Why do you get kidney stones?

Why do you get kidney stones?

Their is a lot of confusion regarding this issue, well there is a lot of confusion regarding health and diet! In order to understand the symptoms you must understand the cause. The simplicity of cause and effect, however that becomes complicated because that’s human nature! Instead of going to a person with a masters degree in nutrition to Intelligently brake down the “science” and all possibilities of why your getting stones formulating on your kidneys with some kind of goofy explanation, and the do’s and donts of diet etc. it’s best to keep things simple with the basic understanding of chemistry as it correlates to what humans ingest on the daily that would cause these possibilities to occur.

Their is only 2 sides of chemistry, ACID/ALKALINE. What side of chemistry would cause calcification and stones to build up on the kidneys? It’s quite obvious it would be acid chemistry, because for one acids are corrosive, and two they cause calcification and stones to build in the human body because calcium is an antacid, calcium comes in to buffer and fight acids.

Now instead of braking down every food and creating some kind of complicated diet protocol for someone to follow to a T to avoid these symptoms and stones that occur on damages kidneys, it’s much easier to just make you understand what foods in a whole are acidic, and which ones are alkaline, instead of listing every food that is, and every food that isn’t.

Grains, beans, processed starch, eggs, dairy, nuts, and all meats are on the acid side and are not alkaline so avoid them, because they are hard on the kidneys and create acid and mucus stagnation in the body which contributes to backing up the lymphatic system and damaging the kidneys causing calcifications and stones to build up on the kidneys, and you don’t want to pass a stone if you don’t have to, unless you enjoy peeing out razors! And it’s simple fruits in their ripe state are alkaline even the ones that are categorized as acid fruits become alkaline when ingested. Your starchless veggies are also all alkaline.

You want to put your main focus on the living foods that are not mucus forming, but for transition and balance there are some cooked foods that won’t cause stones to occur on the kidneys such as all your starch-less veggies, leafy greens and sweet potatoes are alkaline and low in proteins. Grain alternatives like Quinoa, Millet, and amaranth are also alkaline forming with low acidity.

It has been said that you want to go on a low oxalate diet to avoid kidney stones but this is also just a focus in the wrong direction, because there are tons of fruits and veg alkaline and raw that are very good for you that contain them, and nature did not make a mistake producing them to harm us because of “oxalates”

It’s the acid and mucus foods that cause these issues to occur, and the proteins that are the biggest offenders.

Remove the high protein foods, and hydrate and alkalize your body with mainly fruits and tender leafy greens, and you will keep your kidneys clean, and functioning well so you can drain your lymphatic system, and not back it up with acid stagnation that not only causes stones to occur, but also the main problem that damaged humans face in today’s world is not “disease” it’s systemic acidosis!

Now if you eat rid of stones or pieces of stones on a living foods diet that’s highly alkaline, your body is detoxing, and getting rid of old stones that accumulated in the body from acid and mucus forming foods that you ate that did not make their way out of the body, and now that the body has a chance to cleanse and heal, it’s rejecting the stones.

Once you get your body highly alkaline and you fix your kidneys, and clean them up nice, you should be able to achieve kidney filtration, which is vital to circulate out metabolic waste from the lymph system. If you don’t get rid of the acids they will stay at home and acids destroy homes! Imagine the septic tank backing up in your house and exploding right!? Every room is going to be effected by it.

You don’t want to continue to fight acids, but to clean your lymph system, and remain on a diet that creates alkalization like your fruits, berries, melons, and vegetables.

Let’s get out of the world of treatment and masking symptoms, and just maintain a healthy lifestyle of eating foods that create health and regeneration.

Kidney stones will only develop with the consumption of acid/mucus and pus forming foods, and high proteins that contain uric acid in the body. The kidneys are the most important eliminative organ connected to the great lymphatic system, the largest fluid in the human body, 4 times bigger then the blood system. There are 3 major systems in the body, blood, lymph and the nervous system. All these systems function well when the body is properly hydrated and alkaline, and fruits and vegetables that are not high in lipids are not acid, and mucus forming, and contribute to health and well-being.

Detoxify the body and adopt a diet that cleans and enhanced cellular tissue, and you won’t ever have to play in the world of “treating” without fixing the cause. It’s always the diet my friends, and if it’s not conducive to health, it’s causing acidosis and degeneration.

The End

Get back to nature my friends, get back to a diet that your biological design to eat, tap into your intuitive Consciousness, let your instincts guide you, live in the present moment, and I promise you my friends you will thrive!

Written by Jonathon RA Stearns AKA the Mangotarian

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