lower forms of that is an imbalanced ego that comes with a superiority complex.

Am I right or wrong? Who cares I am just me and that’s all I know how to be in my experience in the spiritual worlds and spiritual elitism is lower self mental illness and the healing is when you let go and flow within your intuition and love all beings of all walks of life and when you love and hold space for people in humility and understanding you can inspire beautiful change in you and others and than when you hold space, love and walk in balance you will see everyone having an experience that’s also infinite expanding consciousness just like you!

SoulTribeNation rise up! 🙌🏼👌🏽🤟🏽🙏🏽✌🏽💫⚛️ MIA principles forever

The End

Get back to nature my friends, get back to a diet that your biological design to eat, tap into your intuitive Consciousness, let your instincts guide you, live in the present moment, and I promise you my friends you will thrive!

Written by Jonathon RA Stearns AKA the Mangotarian

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