Sweet fruit/dry fast diet system

Sweet fruit/dry fast diet system

The high sweet fruit/ dry fast diet system is an experimental protocol that consists of intermittent dry fasting, specific fruits an herbal botanicals for cellular regeneration. It’s 100% raw, and it consists of 80% coming from fruits. And for those with neurological problems 100% fruit is recommended. The idea is to create a fruit, herb, intermittent fasting protocol that everyone can follow no matter what season it, is or location you may live in the world. Of course the goal is to always move to a tropical climate because that’s where humans thrive. The philosophy of this program is DRM centered. The goal is kidney filtration and moving the lymphatic system with fruits and dry fasting, and taking herbs to help support the kidneys, endocrine glands, lymphatic system, GI tract, and any area of the body that expresses weakness such as the nervous system Etc. Iridology is encouraged to discover genetic weaknesses, and compromises of the lymph system, as well as the glands, GI tract, organs, or if there’s any chemical stagnation present in the body. When you know what’s going on in your body so, then you could find a focus on what herbs you need to take to help enhance function, and also create detoxification to move the lymphatic system.

The idea is to consume the least amount of water as possible, when it comes to the fruits that have a fine balance with the astringent fruits/ sweet fruits that contain low water content. The low water content fruits such as dates and bananas for example will create a semi dry fasting like situation if your consuming no added water. You want to consume the sweet fruits in the morning, the astringent fruit meal midday, and to balance out with a simple tender leafy green salad for dinner, and to intermittent dry fast in the evening and throughout the night to the next morning. This will create a semi dry fast/intermittent dry fast program. I have been experimenting with low water content fruits, along with 1 astringent fruit meal a day on top of 16 hours of intermittent dry fasting and have experienced consistent kidney filtration all day long, I believe it’s the low water content, and the dry fasting that allows the body to rest and heal at a drastic rate. Too much water over burdens the kidneys especially for those that have damaged kidneys, and weak bladders. If you have a problem already with excessive urination, juice feasting may not be a good idea for you because it’s too much water for the kidneys and bladder to handle and that puts a burden on the body working on excreting water your consuming in that day, instead of lymph fluid. The idea is to rest the body as much as possible so that It could move beds of lymphatic stagnation in the body so when you break your dry fast you get a big dump elimination from kidney filtration in the morning. I’m noticing kidney filtration on this program at night time to!

This type of protocol is only encourage for those that have experience with raw living foods high fruit-based. For those that have just come into this lifestyle I don’t encourage dry fasting until you get more hydration and clean out your body from a lot of metabolic waste from an acid/mucus forming diet that your coming off of, and should focus on the juicy fruits until you crack open your kidneys enough to get some filtration. If you been raw for at least 30 days, I believe that you can benefit from this sweet fruit/high fiber sub acid fruit hybrid diet along with intermittent dry fasting for 12 hours-18 hours every single day as you work your way up to the 18 hour mark which should be achieved in at least a three month period.

The midday sub acid fruit meal should be a meal that’s high in fiber such as mangoes, apples etc. The reason for the high fiber is so that you’re not getting too much water content, but just enough to feel hydrated and also astringent enough to move the lymphatic system. I believe the lymph mover is going to be your intermittent dry fasting not the sweet fruit or necessarily the sub acid fruit meal. I think that the sweet fruits may have an absorption of sucking up acids and the sub acid fruit meal has the ability to pull it out for kidney filtration, and the dry fasting helps to pole lymph and also the ability to push it through stubborn kidneys for elimination. This is not scientific evidence, neither am I making objective claims, these are only theories just experimental practices. We the people have to be the experiments and document the results.

My personal protocol for regenerative healing on a fruit-based diet using the system that I’m experimenting with consist of eating bananas whole for breakfast, and you could also have banana nice cream if desired without any added water, about an hour and a half later 10 to 15 dates for a snack, a sub/acid high-fiber fruit meal for lunch, a simple salad for dinner that consist of romaine lettuce, or any tender leafy green lettuce like Iceberg or butter lettuce, your choice of veggie fruits for a topping (bill peppers preferably) and one avocado (optional) I start my dry fasting at 6 p.m., and I break it at 10 a.m. the following day. I’ve been doing this consistently for at least 3 weeks now and I have noticed an increase in kidney filtration which means I’m pulling acids out of my body that are causing dysfunctions. If your body is getting rid of consistent acid through kidney filtration everyday this is what you want to encourage in order to heal the body systemically.

I think there’s a fine balance with the sweet fruits and the sub acid fruit meal also for those that are in a lot of pain that can’t tolerate a lot of the astringent fruits and they could utilize the dry fasting to move the lymphatic system and encourage kidney filtration because of the limitations they have because of so much pain, and the acid fruits can expose pain and caused a lot of irritation in the beginning when the body is backed up with acid.

Dry fasting is actually been documented as anti-inflammatory so giving the body a rest is important to remove inflammation. I do not encourage extended dry fasting for most people and that’s why I like intermittent dry fasting, because I feel like that’s the most natural for all living creatures to eat when the sun goes up and to dry fast when the sun goes down.

I think intermittent dry fasting is best utilized in the evening because that’s when the body naturally falls into a resting state, and this is also beneficial for a lot of people dealing with cravings dealing with lots of parasitic die off symptoms because at least you could fast in the evening and fill up in the day instead of feeling deprived during the day.

How to utilize herbs on this system!

When I am taking herbs I personally would put the dropper under my tongue and If taking capsules I would remove the powder from the capsules put it in the shot glass with the tinctures, add a dropper full of each formula in a shot glass with a little bit of water to dilute it, and take a shot 3 times a day, and it’s best to use distilled water. This won’t compromise the semi dry fast that your trying to create.

It’s important to hydrate well with your lunch meal because that’s the most water content fruit but you don’t want to overeat as well just enough to where your satisfied. Just eating low water content sweet fruits, along with intermittent dry fasting may not be a good idea because this could cause too much dehydration at least in the beginning. In my experience the more you get your kidneys filtering consistently all day and everyday, the least amount of water you will need in order to feel hydrated. Too much water in my opinion is not beneficial when you hydrate interstitially with alkaline forming foods in the raw living state. The water we have access today is heavy in rock minerals, and it’s very acidic, so you want to get the living structured distilled water that’s found naturally in the fruits, and the beautiful thing is all fruits contain alkalinity and high water content even the bananas.

You want to make fruits 80% to 90% of your consumption because human beings are frugivores species and do their best on fruits not the vegetables, but a lot of people need to have that balancing salad at the end of the night, just make sure that it’s not the biggest meal you consume but the smallest.

This is not a rigid protocol it’s very simple, and it’s something to experiment with to see if it works, if it’s a dead end then there’s always the juicy fruits to return to but for this experiment the goal is to consume at least 60% of your calories coming from low water content sweet fruits, and the intermittent dry fasting is the important measure for moving the lymphatic system and removing acid stagnation from the body, and you want do your best to dry fast least 16 hours a day, no more than 20 hours a day.

The goal is to not be too aggressive, but to find a balance and make this healing a lifestyle. I truly believe that nature has provided fruits in all categories that are beneficial to the body and aid in cellular healing. The juicy fruits do digest the best, and provide the most hydration, but because we are dealing with genetic weaknesses and compromises to the body, we have to restore the kidneys and not be too aggressive with the high water astringent fruits because this could create a lack of kidney filtration not only in my experience but in many other people’s experiences that I’ve talked to, and I believe it’s because of very sensitive bladders.

This also isn’t a diet system that limits the consumption of Juicy fruits forever, it’s only to get rid of your symptoms through kidney filtration so that you could balance out with whatever raw living foods you desire to eat everyday, but I truly believe that if we keep it mainly fruits and 100% raw you will be more healthy and more compatible with a diet that nature design for you.

This is my personal protocol that is helping me increase kidney filtration, so give it a try and see if it works for you, if it doesn’t, then abandon the system, and listen to your intuition and do what you feel is best for you, but you must understand that kidney filtration is the most important thing you can create when it comes to regenerative systemic detoxification and healing.

The End

Get back to nature my friends, get back to a diet that your biological design to eat, tap into your intuitive Consciousness, let your instincts guide you, live in the present moment, and I promise you my friends you will thrive!

Written by Jonathon RA Stearns AKA the Mangotarian

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