The importance of eliminating lymph, not just “moving” lymph with exercise

The importance of eliminating lymph, not just “moving” lymph with exercise

Moving lymph, and most importantly removing lymph out of the body, is not going to happen by working out. You need to understand the lymphatic system as Robert Morse ND teaches it, and his students like myself. The goal is to clean the body internally, and open up and clean the channels (eliminative organs) so you can remove lymph in the body, and this will be a dietary, and fasting experience, and working out is just a tool to accelerate this process, along with the diet and lifestyle that promotes regenerative detoxification.

If you think that jumping on a trampoline or working out without drastic changes to your diet and lifestyle is going to do something for your lymph system, your sadly mistaken, and if your diet is mostly fruit, but yours still consuming acid and mucus-forming foods, and you’re not filtering, this can actually be problematic to your body, and cause lymph stagnation more, because your trying to eliminate old stagnate lymph, (ACIDS) yet you’re not filtering because your kidneys are still very clogged up, and your creating more acids by working out, which is lactic acid, then your actually putting more fuel on the fire!

It’s important you understand how this works. For example let’s say your thyroid is weak, and you don’t sweat well, and your kidneys and adrenals are down, and you don’t filter well (by urination) and your eating oranges all day, or astringent fruit, and then for dinner you eat grains, beans, and god forbid dairy and meat, your going to create an issue with eliminating what your steering up if you have issues with kidney filtration, and also don’t sweat well, and your skin is very clogged up with lymph still.

It’s not what you steer up, it’s what you eliminate that determines how you heal and clean your sewer system (lymphatic system) For a season it’s best to chill and avoid any intense working out. Just go walk in nature, and if you’re really bad just rest at home, and use your backyard to get some nature in your life for healing.

Ok so to avoid these potential blowbacks regarding steering up lymph, and then putting up roadblocks with the wrong dinner type foods ? and not filtering and pounding the weights, what I would do is transition with mindful common sense (awareness) If you’re still eating cooked foods for a season on a high fruit diet, what I would do is limit your intake to steamed starchless veggies with a salad every night for 2-4 weeks coming of your diet that got you in the mess your in, that got you to try to learn about the lymph system, and natural ways to regenerate and detoxify the body. You don’t want to steer up Lymph with fruit all day, and then eat starch, grains, beans, and animal products, this can go against you in a negative way if you’re still very clogged up.

Rest, and get your kidneys filtering first and hydrate the body internally which is what’s really going to move lymph, and then jump on a trampoline so you can remove the acids that you’re trying to get rid of through the skin and kidney channel. For most people that have badly damaged the skin, bowels, and kidneys on proteins, your going to have to get to the all-fruit level for a season, herbs and even intermittent dry fasting daily, to get your kidneys to filter, so you can remove lymph from your body, and that’s why you don’t want to camp out with 80% fruit and 20% cooked for very long, if you’re not filtering, and the cooked food really should not be anything less then steamed starchless veggies with a salad, and even that should only be for a short season if you really want to excel, and dig deep in the human body, because any cooked and even salads will cause a plateau effect pretty quickly, and like I said can even go against you if your steering a lot of lymph around in the body with astringent fruit all day, and then stoping the elimination process with cooked foods.

For the brittle types that are still in the transition phase with eating 80% fruit and 20% cooked, and in a lot of pain, I would avoid the acid fruit varieties that are to pulling, and focus on the apples, organic Papaya, and melons, but not watermelon for a season, get of the cooked foods, wait for your kidneys to filter, and then kick it up to all fruit, and herbs, and add in the more pulling fruits like oranges, grapefruits, lemons, dark grapes, etc. if your on your last leg, and in deep trouble bite the bullet, cross your fingers your kidneys and skin open up, and focus on the astringent fruits, and nothing less, because time is not on your side to go slow.

When you get to the all-fruit level, and I highly suggest you get herbs for a season, for at least 2-6 months depending on your situation, and support your kidney, GI tract, endocrine glands, and brain and nervous system, and when your filtering then plays with the lymphatic herbal formulas. I would deworm myself for the first 30 days, clean out my digestive organs such as the liver/gallbladder, and pancreas, and get an Iridology report, and herbal protocol from a trained ISOD specialist, or Counselor down at the herbal health club, and I would recommend the herbs from the herbal health club for detoxification, so don’t ask “what herbs” because the herbal formulas I recommend are Robert Morse herbs (gods herbs) from the herbal health club. Link is at the bottom for your personal observing.

If you have been on an all-fruit diet, and a herbal protocol for 30 days, and still not filtering well, then I would highly recommend intermittent dry fasting as a lifestyle for at least 6 months or longer. What that looks like is fruit until 5 pm and then dry fast (no drink, water, or contact with water) through the night, and as long as you can the next day. Work yourself up from 9 am-12 Pm over a period of time, and your body and intuition will be the guide with what you can handle. This will help your kidneys to filter, and I would not have to watery rich fruits for your last meal such as melons, especially watermelons for those of you, that have to get up and pee in the middle of the night. Focus on fruits like apples, and mangoes, or just fruits higher in fiber, and not too high in water content, and you can google search this information, because it’s your journey, and you need to train yourself because detoxification is a personal art form.

When your filtering and hydrating the body on fruits, berries, and melons, then I would recommend moving your lymph when it comes to the gym or any kind of intense training, so you eliminate what your steering up, and removing the lactic acids that your creating, and if you are still trying to heal your adrenal glands, and don’t have the energy to work out, then don’t force yourself, because healing is a resting experience. Walk and stretch and get outside as much as you can, but don’t overwork yourself, and be patient, because a quick fast fix doesn’t exist, this is only conditioned mentality created by lying modalities like the AMA. It’s a lifestyle, and journey, so respect the process and surrender to it with a sound mind.

The End

Get back to nature my friends, get back to a diet that your biological design to eat, tap into your intuitive Consciousness, let your instincts guide you, live in the present moment, and I promise you my friends you will thrive!

Written by Jonathon RA Stearns AKA the Mangotarian

If you are interested in my iridology services or phone consultations regarding regenerative detoxification please send me a private message or shoot me an email I can discuss with you with what Im offering to assist you! ?

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