Whatever your excuse may be you still are a frugivore

Whatever your excuse may be you still are a frugivore

I like to emphasize the species specific diet, because I believe that that’s where most of the confusion lies. We could have intellectual discussions on nutrition, detoxification, and compare the quality of foods, and how they fight cancer, or treat a problem, Etc, but at the end of the day when you focus on the simplicity of our nature, and also what nature has provided for each species specifically, then there is no reason to go in circles debating over what food is most optimal, when you understand what your species is designed for. It’s very unfortunate in my opinion that we empathize greens more than we emphasize fruits.

It is a good thing to move away from eating a cooked junk food diet to a vegetable based diet don’t get me wrong, but when the green movement continues to spread disinformation regarding the fruits, then I have absolutely no respect for pushing the greens, just to get somebody off of the dead cooked food! To say that fruit has too much sugar, and should be avoided is like saying that water is too wet and should be avoided! This whole concept of sugar, is a little ridiculous in my opinion because not all sugar is created equal when nature has provided a perfect food source with the perfect amount of nutrition, minerals, flavonoids, antioxidants, phytonutrients, and structured living water, just because it contains sugar, doesn’t mean it’s harmful to your body.

sugar in its holistic form found in fruits, is highly beneficial to your body, and vital for each cell in your body to function properly. It’s also quite interesting that when somebody cleans out their body, in detoxification, they will soon plateau with their healing, until they remove veggies and adding more fruits. If vegetables are more superior than fruits, then why are people creating more detoxification with fruits at a higher level to remove the obstructions that are causing the problem in the first place? It’s simple vegetables do not have the power and the astringency that the fruits have when it comes to removing obstructions from the body. Not only that but vegetables are extremely hard to digest, so anything that’s hard on the body when it comes to digestion will suppress the body’s ability from focusing on healing the damaged areas.

The fruit has gotten a bad rap, not because the fruit causes problems to the body. The fruit gets a bad rap because humans have caused an extreme amount of damage to their body, so when they eat the fruits, they can’t tolerate the discomfort, because of how powerful the fruits are when it comes to removing the underlying cause of the damage which is the terrain and environment that you have created through acid, and mucus forming foods you have been eating your entire life.

The energy, and electricity and astringent power that the fruits create, will start to pull and remove these obstructions in the body at a much higher and superior rate than any other raw food options can create. This is why the human body struggles with fruit, not because it’s not a compatible food, but because fruits are the detoxifying foods that nature has provided. When you remove the obstructions the block the flow of energy and create pain and dis-ease in the body through detoxification, you will be able to benefit from eating fruit alone, and after a while and you remove these obstructions and the body starts to heal more rapidly, then the body will be able to focus on building on the very food that are cleaning it out (fruits) if people were only patient enough to allow the body to heal at a certain degree to where they could tolerate the benefits fromthe power of the fruit when it comes to healing the physical body, spiritual body, mental body and emotional body, they will understand that fruits are far more superior than vegetables, nuts and seeds, or any other raw food source that is touted to be a superior option, and a better option then making fruit the base of the diet.

It’s never the fruits that are causing the problem, it’s the sewage that’s causing The problem in the body, exposing the underlined issue. Fruits expose weakness. If your feeling pain from fruit, it’s most likely not the fruit causing the pain, but it’s the fruit telling you where there are acids stagnant in your body. That’s the beautiful thing about the fruits, is that it will expose the areas in the body that need to be healed, even those that have had injuries in their childhood, when they detoxify on a fruit diet, can experience a healing crisis and experience the pain in those tissues that were not properly healed when they were on acid forming diets as a child. When your detoxifying on fruits, your going to detoxify at a level that is much higher than any other type of physical detox the body may go through, when you change your diet to an alkaline forming diet.

Vegetables are alkaline and create hydration in the body, there is nothing wrong with vegetables, other than their not the best option when it comes to digestion, and utilization when it comes to our species design. The reason why we steam vegetables and juice them is so that we can get better utilization from them and absorption because their extremely hard on the GI tract and difficult to digest. The fruits however digest in the body very quickly, it’s just unfortunate that humans have destroyed their body to a point where they can’t even get good digestion from the fruits, let alone experience the energy and benefits that the fruits provide, because their body goes into rapid detox mode when they start eating fruits, because the body wants to heal itself the correct way, and the fruits will create this process. It’s quite interesting that the very food that your designed to eat promotes real regenerative detoxification in the body.

So now that I have covered that it’s a fact that fruits have more energy, electricity and astringent power when it comes to the cleansing process of the body, and that dormant beans, grains, starches, vegetables, nuts or seeds or any other food source that you feel is healthy, simply cannot reverse a chronic health element as quick as if you were eating just fruits alone, that’s why people go into healing crisis right when they start eating fruits even though they may have been on a raw food diet for many years.

There are plenty of raw foodist that have health problems, because it’s not just eating a raw food diet that will create healing in the body, it’s creating the detoxification that your body needs in order to get rid of the underline issue, which is stagnant mucus and acid lymph congestion in the body. You cannot systemically reverse health issues, until you get your kidneys to filter. The best known way to get your kidneys to filter is to go on an all-fruit diet along with herbal botanicals.

If you feel like you’re not progressing in your healing, and you’re still eating lots of vegetables, and possibly nuts and seeds and avocados which are high in fat, then it’s most likely because you have not got your kidneys open up to filter out the acids stagnant in the lymphatic system. You need fruits and herbs to create this in most cases. This is why it’s important to understand that there is a reason why fruits are designed for the human species, it’s because they not only nourish and replenish the body, but they also detoxify the body on the daily.

The body is designed to remove cellular waste everyday, but the problem is people are eating foods their not designed for, and the acidity/ mucus that’s created through the foods they eat, the fluids they drink, the things they put on their skin, and the air they breathe suppress the body by damaging the eliminative organs, that eliminate these waste, the kidneys being the main channel. This is another reason why the foods that we are designed for, will also help the body to heal itself from any damage it needs to heal.

The body wants to heal itself, and regenerate every single day. Thank God that nature has provided us a food that’s compatible with are species design, and will also regenerate and fix damages that most medical doctors would say are irreversible and cannot be healed. You just must understand that the lies about fruit sugar, are not factual, and thank God that the real evidence is coming out to provide this to the intellectual minds that are constipated with dogma, rather than just simplifying things by understanding nature, regarding each species, in nature having a specific diet, and also understanding that humans are not an exception to this, just because we have literature, and studies about certain foods that are healthy, but not understanding that they may not be healthy and the best suitable option for you, because it’s designed for another species.

We must get our minds on the simplicity of healing. Detoxification is the answer, not focusing on supplementation, nutrition, and thinking that it’s the green vegetables that provide the healing power. Most people that have chronic illnesses that plateau on a raw food diet high in vegetables, soon discover, how quickly their able to heal the damage that has been taking them years to try to reverse with just raw foods alone, by simply going to the fruitarian levels and eating fruits primarily. I wouldn’t waste my time focusing on the gurus that preach the vegetable concept, and understand that vegetables just don’t have the power to detoxify like the fruits do. Don’t let them mislead you and thinking that you can’t sustain yourself on fruits and that they lack nutrition, or whatever the false accusations are regarding them.

Understand that fruit is the most superior food source we have in nature.The nutritional value of fruits and herbs alone, will far outweigh any kind of nutrition that you try to find in starchy vegetables, leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds, and veggie fruits, in any other raw food option.The juicy fruits will clean your body out, are the most compatible with your physiology, easiest to digest, provide the most energy, provide the most hydration, and also provide the most healing to the kidneys and adrenal glands which are responsible for allowing the body to remove the cellular waste that create acidosis which is the root of every man’s disease.

No matter what excuse you may have, at the end of the day if you really look into the facts, you will understand that you are frugivores, and that your body is most compatible with fruits, and they should be the bulk of your diet and in my opinion at least 90%, and the remaining should be herbs. Now transitioning because of the toxicity load in the body, it would make sense to be able to ground yourself, and slow the energy with the vegetables, but the ultimate goal is to clean your body out well enough so that you can move to the high fruit levels and get deep regenerative healing at a much quicker pace then if you were unlike a 50/50 raw food diet of fruits and vegetables. Now if your trying to detoxify your body and you’re still eating cooked food, then I would highly advise you to transition off that cook food as quick as your body will allow you to, because it will be extremely difficult to get your kidneys to filter when the energy levels of the food are extremely low. You simply must understand that it’s the energy and the hydration that creates the detoxification process, and that’s where the fruits come in, because we are a species that is designed for the high energetic food source, that’s how humans thrive when they start eating foods that are designed for them.

Their is a good reason why the fruits are the most superior when it comes to detoxification and regenerative healing. Instead of making excuses and buying into all the literature that says this, and that about fruits, and about what’s the best raw food diet you should be on, I highly recommend you be the experiment, and understand that when you start going to the fruit levels, and you get your kidneys to open up and filter, you will soon understand how toxic your body really is, and some of the stuff that you will see come out of your body weather that’s your nose, your ears, your eyes, your lungs, your skin, your bowels, and your urine.

You could buy into the lack of minerals that the fruits have that you need to compensate with vegetables and this and that, but at the end of the day you’re not a herbivore your a frugivore. I think that the food that your designed to eat will give your body that perfect ratio of vitamins and minerals, not what’s written down on paper and projected in the health journals. We need to get our mind off of this high mineral concept just understand that there’s a specific need, not quantity based on numbers that are put together trying to get these minerals and vitamins from foods that are simply just not designed for your species, I know this sounds repetitive but the facts are just eat foods are designed for and all your needs will be met, you just have to endure through the detoxification process, and when that takes place you may be lacking certain things because the body’s trying to fix itself so that you can get better digestion, absorption, utilization, and be able to eliminate the waste, after that gets accomplished then you will understand that it’s not the fruits, it was your body.

The End

Get back to nature my friends, get back to a diet that your biological design to eat, tap into your intuitive Consciousness, let your instincts guide you, live in the present moment, and I promise you my friends you will thrive!

Written by Jonathon RA Stearns AKA the Mangotarian

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