Time for a solid food vacation

Time for a solid food vacation

Time for a solid food vacation, at least for a couple days or longer. You know me I don’t plan, I just go with intuition, and listen to my body. This is a for life lifestyle! Just bought a cheap $100 dollar brevile juicer. I got grapes and watermelon, but I’m just going to keep it fruit based of course.

Come join me my beautiful soul tribe! Let’s motivate each other to stay on the path of regeneration and keeping the body clean!

Personally I don’t like long term juice feast, because it’s not the best for kidney filtration, and for those with really sensitive adrenal glands, but it’s great for a GI tract rest, to give digestion a rest for 2-10 days, and then just to eat your fruits whole, because the fiber slows down the sugar from jolting the adrenals, and is less hard on the kidneys and bladder as well. There is a reason why it’s important to eat your hydration, but sometimes when you overeat and indulge on that gourmet raw lol ?, those damn nuts and seeds will get you! it’s time to reset, and clean out those bowels, and also to work on your spiritual body, and it’s easier to do that when you’re not being bogged down by heavy digestion.

Fruit juice is a bowel solvent, and will clean your pipes well. Hey guys don’t beat yourself up if you indulge a little from time to time on gourmet raw, or for some of you, cooked foods, just get back on the program, and be as consistent as best you can. It usually takes about 1 week of creating a healthy habit, and it’s pretty easy to stay on tract after about a week.

Honor your body the best way you can, and overtime you will regain your discipline. The focus is always the fruit juices, because you need the electromagnetic energy, and the astringent liquids to move lymph, and to clean up the residues in the GI tract. The hardened calcification, mucus plaquing, and sulfur glue like residues, will need the solvent fruit juice to scrub off the walls of the colon, this is also vital with fixing malabsorption, so you can overtime rebuild your body on living foods designed for you, which in my opinion are fruits, berries and melons, and we can’t judge fruits because of the poor quality, and bitch, because we eat grocery store picked unripe fruit. Fruit is the best regardless, and you feel the difference on fruit, when you get your body used to the digestion and hydration of fruit. When the body gets hydrated and alkaline with fruit, you will feel the negative blowback of digestion, lack of energy, and dehydration and brain fog, when you eat other foods. It doesn’t matter whether it’s cooked, or raw food sources, the fruits are on another level when it comes to optimal health outcomes.

Yes fruit can rip you when it comes to detox, and fruit juice is aggressive when it comes to detox, but never be scared of detox, it’s a mental thing! Yes be smart and transition with common sense. Don’t eat cheese burgers, or processed vegan junk food for weeks, and jump right into a lemon juice or grape juice diet, at least go mucus free, and high fruit, and then adopt a solid food vacation on just fruit juice so you don’t feel to sick, and get the lower back pains, nausea, and head aches from going to quickly, but if you have time to relax in bed, who cares, don’t have a treatment based avoid all pain mentality. It’s detox my friends, not a tropical beauty spa of perfect bliss.

If you’re not filtering at all, then maybe avoid a solid food vacation on just fruit juice, and just eat your fruit whole, slam those kidney and adrenal herbs, and do some 12-16 hour daily time restricted dry fast, and get those kidneys filtering, so when you clean your pipes and steer up stagnant lymph with fruit juice, your eliminating your waste, but you also never know, and maybe fruit juice is what you need to get your kidneys filtering, and also getting those deep stagnant plaques out of the bowels, and excess sewage terrain is vital for kidney filtering to improve, because the body usually focuses on cleaning the bowels first, before it goes to the kidneys and lymph system (intestinal fluid)

You must be the experiment, I just know from experience when my kidneys were in bad shape, and almost in full blown kidney failure, eating fruit whole, pumping the herbs for the kidneys, glands, GI tract, and lymph system was the best for filtering the lymph system effectively. The juice feasting was always the best for pulling out the sulfur, fungus, biofilms, Mucoid plaque, and the microbial waste, such as parasites, eggs and worms.

I after a while of learning how to be a personal master regarding kidney filtration, and have plenty of pictures to say this, and finding effective ways to get them filtering, such as with the sweet fruit dry fast systems I created such as the beginner, intermittent, and advanced level, and I will post the protocol, or videos I made on the topic, if I can dig it up at the bottom of this article. Also if your experienced like myself do a 23 hour dry fast/1 juicy fruit meal a day for a week, grapes or mangoes being the best fruit option, and see for yourself how good you filter!

I have done some good work on cracking open, and cleaning my kidneys good, and now I can filter pretty decent on fruit juices, and also clean my bowels out at the same time, and that’s what you want to accomplish overtime, putting in the work on a regenerative detoxification, and living foods diet, and a fasting lifestyle baby!

If you want to reset, and give the gut a rest, go on a SFV for a week or two, and if you’re still a beginner, maybe just do like apple juice in the day, and cucumber juice in the evening.

I’m going to do grape juice and watermelon juice, and maybe some orange juice in the mix if I can find some sweet organic navels around, but if you really want to pull the sulfur out, and Mucoid plaque, I think Watermelon and lemon juice added is a powerful solvent for that. When I do Watermelon juice, I just add like 1-2 good size lemons squeezed in the watermelon juice, and limes are good as well, and lemon and grapes are also powerful cleaners, and have been known to bust loose tumors, but I personally think lemon and watermelon juice, is something special as well.

Sip and chew your juice, don’t chug, and make sure you do organic, because you don’t want to inject neurotoxin pesticides into your blood stream, because the whole idea of juice feasting and detox, is to pull those metals and neurotoxin residues out of the body, not add more on to the load.

I know someone is going to ask about if they can’t get fresh organic fruit to juice, what about the pasteurized organic juice sold at the grocery store? Well I will always, always stress the importance of fresh, raw electromagnetic fruit, with the living enzymes bonded to truly hydrating alkaline chemistry, which is raw juice, not pasteurized, however if you can only get organic pasteurized grape and orange juice, it’s still a powerful solvent, and we have plenty of people that have experienced the cleaning benefits, but I would not make it a long term habit, and if you can get organic grapes, apples, or oranges, I think it’s important to spend the extra money, because long term juice feasting on pasteurized juice, to me can be problematic regarding the adrenal glands, because heated sugar is harder for the adrenals to metabolize vs fruit sugar with the living enzymes intact, and this may cause fungal problem, especially if you already have weak adrenals, and sugar metabolism problems.

At least watermelons you can get away with none organic, as long as they are sweet enough of course to enjoy, because you can remove the pesticides from the shell with veggie wash, and the flesh inside is protected for the most part, and that’s what I would do for last resort, before I went to the pasteurized juice, and if you do the pasteurized for a short term SFV, because that’s all you can get, I would only do organic, and bottled in glass not plastic, because why the hell would you put cheap grape juice in you, full of mold, herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides, and bottled in bpa plastic, which is known to cause estrogenic effects on the body? I mean come on my friends, let’s be smart, and not lower are standards too much, and always go for the best quality, when your trying to create a high functioning body, and get your car to wellville! And you can order online the best quality juice possible as well, but I advocate the living juice, and I think the extra money and time making it, is always worth it.

I’m a fan of short term SFV, and think we should always take brakes to fast in regards to digestion, and we all can’t just jump into water fasting and extended dry fasting, and I would not even recommend that for high level cancer cases, and juice is a good reset, and detox for everyone, and if fruit is to aggressive for you in the beginning, then bring on the celery, and cucumber juices, and add in the parsley and Dandelion greens, and work yourself up to fruit.

Have fun with this guys, and do what you need to do to feel your best, and bad habits can be overcome, and I understand how easy it is to create a negative habit, but I also understand how powerful the mind is, and how easy it can be to overcome it, when you refuse to fail, and you get as addicted to the out of body experiences in the spiritual worlds, rather then the temporary satisfaction of eating shitty, and feeling the effects of pain and stiffness, fatigue, brian fog, and dehydration.

The End

Get back to nature my friends, get back to a diet that your biological design to eat, tap into your intuitive Consciousness, let your instincts guide you, live in the present moment, and I promise you my friends you will thrive!

Written by Jonathon RA Stearns AKA the Mangotarian

If you are interested in my iridology services or phone consultations regarding regenerative detoxification please send me a private message or shoot me an email I can discuss with you with what Im offering to assist you! ? https://www.facebook.com/mangotarian/services/

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