The importance of keeping the diet simple and effective when you have the big C, (fruit only), and the importance of diet transition if you don’t

The importance of keeping the diet simple and effective when you have the big C, (fruit only), and the importance of diet transition if you don’t

(Long essay, chapter length)

Without question when your in deep trouble, and dealing with high stages of damaged cells, and your dealing with tumors and the like, you want to hydrate, and alkalize the body with the living foods. You also don’t want to camp out with the vegetable varieties ether, because this will take away the detox speed when it comes to moving lymph, and draining the acids that are damaging your cells.

Vegetables are not bad for you, however they will not get you further, when your kidneys and adrenals are down, and your lymph system is backed up from head to toe, and your dealing with tumors, and chronic pain. Veggies can buffer, and slow down a detox, but you want to be carful not to do that, because time is not exactly on your side, and without kidney filtration, I don’t know how you can fix the main cause to why you have the big C and tumors, because damaged cells, and damaged lymph nodes, pockets of acid fluid (tumors) are caused from stagnant acids chewing in interstitial spaces amongst cells.

You want to stick to an astringent fruit diet, in my opinion, because you need to pull on the lymph system, and drain these acid fluids you have in your body, and anything apart from astringent fruit, will not hydrate the cells, and move acids to the kidneys fast enough, to get rid of them, so you can replenish and regenerate the tissue you have damaged on an acidic diet for to many years.

We all are born with genetic weakness, and when we continue to ingest acid ash forming foods, like beans, grains, and animal foods for decades of our lives, and the kidneys and adrenals shut down, the lymph system backs up, and acids simple find homes in genetic tissue in the body, and you run into damaging cells (big C)

The best way to reverse these chronic systemic problems, is by hydration and alkalization to cells, and to sweat, and filter these acids out though the kidneys. This is why I push fruit, herbal botanicals, and time restricted dry fasting for those with this problem, and if you’re not to brittle and weak, 24-48 hour extended dry fast once a week to better open up the kidneys, so you can filter your lymph system better, and dry fasting seems to be the most effective way to improve kidney filtration, and eliminating the stagnant waste in the lymph system. It makes sense to allow the body to use all its energy on healing, and repairing, and the best way to do that, is through complete rest, and that would be a dry fasting experience. You want to be intuitive though, because if you have the big C, your very dehydrated already, when it comes to a cellular level, because systemic acidosis, is also systemic dehydration. This is why I promote time restricted dry fasting everyday, which means you hydrate all day, have an early dinner (mono fruit meal recommended) and dry fast around 4pm to noon the next day for most people, and once you get consistent filtration for several weeks, and move out these acids that dehydrate the body, then to step it up to extended weekly dry fast, If your body can, and you can mentally and spiritually handle it.

If it was me, and I was dealing with the big C, I would not give myself wiggle room for cheating, and put too much of my focus on building the body, because less is more, which mean subtraction of food, is better, not the addition of foods, in regard to thinking nutrition is what heals the body, because it doesn’t, it’s removing the acids and sewage from the body that damage cells, and “nutrition” and calories don’t promote this process effectively, however fruits and herbs, are loaded in nutrition already, but I say this because, humans tend to complex their diets too much out of fear they are not getting enough nutrition, and this is a dead end focus, because you can’t benefit from calories and nutrition anyways, when you impaired your body’s ability to digest, absorb, and utilize chemistry that comes into the body.

If it was me I would simple live on one astringent fruit (organic) for a season with the help of the herbal botanicals. Dark grapes, lemons and the citrus varieties are the most astringent and aggressive fruits for moving lymph, and cleaning the kidneys, so they filter better, these fruits brake up calcification stones in the body, dissolve and bust open tumors, and remove mucus from the body, opening up better pathways for elimination.

Limiting your diet to one astringent fruit, can be mentally challenging for many of you, but understand it was the lack of discipline with your diet that got you in the mess your in, in the first place, and a simple mono fruit diet, is in my opinion going to get you out of the mess you created, and binging on veggies and cooked foods, will make it difficult to heal, when your already at a very advanced stage, regarding your health, and damaging your cells which is what the “big C” is.

If you can’t imagine yourself being a fruitarian forever, then don’t be one forever, just understand, that when your dealing with high stages of damaged cells, and tumors, and the like, you need to move your lymph system, and get your kidneys filtering, and in my personal experience on an all fruit diet of juicy fruits and herbs, is what got me out of the mess I was in, and this usually is the same for the majority that are healing, and detoxing the way we have been taught by the master himself, that has given us this knowledge, and that’s Robert Morse ND, and all we can do as practitioners is to simply improve it.

If your in advanced stages, you want to go aggressive, and don’t have time to transition to these high levels regarding diet, and fasting, and adopting a strict mono fruitarian diet.

For those that don’t have the big C ?

If you’re not bed ridden, and in trouble on your last leg, then I would strongly recommend transition the way that professor Arnold Ehret teaches, and buy yourself the book he wrote called the mucusless diet healing system.

If you’re not on your last leg don’t make it a race, because you can end up finding yourself in trouble detoxing to aggressively on just fruit, blaming the diet for your problem, and adopt diets of worldly unconsciousness, and run into problems down the road, when the honey moon phase ends, because your body is no longer getting the stimulation from steroids, hormones, and Neurotransmitters, that these high protein diets produce, and it’s no different then feeling good on steroids, and the euphoric nature of drugs in the beginning, but that phase always ends at some point when the body shuts down and losses those stimulation quality’s. It’s like getting off caffeine, because you got burnt out from the caffeine, and lost the ability to get the benefits from it, because you crashed your adrenals, retuning to it, after a season of taking a brake, and then feeling good again when you ingest it, this is the same thing in my personal opinion that takes place, when people stop eating meat, because it is what creating their problem, that got them to stop eating it, and then returning to it, and feeling good, then creating a dogma in their head that meat is only good, and that all sugar is bad and addictive.

I believe the confusion lies regarding people that have chronic systemic acidosis, but not at a level of losing their lives fast like someone with high levels of damaged cells, or high stages of the “ big c” these types go from a sad diet to all fruit, and intense fasting modalities to quickly, move stuff around to quickly, don’t filter good, which means their kidneys are clogged up, and they are stirring things up to quickly, but failing to eliminate fast enough, because the kidneys can’t keep up because they are still very clogged up, and run into very unpleasant symptoms, and then go in circles with the mind thinking that everything is microbiology depletion in the gut, and they can’t process sugars well, but this is really in my opinion the heavy sulfur loads braking up in the body, and the adrenal glands, and pancreas so beat up, that it’s difficult to digest and metabolize sugar. When you burn out the adrenals which support the kidneys, and help them filter, and then you go full blast from a sad diet to a fruit diet, you’re not helping your adrenals at all, and can burn them out even more, by going to fast, and this is why the great professor Arnold Ehret taught in the importance of transitioning to a fruit diet, and an intelligent pace, to avoid these serious blowbacks, and blaming the fruit diet, instead of your body just not ready to deal with the detox the fruit diet creates.

If you transition properly, you can avoid some of these issues that so many people are dealing with that have the heavy sulfur loads in the body from the antibiotic drugs, and also are dealing with chronic malabsorption problems. Usually the ones that transition properly get to an all fruit diet, and don’t run into these pitfalls, like someone that goes full blast, because they are extremist types, and perfectionist, and I am that type myself, and I also transitioning pretty quickly from a lifestyle of “diets”, drugs, alcohol and long term use of pharmaceutical narcotics. I felt like I had to, because I was in chronic pain, and I had no choice, and I also believe that, that’s why I myself have some struggles from time to time, but lucky have gotten rid of 95% of the chronic pain I was dealing with, but still deal with the sulfur bloat when I eat raw foods, because my body is full of sulfur from the pharmaceuticals I took for decades that contain synthetic sulfates and other neurotoxins, and the raw plant foods, expose that, and the fruits brake it up, because they are astringent, and this sticky glue takes time to come out of the body, because it’s just that “sticky glue” and fungus love sulfur, and when the adrenals are down, and your fermenting your sugars, it’s more discomfort on top ? and chronic candida issues, it’s much more then “microbiom” but this does play a part as well.

Even Arnold Ehret spoke on the reality of this issue centuries ago regarding the confusion of detox symptoms when you transition to quickly to an all fruit diet, and aggressive fasting to quickly. Check out what he said.

Here then, is the cause why so many “fasting” “fruit diet”, etc., “cures” fail. THE INEXPERIENCED LAYPERSON ALWAYS COMES TO THE DEATH POINT. In other words, he or she removes “ O” or obstructions to rapidly, too much at once, feels “fine” for a while. The dissolving process goes deeper “O” or obstructions increases, they feel terribly weak, fall back to the wrong diet, and thus this wrong diet stops the elimination of more obstructions, feels well again, blames the food for their weakness, and sees the wrong foods as vital efficiency. They lose their faith and tell you in all sincerity, “I have tried it, but it’s wrong.” They blame the system, entirely ignorant regarding it, when they alone are to blame. Mucusless Diet Healing System by Arnold Ehret (Page 59)

This is the main issue I believe people turn away from a fruit diet, because they don’t have the patients to endure though the process, and because they failed to transition correctly because they are in a “rush to heal themselves” and many that have walked away from this natural way of healing, have done this to a T.

For those that should transition and those that don’t have time to go slow ?

Don’t jump into all fruit and fasting, unless your on your last leg, because when you are, you need to make it a goal to get your kidneys filtering, and get the junk out, before you drown in it, because you have no other option, and you will just have to deal with the discomfort that comes with rapid detox elimination, but as for those that are still able to drive to work, and attend to everyday life, but still dealing with pain and fatigue, discomfort ect, I wood highly consider transitioning intelligently, and that can vary form person to person.

I think most people can transition fairly easily, without running into these mental and physical pitfalls, with a simple diet of fruit, salads, and steamed starchless veggies, and cooked starchless veggie broths as long as needed, work on getting the kidneys to filter on this diet, and gradually work up to all fruit overtime at a pace that comes with intuition, common sense, and intelligence, and adopt a diet of fruit, and herbs only overtime for at least 3 months before you introduce any kind of fasting modalities in your protocol for healing and regeneration.

The goal is to learn how to hold and fold in detox, don’t make it a rush to heal, because you can run into problems with doing this, and if you are in serious trouble, and it was me, I would go peddle to the metal, and make it a goal to do whatever it takes to get kidney filtration, because when your trying to survive, you have to do whatever it takes, because going slow, may not be an option when you feel like you may not have much longer on this earth, but for those that still have a functioning nervous system, in the sense that they are not bed ridden, and can still take care of themselves without a care taker, and have not been diagnosed with legitimate big C, and it’s damaged cells, and tumors without question verified from an oncologist, then transition with mindfulness, and understanding, and find discipline with your transition, and forget about the idea of perfecting your species specific diet of fruit, and tender leafs 100% raw “right now” and get their overtime, when your body is ready for it.

The End

Get back to nature my friends, get back to a diet that your biological design to eat, tap into your intuitive Consciousness, let your instincts guide you, live in the present moment, and I promise you my friends you will thrive!

Written by Jonathon RA Stearns AKA the Mangotarian

If you are interested in my iridology services or phone consultations regarding regenerative detoxification please send me a private message or shoot me an email I can discuss with you with what Im offering to assist you! ?

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