There is juice feasting and there is juice fasting

There is juice feasting and there is juice fasting

Juice feasting is very popular when a person wants to lose weight and also want plenty of energy to do fitness. But is juice feasting the holy grail for healing and detoxification? Well, it will detox you at some level and will also be effective with pulling out the stubborn stagnant waste matter in the colon.

However, the more you consume after the plateau Phase on a juice feast “fast” or what John rose likes to call it a (SFV) solid food vacation you may find yourself not detoxing/healing as effectively as you like. You see it’s not always about more. Less is more. The more you consume the more you find yourself slowing down detox or suppressing effective elimination even if it is just fresh juice.

It’s not about just moving lymph and flushing the Outer bowel wall (dirty pipes) these things are important however if interstitial waste is misunderstood and the main channel organs of eliminations are not understood you could find yourself steering up waste not affectively eliminating it out of the body.

If you want to avoid a healing crisis you want to make sure you eliminate what you are breaking up. The kidneys are your main organ and the skin for removing this sewage waste out of the body. If you fail to filter properly and sweat properly how can you remove interstitial cellular waste and stagnant old lymph blockage out of the body?

Well, you can’t! and this is why there is juice feasting and juice ‘FASTING’.

Both are important because juice feasting meaning consuming a lot of juice a day is important if you have clogged up bowels and possible have a major issue with constipation or still do now and also a history of eating very bad processed foods.

You must do some work on the colon first and take out the build-up and unclog yourself with juice feasting so you can have regular bowel movements but if you always juice feast to “heal” you may get frustrated when you struggle to get those healing results because you have not cleaned the kidneys Well enough to get proper kidney filtration.

If you’re on a long term juice fast and you have achieved cleaning the colon pretty well but still feel like your struggling with pain and bodily irritation it’s most likely because you’re not removing cellular waste out of the body through kidney filtration and may also be neglecting the importance of sweating which is the 3rd kidney that helps pull out this waste especially when the main channel of elimination your kidneys fail to remove these acids out of the body through urination.

How do you know you’re filtering? Pee in a jar first thing in the morning and also 3 hours after consumption of liquid and food at night time before you go to bed. After about 4 hours of your urine sitting in the morning after your sampled urine is clear and you see no material/sediment, cloudiness, mucus, etc you have work to do, and especially your nighttime sample jar you will urinate in and leave overnight. If the overnight urine shows no filtration now you really need to go to work and change things up with your detoxification protocol.

You must filter through your kidneys so you can pull out these acids effectively so you can remove the inflammation and regenerate damaged tissue.

Ok, so juice fasting the way I see is fasting when you don’t feast on juice but rather drink just enough juice giving yourself a window of intermittent dry fasting from like 4 pm-8 am or more if you have more experience like myself push it to 9-10 am and than hydrate with a hydrating juice such as watermelon juice or cucumber juice or fresh raw coconut water so you can get rapid hydration after you break your dry fast. I do 16 oz each juice but I would recommend for the inexperienced faster 24 oz juices for each juice and 3-4 juices max a day and no added drinking water on the fast.

It has been said that fasting is water and dry only if it’s a pure fast but I think fasting in the context of detoxification and encouraging the body to conserve energy and rest is how you experience detox with experiencing the typical symptoms of detox and how well you eliminate waste out of the body. I think there is a juice “fast” that fits in this category if it’s a juice/dry fasting hybrid (50/50) but don’t get juice feasting confused with this because drinking a gallon of juice a day is fasting from EATING without question but the fasting I’m referring to is fasting that promotes regenerative detoxification.

The reason why juice is not considered a fast by many is that the body is being used up with energy at some level regarding sugar and nutrition. Listen up though if you’re on a water fast and drinking to much water this can burden the kidneys because unstructured water void of electrolytes the body wants to get rid of rapidly and this is why when drink drinking water you have to pee very quickly and this burdening eliminative organ tissue is not a good thing for removing waste you are breaking up and the body struggling to get rid of it.

At least fruit juice has electricity and astringency to move lymph and to clean the kidneys more effectively and if you struggle to filter on juice try drinking less and dry fast as well on your juice fast so you can not only flush the bowels but also so you can remove intestinal waste in the bowels and every other tissue in the body through kidney filtration. You fail to (kidney filter waste) on your juice feast you can only go so far with healing. You Definitely want to clean our old toxic digestive waste debris out of the colon and humans in the 20th century have tons and it’s actually quite shocking how bad it can be in humans and this is why sometimes you need to juice feast in cycles short term but Repeatedly and on the none juice feasting/fasting days just adopt an all-fruit diet of eating the fruits and doing 24-36 hour dry fast a week for kidney filtration and revisit the juice feasting so that you can pull out the old waste matter again because it may all come out even if you did do a 90-day juice feast.

Also, enemas and colonics are a great idea on an extended juice fast and I would highly recommend using them if you do a long-term juice fast or feast as a tool to pull out the old impacted fecal waste and mucus and plaque build-up.

Detoxification is a personal art of perfecting how well you can eliminate not just following the protocols the experts map out for you that are known to “promote elimination” You want to switch things up, go in cycles, and understand what is most appropriate for you in your current situation at certain times on your healing journey.

The End

Get back to nature my friends, get back to a diet that your biological design to eat, tap into your intuitive Consciousness, let your instincts guide you, live in the present moment, and I promise you my friends you will thrive!

Written by Jonathon RA Stearns AKA the Mangotarian

If you are interested in my iridology services or phone consultations regarding regenerative detoxification please send me a private message or shoot me an email I can discuss with you with what Im offering to assist you! ?

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