Why does fruit make my symptoms feel worse during detoxification?

Why does fruit make my symptoms feel worse during detoxification?

When we pay attention to the simplicity of chemistry and understand that there is only two sides, the (alkaline side and the acid side). When your body is on the acid side, your going to feel the burn, and your going to experience the symptoms of having a body that is full of acidity.

When we eat acid-forming foods we tear down are organs, glands and damage our cells. What happens is acids get dumped into the lymphatic system (the sewer system) of the human body, and get locked interstitially, and create inflammatory conditions, that dehydrate and fatigue the body, as well as creating tons of inflammatory conditions in the process.

When we spend a lifetime eating foods that are corrosive, and not compatible with our species design, the body could only hold so much sewage waste, before it explodes!

When the body is full of acid, your going to accumulate lots of uncomfortable symptoms, and in order to get rid of these symptoms you must drain the (septic tank) the lymphatic system, via the kidneys. In order to move the lymphatic system, and get these acids to the kidneys, you must regenerate and unclog the kidneys as well.

In order to move the lymphatic system, and break down the quagulated hardened plaques in the body from mucus, and acid forming foods, you must take in chemistry on the alkaline side.

Fruits and vegetables are the foods that bring alkalinity and hydration to the body, fruits are the most aggressive when it comes to moving the lymphatic system, and breaking down these hardened plaques, as well as pushing acids to the kidneys.

The problem is fruits are so aggressive with pulling these obstructions and aggressively trying to get rid of them, when the kidneys are damaged and clogged, it’s hard to eliminate them, which in return will make your symptoms worse.

Fruits love to expose the underlined issue, and a lot of the times we think that fruit is making the problem worse but really it’s just trying to pulling the problem out of the body. This is the process of elimination.

When you create a problem you experienced the symptoms, when you eliminate the problem you also will experience the symptoms, and sometimes when you eliminate them you experience more problems then when you created them, this is just how nature works when it comes to healing and cleaning out the body from obstructions that block the flow of energy.

The reason why people don’t experience these problems with vegetables it’s simply because they’re not aggressive detoxifiers like the fruits, and will soon find themselves plateauing with getting better, this is because they are slowing down the detoxification process, and when you eat fruits it only enhances and increases the aggressiveness of detoxification, because fruits are very electrical, and active, and have the astringent power that the vegetables lack.

This can be very discouraging for many people, especially enduring through the uncomfortable symptoms of detoxification, when we are used to living in a world of wanting it now, and not having much patience or faith to endure through the process.

Often people will stop eating fruit, because their symptoms are getting exposed, but this is very unfortunate, because when you endure through the process of elimination, and you open up your channels of elimination, which are going to be the bowels, kidneys, lungs, and sweating through the skin, you will eventually get to the other side, and no longer deal with these uncomfortable symptoms, because your getting to the root of the problem, and your creating a detoxification process, which is important, in order to accelerate in your healing.

I could attest that I have dealt with all these uncomfortable symptoms, and in the beginning experience them even more on an all fruits versus fruits&vegetable diet, but I’m glad I endured through the process, because now I’m only experiencing the benefits!

When you get to the point of plateauing, and you no longer are progressing in your healing, on a fruit and vegetable based diet, it’s because your no longer providing your body with the energy, that it needs to move the lymphatic system, and going to an all-fruit diet will create this process of elimination much quicker.

If your seeing lots of obstructions in metabolic waste in your bowel movements, and your seeing lots of sediment in your urine, but also your feeling worse, this is because your body is eliminating the obstructions, and when you eliminate the obstructions, you will have to endure through the pain, and fatigue that takes place during the process.

When I got rid of vegetables for detoxification purposes, I’ve noticed this process of elimination increase, and when this process of elimination started to increase, so did my symptoms temporarily, this is only a healing crisis, or a healing event that’s taking place, and you must push through, in order to understand how powerful, and amazing the fruits are when it comes to simple digestion, feeling energy and hydration, and no longer having the brain fog, that suppresses your ability to think and function throughout the day.

Fruits will create die off symptoms, and this can mess with your head thinking that your problems are getting worse, but your problems are not getting worse, their just being pulled out of your body, and that’s why it’s very important when you go on an all fruit diet in the beginning, to utilize the herbs, because they will help open up the channels of elimination, so that you don’t stir up all the metabolic wastes, and not eliminate them because your elimination organs are way too clogged usually from mucus to remove them.

Most people cannot open up their eliminate of channels on even all fruits, and this is why they need to tag team wirh fruits and herbal Botanicals.

Herbs have been known to open up the channels of elimination, so that you don’t experience such aggressive detox all at once. This is another reason why fruit get such a bad rap, because people jump into all fruit, coming off of high protein and high fat diets, highly cooked and processed food, where their body is so full of toxicity, and when they start to allow fruit to create the healing process, it’s far too aggressive to handle, and to accept the reality of what you have caused.

I think it’s important to start detoxing with fruits and vegetables, until your body starts to plateau, and it’s healing, and then you get rid of the vegetables and go all fruit and make sure that you have herbs for your kidneys, adrenal glands, lymphatic system, and GI tract. You also should have some Veggie fruits you could steam in case of an emergency and dealing with two aggressive detox symptoms.

When your stirring up the terrain, and you haven’t removed the plaques from the kidneys, your symptoms can be exposed, this is why it’s important to go aggressive, but also have the steamed veggies on the back burner to slow things down, until you get your kidneys to filter.

Once you get your kidneys to filter, you will not have to do this anymore, because you will be able to eliminate, quick enough to where you won’t get the blow back.

When people go on all fruit diets and start filtering, for at least a couple weeks, they will notice their pain going away, their symptoms of fatigue going away, their digestion getting better, their skin improving, and then they will understand that it wasn’t the fruit making their symptoms and health problems worse, it was just that they were detoxing too quickly without filtering through their kidneys.

Filtering through your kidneys is the missing link, when it comes to the confusion of aggressive detoxification that an all-fruit diet promotes.

If you’re not filtering on fruits and vegetables, or all fruits, then you need to stop being stubborn with herbs, and understand that they are the missing link to help you create this process.

The herbs really do help, when your kidneys are very stubborn to filter.

Also a lot of people that are experiencing poor and chronic health conditions, also have damaged their adrenal glands, which are responsible for the utilization of carbohydrates, so when the adrenal glands stop allowing the body to utilize carbohydrates they run into sugar metabolism problems, and only eating fruits, which are 95% carbohydrates most of the time especially the juicy fruits, it’s going to be really difficult for the adrenal glands to keep up with when their very weak.

Also when somebody has damaged their pancreas, from all the process carbohydrate foods they have eaten over the years, the true state of your pancreas will also be revealed, when the body starts to go through detoxification and healing.

When the pancreas is not allowing the proper digestion of carbohydrates, this could also create a problems that are uncomfortable. This is another reason why the herbs are so important because they have a strong reputation, with bringing healing an enhancement to these weakend glands, so that while you detoxify aggressively with fruits, you will also create healing with the herbs in the process, so that you could create more function for proper elimination, to avoid the painful symptoms that become a reality when you detox at the highest level, which are going to be an all fruit diet.

People that have very clean bodies do not experience the blow back affect and also feel like their symptoms are getting worse on fruit, because their body is clean, and that’s why we hear stories of people running 100 mile marathons, on all fruit diets and not getting tired, and also recovering very quickly, to where they could do it the next day, or back-to-back however long that takes. It’s only those that have a lot of underlined issues, and have systemic acidosis, that struggle with fruit, because again fruit just exposes the reality of how toxic the body is, and when you provide the body with the energy that the fruit provides, it’s going to want to heal as fast as it can, because the body does not want to hold on to acids, when you allow the ability for the body to remove them.

Another classic misconception is that fruit makes candida worse.

You must understand what causes candida first, in order to understand that it’s not the sweetness of the fruit that indicates that it’s the highest form of sugar in the plant kingdom, let alone understanding that sugar doesn’t feed candida either, it’s the fermentation of sugars that do.

Back to the adrenal glands, and understanding that when you don’t metabolize sugar properly, fermentation takes place. It’s the fermentation of sugars that takes place in the body that cause fungal family to come to the rescue to balance this problem out, but unfortunately fungus creates negative symptoms when there is an overgrowth of it in the body because of too much fermentation.

You will not have more success metabolizing complex carbohydrates, because their more complex, and higher in sugar content, and this will be more difficult for the adrenal glands to metabolize when their not functioning properly.

Fruit sugar (fructose) it’s the simplest form of sugar, it also absorbs into the cells much quicker, and these sugars are much easier to digest and assimilate than any form of sugar found in plant foods. The easier the sugar is to metabolize, the less issue you will have to deal with. However again fruits also aggressively pull out, parasites, fungus, worms, and other toxic microbes you will start to experience those same symptoms that you had prior two going on an all-fruit diet.

I myself have experienced excessive itching, brain fog, fatigue, gas, white tongue, unusual itchy patches, and all the classic candida symptoms you could come up with, during the process of elimination, but because my kidneys were filtering well, I was able to remove this problem.

Now that I’ve been able to heal and enhance the function of my adrenal glands, and pancreas, I no longer run into these problems like I did before, but again it takes a long time and depending on how much fungal and sulfur you have in your body, it could take much longer than you would expect. As long as you get your kidneys to filter, these symptoms will go away, and then you will start to experience the benefits that those that have clean bodies do on all fruits diets, and no longer blame the fruit for causing the problem, but rather thanking the fruits for eliminating them.

If your one of these persons that are feeling worse on fruits, and your also clogged up and not eliminating properly, I highly suggest you get on an herbal protocol, to help bring more enhancement, to your glands and also to crack open the kidneys, so that you can eliminate the obstructions, and no longer blame the fruit, thinking that fruit is the problem, because really it’s just your kidneys, your adrenals, your GI tract, your lungs, and your skin that have been damaged from your prior diet that’s making it difficult to benefit from the amazing benefits you can experience from fruits when you fix the underline issue with the herbs.

More pain with fruit

If your experiencing pain while eating fruit, this is because it’s the astringent nature of the fruit, and the citric acid in the fruit that’s stinging your body from the corrosive acids from improper food chemistry that have burned the tissue in your body, it’s like pouring lemon juice on an open wound.

If this is you, you may need to slow down, on that sub- acid and acid fruits, and stick to the Sweet fruits, and instead of eating your vegetables, have green juices instead, and slowly add on more fruit every week, until you get your kidneys to filter, and the pain starts to subside. You could also use anti-inflammatory herbs in the process as well, if you still want to go aggressive with the fruits, and just muscle through the aches and pains in the process. Herbs like white willow bark, California poppy, Mullen, marshmallow root, slippery elm, and turmeric can help as the body removes the inflammation (ACIDS)

Their is no doubt that aggressive detoxification can be a difficult process, but it truly is the golden key to the restoration and regeneration of health, and their really is no other way to get to the root of the problem, except for trying to mask the symptoms and never truly restoring the issue. you just have to accept the damage that you caused from your improper choices living a lifestyle creating this issue your dealing with.

Pay your debt to karma, and never complain if you cheat, and then feel worse on fruit later down the road.

You must be consistent, and understand that you may have to be strict, to get your kidneys to filter, and it’s kidney filtration that will create a more pleasant process, and also speed up the detoxification that must take place with true regenerative healing, and true detoxification, of cellular waste.

The End

Get back to nature my friends, get back to a diet that your biological design to eat, tap into your intuitive Consciousness, let your instincts guide you, live in the present moment, and I promise you my friends you will thrive!

Written by Jonathon RA Stearns AKA the Mangotarian

If you are interested in my iridology services or phone consultations regarding regenerative detoxification please send me a private message or shoot me an email I can discuss with you with what Im offering to assist you! ? https://www.facebook.com/mangotarian/services/

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