Sulfates damaging effects on the human body

Sulfates damaging effects on the human body

Better name for sulfates would be gorilla glue! This substance that’s in pharma drugs, processed foods, certain spices, and supplements sticks to the body, and creates a breeding ground for candida to thrive! Sulfates and fungus cause proliferation, and can create chronic fungal issues in the human body.

One of the popular pharma drugs that’s irresponsibly being prescribed is antibiotics. Not only is antibiotics the biggest threat when it comes to killing beneficial gut bacteria and destroying the body’s microbiome, it also creates a lot of fungal issues and the sulfates contributes to that.

There are tire company’s that use sulfates as a binding substance to harden tires (Goodyear) tires being one. When a car burns out and you smell that heated sulfur smell, that’s being plaqued to the walls of your stomach and intestines, and can also leave sulfur deposits in glands and organs in your body causing them to hyper or hypo function.

This sticky acidic substance burns tissue, and can cause chronic malabsorption issues if it sticks to the villi of the small intestines, and blocks access for nutrition to get in the cells.

You don’t want to risk taking these so called medical agents to help you when you, such as antibiotics, for bacteria related issues. It would be better to take an herb to help the body reject bacteria overgrowths like wormwood and black walnut hall, and to fast, and let the body reject the bacterium.

Clean your house! (Body) and bacterium will not reside. The only reason why your getting Bactria overgrowths is because you’re not eating the right food, and you’re not eliminating the waste that they create. If you clean your sewer system (lymphatic system) and you get on a diet that cleans and enhances your kidney function then you can filter out the waste, create an alkaline state in your body and bacteria will never proliferate causing these issues to were you become manipulated into taking antibiotic drugs that only mask symptoms, and create a whole lot of problems for you down the road.

If you want to know if your backed up with these chemical sulfate agents, take a look at your eyes. If you have orange or yellow color around your iris or orange spots in your eyes, then this is a window of the reality of having sulfates sticking to your tissues, and causing inflammatory problems, and fungal problems. Get your eyes read from an iridologist, and they can help bring this to your attention.

This sticky gluey substance is hard to remove from the body, and you would need to detox at a high level to pull it out of the body. Astringent raw foods and herbs, enemas and juice fast is your best option to pull it out. Orange juice, watermelon juice, or grape juice with lemon and the gi broom herbal formula may be your best bet to get this stubborn glue out of your body and of course to dry fast.

Dr Robert Morse ND has performed Iridology readings on thousands of people for over 40+ years and has said that he has never met a RA case that did not have a problem with sulfur backed up in their body. Sulfur is very acidic and chews on joints and can possible cause Rheumatism.

I myself have inherited this agent in my body from my mother’s lymphatic system And unfortunately just pilled on more with a pharma drug loaded with it I was on for 10 years! I’ve dealt with arthritis and crazy candida problems my whole life, but now I’m not messing around with any pharma drugs, and will only put what nature created in my body. I’m detoxing these demon glue out of my body, and can’t wait to look at my eyes and see the orange come out.

When you create detox and return to a highly energetic astringent diet based around fruit, and you fast, then it should start coming out of your body, and you will see this in your iris photos, your eyes getting brighter, more clear, and less orange or yellow color present. It can take several years to get it out, but you want it out, because it’s very toxic to the human organism.

Please understand I’m not talking about the natural mineral sulfur found in raw living foods that are essential for the human body because it’s a mineral in many vegetables and fruits, I’m talking about the synthetic sulfates found in pharma drugs, supplements, wine, shampoos, and processed foods.

Whole plant foods that contain sulfur don’t leave this gorilla glue substance to harden to the walls in your GI tract, but if eaten the ones that are high in natural sulfur may aggravate the body with unwanted gas, because your already loaded with the synthetic stuff, and too much sulfur from natural foods can possible cause fermentation issues, which is what causes the symptoms like gas and being bloated, can potentially create more candida issues, because candida loves fermentation, and yes they love all your precious fermented foods like Kimchi, Sauerkraut, probiotics, kombucha, and other fermented food items. I would just be carful and listen to your body when eating foods that are high in sulfur for a season until you get the synthetic gorilla glue out of your body!

MSM is another suppressant that is loaded with sulfur, and also certain bath and magnesium salts. Watch out for spices as well, because they may say contain sulfate agents. If it’s not fresh and whole like produced in nature, I would read everything before you ingest it, bath in it, or put it on your skin.

If your Interested in getting this toxic poison out of your body, then I would get on the path of regenerative detoxification, and set up an environment in the body to heal itself, and to reject these residues it doesn’t want. Fruits, berries, melons and simple salads void of fat, sugar and salt is really your only option for the body to detox effectively, and to get this sulfate glue out, you will need to go at least 90-100% fruit, with herbs and dry fast to pull it out quicker. It’s not a race and transition intelligently, but do your best to clean your body as a process and transition, and eventually this toxic substance will come out of your body with time, and you may just overcome a long term inflammatory condition, and candida issues that you may have has a hard time getting rid of such as fatigue, depression, itchiness, rashes, toe nail fungus etc.

The End

Get back to nature my friends, get back to a diet that your biological design to eat, tap into your intuitive Consciousness, let your instincts guide you, live in the present moment, and I promise you my friends you will thrive!

Written by Jonathon RA Stearns AKA the Mangotarian

If you are interested in my iridology services or phone consultations regarding regenerative detoxification please send me a private message or shoot me an email I can discuss with you with what Im offering to assist you! ?

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