Too much worry about eating fruits (part 2)

Too much worry about eating fruits (part 2)

Candida myth

I remember when I was a kid there wasn’t a whole lot of confusion regarding fruits. A matter of fact, what I do remember is the fruits were always considered an extremely important nutritious food, and very healthy. Now days because we have these fad diets like the Atkins diet, paleo diet, ketogenic diet, and all these other high protein diets, the propaganda has become so dominant, that people think that fresh, organic, juicy fruits grown in nature, will have a negative impact on their health, because they think that sugar feeds candida or cancer!

The majority of the people on the planet don’t even know what causes cancer, let alone what causes candida. For one candida is not caused by excess sugar, it may be caused by excess processed sugar, and fermentation thats taking place, but usually the root cause of candida overgrowth, is damaged and weak adrenal glands, that are not functioning properly, and not allowing the body to utilize carbohydrates, and metabolize sugars. When the body doesn’t metabolize sugar properly, whether that’s natural sugar or processed sugar, fermentation takes place, and that’s when the candida come in to clean up the mess. We can’t blame sugar for the cause of candida, because we think that if something is sweet, it’s going to feed all this unnecessary candida in the body.

This is just all fear propagated by the people that run the “anti Candida diet” we need to change this to the “adrenal dysfunction diet”, because meats that are high in fat and protein damage the kidneys and damage the adrenal glands, so as much as you try to rob the body from sugar which is very dangerous, because you think that Sugar feeds candida, your only making your problem worse down the road, because you can’t kill candida until you fix your adrenal gland, because candida will just come right back if you keep fermenting your sugars. It’s quite interesting that fruits create detoxification and remove the root cause of why the adrenals get damaged in the first place and thats (ACIDS) backed up in the lymphatic system, and the kidneys are not filtering these waste out. It’s extremely difficult for the kidneys to remove acids, because the adrenal gland sit on top of the kidneys and control their function. The only real way to fix the kidneys and adrenals, is through detoxification, and going on a diet that promotes this to take place such as fruits, berries, melons, and the herbal botanical varieties.

if your adrenal glands are so damaged that your having a difficult time metabolizing fruit sugar, this is a big indicator that you have a lot of work to do, to get them to function properly again. Complex carbohydrates, and even vegetables will be more difficult for the adrenal glands to metabolize and utilize, then that of a simple fruit sugar. We need to understand that just because fruit is sweet, does it mean that it’s higher in sugar, then starchy vegetables. Fruits actually contain less sugar than most plant varieties. So even though you may have a difficult time metabolizing fruit sugar, you will have way more of a difficult time metabolizing complex sugars.

You need to focus on detoxification and not run away from sugars, because your body absolutely need sugars for cellular function, and diets that are very low in sugar promote acidosis, destroy the kidneys even more, and suppress the ability for the lymphatic system to remove the metabolic waste.

You need to remove the acids and metabolic waste in the body, in order for the adrenal glands to heal and regenerate. Unfortunately people are buying Into the fad diet lies, thinking that they could stave out this fungus, by eating dead, and putrefactive foods. You need to bring alkalinity and hydration, to replenish yourselve, and to clean up the terrain that is causing the problem in the first place.

Cancer myth

Theirs unfortunately another myth propagated in the “health community” stating that fruit sugar feeds cancer cells, and that you need to starve the body of sugar, because sugar will feed these cells, and in order for the cells to regenerate, you must avoid sugar of all kinds. This is very unfortunate, and I unfortunately have bought into this myth in my life as well. This is just confusion not understanding what causes cancer in the first place, and then understanding that it has nothing to do with sugar, but damaged and atrophy to cells brought on by acids.

Natural sugar does not damage cells, it’s high protein diets that leave behind an acid ash, that destroys cells. Nobody heals their cancer long-term on these diets, because the body is not designed to be on these diets long-term. The body’s primary fuel source is sugar, not fats that promote ketosis. Ketones is a backup fuel source, do to starvation of carbon. Ketosis really is just acidosis.

If anybody feels good on this diet that puts the body in ketosis, it’s only because your creating a stimulating effect, and producing adrenaline, that makes you feel high. Most people cannot go long-term, without yo-yoing, and eating carbohydrates again because the body is screaming for carbon to fuel itself properly. We need to get back to common sense, regarding are anatomy and physiology. If we understand that we’re not designed for one to cook our foods, let alone eating foods that that are designed for carnivores, it will make more sense that carbohydrates are the natural fuel source for the human species. In order to heal cancer, you have to bring alkalinity and hydration to the body, move your lymphatic system, and eliminate acid waste through the kidneys. when you remove the acids the cells will regenerate. It’s as simple as cause and effect, there is only two sides of chemistry and that being acid, or alkaline chemistry. If your on an acid ash diet, your going to create acidosis. Well it’s common sense that animal products are acidic, and fruits and vegetables are alkaline.

If you think that you need to avoid sugar to starve out a cancer cell, then you can’t eat vegetables either, and a matter of fact if you eat vegetables for this modality, your only feeding in to your belief system more than you would be eating fruits, because vegetables most of the time, are higher in sugar content than fruits. So what’s the solution for this silly concept of sugar feeding cancer, well that would mean to only eat dead meats for the rest of your life to keep your cancer in remission, we all know this is not a healthy diet, to starve the body of vital nutrition, that comes from the plant kingdom.

This is obviously just another concept of treating a problem, without getting to the root cause which is acidosis, and acidosis is only caused by humans eating foods their not biologically designed to eat.

If you fear fruit sugar, and you continue to eat vegetables and complex carbohydrates (starches) you may not even realize that your contributing more to your problem, then you are fixing it. Acidosis is what causes cancer, and fruits and vegetables do not create acidosis.

Acidosis is caused by eating proteins and refined fats and too many supplement fatty acids. The body is simplistic. Acids are corrosive and damage cells, When your lymphatic system can no longer filter them through the kidneys. Acids cause a great inflammation and a parasite response. Glucose and fructose are both simple sugars. To say a fruit feeds cancer is also saying vegetables feed cancer. Even the American Cancer Society recommends a high fruit and vegetable diet! With that said, the whole concept of diseases is a fabrication of the AMA.

If you want to get rid of your problem, but your hearing sugar is a problem, and fruits are too high in sugar, you don’t understand chemistry of foods, and are buying into BS, rather than the facts. Your going to have to unconstipate your brain, from the lies that have been suppressing it.

Put your focus on the curative, not treating and masking symptoms, and trying to starve out the body by eating foods that are on the acid side of chemistry. Think about it rationally, eating dead cooked food from an animal, is not going to bring the nutrition to your body that it needs, because animas gets their nutrition from plants, it’s not just magically built into their tissues. Even the carnivore animals in nature try to find the predigested vegetable fibers in the gut of the animal when they eat them.

Whether you have cancer, diabetes, candida, focus on fixing your endocrine glands so that your body could deal with utilization better, to get rid of the imbalances that are caused from acids. Understand that fruits will heal all three of these conditions when you detoxify your body, open up your kidneys, and remove the acids that are stagnant and your lymphatic system. Detoxification can only be achieved through fruits, herbs, water fasting and dry fasting. Vegetables do not promote detoxification because of their lower energetic, antioxidant and astringent properties. Vegetables will only detoxify you so far, and then you will reach a plateau. The vegetable thinking of healing your body is very common in these so-called detox and health retreat centers. You will always crave fruits on a high vegetable plant-based diet.

Complex carbohydrates are the problem not fruit sugar

When you consume complex sugars, as in anything complex, your body now has to deal with the need for more cortisol and the overload of simple sugars and now has to deal with the need for more cortisol and the overload of simple sugars and now has to store them as fat, excrete what it can, and excessive acidosis. If ones adrenal glands are weak and one runs low cortisol levels they will experience blood sugar problems. The same is true with proteins and fats. A lot of man’s toxemia comes from excess proteins, fats and sugars, which are broken down into acids. Stored and / or parasitically acted upon. With a stagnant lymphatic system, this creates systemic acidosis, body order, culturing of parasites, bacterium, ect. All of which start the inflammatory response and the atrophy of the body. When you feel low energy 99% of the time it’s your adrenal glands. We mistakenly think that protein is our energy source instead of sugar. This is all propaganda. The only energy we feel from meat is the adrenaline and epinephrine from its death. Carbon and oxygen is our main source of chemical energy. You must understand your body does not use protein for energy. It is only the adrenaline or epinephrine in meat that is energetic. This is a problem and that your adrenal glands are supposed to supply your body with adrenaline when needed for nerve function. The Detox Miracle Sourcebook by Robert Morse, N.D.

You don’t need to fear fruits, because when you eat them you feel more symptoms, your only feeling more symptoms because the fruit is exposing the underlying issue, and that’s acidosis. It’s because of the energy and astringent properties of the fruits that stir up and expose these problems. If you focus on fixing your adrenal glands and kidneys the metabolic wastes the fruits stir up in the body from old stagnant acidic foods, then you will be able to remove these corrosive acids from your body, and no longer deal with any symptoms that fruits may expose. What happens unfortunately is that somebody will be on a fruit based diet for a long time, and experience these painful symptoms, because they have not opened up their kidneys to eliminate the acids, because they avoid herbs, and fasting, either because they don’t understand it, or because they fear or think it’s bad for you. For those that are on all fruit diets, that get their kidneys filtering with herbs and fasting, will soon overcome these problems they once faced on a fruit diet, the experience the benefits, and succeed on fruits. for those that don’t understand the kidneys role as the eleminative channel For removing acids, can’t get to the root of the problem, and will end up blaming the fruits as a problem, going back to cooked food, or foods that do not promote detoxification, and temporarily feel better, because they stop the body’s ability to create detoxification. This doesn’t last forever, because they will soon plateau, because the body wants to detoxify, and remove these metabolic wastes that have been stagnant in the body for decades. If all fruits are stirring up waste that are not being eliminated through the lungs, the bowels, the skin, and the kidneys, you may want to bring in nature’s medicine (herbal Botanicals), and consider doing some intermittent dry fasting, to open up stubborn damaged kidneys to eliminate these metabolic waste, and you will start to experience the many benefits the fruits will offer you, and you will no longer be brain constipated propagated that fruit sugar is bad for you.

The End

Get back to nature my friends, get back to a diet that your biological design to eat, tap into your intuitive Consciousness, let your instincts guide you, live in the present moment, and I promise you my friends you will thrive!

Written by Jonathon RA Stearns AKA the Mangotarian

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