"Semi dry fasting fruits" and intermittent dry fasting for kidney filtration

"Semi dry fasting fruits" and intermittent dry fasting for kidney filtration

My intuition has led me to experimenting with specific fruits that are not known to move the lymphatic system because of the lack of astringent power they produce. I have been experiencing great results. However I do believe in the beginning stages for those that have fairy clogged up and damaged kidneys need the astringent power of the juicy fruits in the sub acid and citrus categories. It’s also important to be properly hydrated when your coming off an acid in mucus forming diet, and work your way up to dry fasting to keep the kidneys filtering and that river flowing. The astringent fruits I believe have the power to scrub and remove metabolic waste materials from the kidneys and this is important in the beginning to open them up for consistent filtration. When you hydrate the body interstitially and you remove the acids that create a catatonic environment that harden and dehydrate the body in my personal experience I have been able to feel hydrated and content on very few liquids consumed throughout the day.

When I was first experimenting with regenerative detoxification in the beginning I experienced less kidney filtration on juice versus eating the fruits whole or in a smoothie form. I believe with an overactive bladder and weak kidneys, too much fluids can suppress the body’s ability to filter old stagnant lymphatic fluid, because the body spending too much time getting rid of the electrolytes found in the excess water, and this could be because of too much fluids and a sensitive bladder that may have connective tissue loss from parathyroid dysfunction, or just very weak kidneys could suppress the body’s ability to remove lymphatic waste material.

I also heard about intermittent dry fasting, I started experimenting. I started dry fasting for 12 hours every day for a couple weeks and gradually moved up 16 -18 hours daily. I noticed that instead of juices and eating my fruits whole particularly in a mono fruit meal, and intermittent dry fasting in the evening when the sun goes down, I experienced consistent daily kidney filtration which is removing acid stagnation in the body that contributes to all degenerative dis-eases humans face.

Because I am the Mangotarian of course I would gravitate towards the mangoes, because there in the sub acid category which means they have astringent power to move the lymphatic system. But soon after observation and listening to my body, and tracking my kidney filtration everyday I soon realized that dry fasting was much more powerful than any fruit that we consume. I think once you open up the kidneys, you could truly benefit from intermittent dry fasting as a part of your healing protocol to encourage kidney filtration which in my opinion is the most important thing we can do to create effective healing a detoxification. If you don’t get your kidneys to filter, you cannot heal your body.

For the last month because of the winter and certain fruits only being grown in specific seasons and that not being the mango, I gravitated more towards other fruits that were available to me that were more dense in calories that would hold me over and sustained me everyday which have been bananas, dates, and of course mangoes when I can get them. On days of just eating bananas, dates, and even simple tender leafy green salads with avocados on top of intermittent dry fasting for 16 hours daily I have experienced lots of good filtration from sunup to sundown.

I don’t believe that sweet fruits such as bananas and dates have astringent power, however I believe that when eating them on top of dry fasting creates a semi dry fasting / dry fasting kind of program. When you consume less fluids, the body can focus on getting rid of lymphatic waste material because the kidneys and bladder are being more relaxed from having to work on urination so often from all the water content. This is just my own personal experience and is not something that I am claiming as objective truth, only being a test subject.

There have been people experimenting with dates on their fruit based diet and also testing for kidney filtration and noticing great results. This is an unconventional method because sweet fruits are not known to move the lymphatic system especially real dense low water content fruits like dates. Dates are very alkaline so that could be a fruit that helps to absorb acids for elimination. The more alkalinity we encourage in our bodies then an acid environment cannot thrive which means acids must come out.

At first I thought it was important to have one astringent fruit meal, a date meal, on top of the interment to dry fasting to act as a puller and sponge method, such as the astringent fruits scrubbing the acids off and the dates absorbing, and then with the dry fasting helping the body to eliminate. This could be a reasonable theory. I have been also experimenting with just sweet fruits such as bananas and dates, along with the dry fasting which would mean I’m getting less water content on that day and experiencing heavier kidney filtration on that day. So my conclusion is it’s not necessarily dates that are encouraging filtration because of the alkalinity content quite possibly, but rather the body holding onto less water creating a semi dry fasting situation.

When your consuming the least amount of water found in the less water content fruits like bananas and dates, you’re not consuming any added drinking water, and your also dry fasting for 16-20 hours on top of this, it’s almost like an extended dry fast, but you also get to consume food throughout the day. Some people have said that bananas are dehydrating, and I strongly disagree, they don’t cause dehydration they just don’t promote hydration. But again when you hydrate your body interstitially by removing acids through kidney filtration over a period of time your body doesn’t require a lot of fluids to be hydrated. If you can handle the less water dence fruits like bananas and dates and dry fast because you have worked yourself up to daily dry fasting for several months for at least 16 hours daily, it wouldn’t hurt to be an experiment and test yourself to see if your getting effective kidney filtration.

This experiment will be documented in a part 2 article because I don’t want to jump the gun without doing more experimentation. It may be important to have those astringent fruit meals along with the dates and bananas and intermittent dry fasting, but so far the less water content I consume in the fruits on top of the dry fasting, I really do create a lot of detoxification and my kidney filtration increase would be proving this.

Just remember guys that nature provided fruits in the sweet, subacid, and acid category and their all designed for our species and will suit us in the most optimal way. Bananas, dates, figs, and the less juicy rich fruits do not create metabolic waste in the body but rather create an alkaline ash that is important to create in order to remove the acid stagnation. Anybody that tells you that any fruit is acid/mucus forming simply just do not understand nature, let alone understand that human beings are designed for fruits that nature created that for us. All fruits are good even the veggie fruits, and if it contains a seed then it’s a gift for mankind. It has also been said that avocados are not an optimal food for humans and their mucus forming, I also disagree with this because I consume them everyday, and I’m also moving lymph and getting great kidney filtration, and also feel at my most optimal health than I ever have before. We must experiment, instead of adopting a theory, or something written down on paper. I think it’s as simple as just eating all fruits nature provided, and not getting hung up on the silly claims that they may be harmful to you.

If you have already been dry fasting for a long period of time, try the semi dry fasting fruit an intermittent dry fasting protocol, and see if you get good kidney filtration, if we don’t document and experiment when it comes to creating kidney filtration, we cannot further extend this great method when it comes to regenerative detoxification, which is vital and important in order to heal a damaged body.

There’s only two sides of chemistry and that being acid and alkaline. the lymphatic system is the sewer system of the human body, the kidneys are the eliminative channel to remove the metabolic waste material. Kidney filtration is the modern-day breakthrough to heal all acid conditions in the body, because there’s only one disease that exists and that’s interstitial systemic acidosis. If you remove acid/mucus forming foods, stop putting fire to your food, get on a fruit based diet which is designed for human since we are frugivores, you could turn around your health and get rid of the pain that you are suffering with.

Regenerative detoxification is allowing the body to heal itself rather than treating and masking symptoms and using prescription drugs that only contribute to more acid conditions and more side effects to deal with down the road. The answers are not found in the AMA there found in nature. Regenerative detoxification is the answer, so I highly suggest you read up on it and get educated because if you want to heal a health issue you got to get to the root cause and that’s a backed-up lymphatic system that needs to be drained, and in order to drain it you must eat raw living foods that provide the body’s ability to heal itself, because the body cannot heal itself when you bombard it with toxic cooked foods that is foreign to its design.

The End

Get back to nature my friends, get back to a diet that your biological design to eat, tap into your intuitive Consciousness, let your instincts guide you, live in the present moment, and I promise you my friends you will thrive!

Written by Jonathon RA Stearns AKA the Mangotarian

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