Testosterone therapy will shut down your adrenal glands

Testosterone therapy will shut down your adrenal glands

As men age their testosterone starts to decline I get this, however you must understand the function of the body if you want to keep it healthy long term. TRT is not the answer to your problem with low testosterone. Your problem for one is your diet, and two the more you stimulate the adrenal glands to make hormones the more damage you put on their function depleting their ability to make these hormones naturally. Whenever you cause a gland to relay on a hormone you will only ware out this gland and weaken its function causing you to become depended on a hormone.

You may be saying to yourself well who cares, I will just take TRT for the rest of my life!? Well it’s not that easy, and your gambling with your body really shutting down, because when you damage your adrenal glands, you’re not just going to run into problems hormonally, you will run into problems with your body systemically.

The adrenal glands do help the body to create healthy hormones, but they also are responsible for all your steroids the body needs, Neurotransmitters, mineral utilization, and sugar metabolism.

If you cause your adrenals to become depended on a hormone you are also impairing their function with everything I just mentioned. You will run into chronic fatigue problems because your adrenals will stop making Neurotransmitters, and you will be tempted to eat lots of acidic meats high in Neurotransmitters, you will also want coffee, and energy drinks because you will never have energy, and the TRT will only provide this energy short term until the adrenals become extremely taxed, and when you stop metabolizing sugars which are in all plant foods, you will end up getting a lot of fungal candida issues.

You don’t want to get on TRT because you have low testosterone you want to get to the root of why this is happening, and it’s because you burnt out your adrenal glands, and your no longer making those essential hormones naturally.

Why would the adrenals get burnt out in the first place? Well it’s much more then stimulant abuse, and a stressful lifestyle, it’s your lymph system backing up, and your kidneys not filtering out the waste stored in the lymph system. The adrenal glands sit on top of the kidneys, and control their function, so when the lymphatic system backs up with acids due to an acidic diet, then your kidneys will also become damaged, and clogged up, and when this happens then acids and sewage in the body stays at home, and you run into all kinds of inflammatory conditions doctors label as “autoimmune” problems.

Before you get conned into testosterone replacement therapy it would make more sense to just change your lifestyle, and to naturally heal your adrenal glands so you can produce testosterone in healthy levels, and also so you don’t cause hormone decency in the body, and in return damage the gland that makes the hormone itself in return running into serious problems, because of unawareness of what the adrenals are responsible for, and it’s much more then just hormones, so you want to keep them healthy or you will run into more problems because you decided to treat instead of reverse the problem.

If your the type of person that wants to get to the root of the problem, and become healthier on a systemic level, then I highly recommend you learn about the lymphatic system the way Dr Robert Morse teaches it. You need to understand that the body is made up of a bunch of cells and 2 major fluids, blood and lymph. The blood is like the kitchen, it’s the carrier of chemistry, and provides the nutrition to cells. The lymphatic system is the body’s sewer system (septic tank) and this is where all the metabolic waste gets dumped into the toilet. The doctors only focus on the blood system, and this is why they can never cure a problem that is not related to the blood. Your septic tank is clogged up and acids are chewing on your body and these acids are not found in the blood they are found in your sewer system. You don’t poop in your kitchen right so why would this be a blood related problem?

Anyways if you want to repair your endocrine glands and your body’s eliminative organs, then you have to cause your body to eliminate it’s waste, and your going to have to repair your kidneys to eliminate them.

Most people don’t understand that it’s the food that destroys the kidneys which in return destroy the adrenal glands causing a man to run into low testosterone. Once the adrenals shut down and he kidneys, acids back up in the body and cause systemic acidosis. You need to alkalize your body and hydrate your body to heal and clean your kidneys so you can eliminate your waste, remove the acids damaging your adrenal glands and be patient for them to regenerate and turn on to make these hormones again without artificial chemical acidic hormone replacement drugs.

Remember that testosterone is acidic, so if you’re not filtering your backing up your lymphatic system with more acids when you take a hormone that creates more testosterone.

If humans only understand how important it is to eat alkaline ash foods, and to remove acid ash foods from their diet, they would not run into these systemic health problems that damage their endocrine glands! You don’t want to treat you want to regenerate.

To get back on track, and to get healthy in a full body fashion, you want to transition of the heavy protein foods that damage the kidneys, and impair their function to filter the lymph systems metabolitic waste. You want to get on a raw food diet based around fruits, and get herbs to repair structure function to your organs and glands. This diet will promote kidney filtration so you can remove the acids and sewage in your lymphatic system.

Humans are not designed for heavy proteins in grains, beans, and animal foods. These foods create an acid ash and damage the kidneys. Fruits and vegetables are alkaline, hydrating, and clean and repair the kidneys so you can drain your sewer system. Fruits and herbs are the best internal pullers to move the lymph system and to create kidney filtration so your whole body can heal as a system.

If your on TRT I would highly suggest you slowly wing of it, you eliminate protein foods, coffee, supplements and anything that masks systems, because these agents will damage the kidneys and weaken the adrenal glands. I would focus on regenerative detoxification and adopting a living foods diet that will clean your body and repair function to organs and glands, and I would take powerful herbs that will enhance and turn on things and create energy, and activity and with patients and adopting this as a lifestyle, you can repair your damaged body but the longer you wait, the longer it’s going to take to heal your body.

Understand that this is not a quick fix because they don’t exist, masking and suppressing is not fixing, and it only creates side effects down the road. Regenerate detoxification must be a lifestyle, you must transition intelligently, and you can fix the problem for good and also prevent yourself from running into more problems that these acidic hormones will create for you down the road.

I highly recommend you read 2 books to understand regenerative detoxification, a living foods fruit based diet, and what to prepare for when you choose to go to nature to heal yourself. Mucusless diet healing system by prof Arnold Ehret and the detoxification miracle source book by Robert Morse ND.

Get to the root of the problem and cure your body, don’t suppress and put off for another day because anything man made and artificial will have a future consequence you will have to deal with, but if you fix yourself now you can avoid the hell down the road!

The End

Get back to nature my friends, get back to a diet that your biological design to eat, tap into your intuitive Consciousness, let your instincts guide you, live in the present moment, and I promise you my friends you will thrive!

Written by Jonathon RA Stearns AKA the Mangotarian

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