Why eating your fruits and vegetables whole are the most natural

Why eating your fruits and vegetables whole are the most natural

it’s quite obvious and I think we could all agree that nature has the most optimal options in regards to how we consume chemistry to keep the body alkaline and in balance. Nature does not come with juice extractors and blenders and I’m neither against any of them and from time to time still use them, but when it comes to being aligned with nature and using our bodies in a way that is conducive to our natural design when it comes to consuming chemistry, we must understand that we have teeth to grind the food for a purpose. Everyone is so hyper focus on slamming their body with nutrition so they focus on juicing or blending a lot of mixed food’s to get their daily nutrition. But in nature all the animals that eat the living foods eat very simple and eat their food whole mainly mono meals. Chewing our food creates pre digestion in the mouth before it enters full digestion in the stomach, there must be a synergetic effect with the pancreas and chewing in the mouth that will create the most optimal digestion/ absorption and utilization of the foods.

When it comes to detoxification sometimes in the beginning to realign our health back to the way it’s designed to function juicing or blending can be a beneficial option but to live on smoothies and juice forever is not the most compatible with your body. Alot of people that are very acidic, and have burnt out their pancreas and have cause ulcerations in the GI tract, have a hard time chewing and eating their food solid so downgrading to a juice or a smoothie for a season may be a beneficial option to suit them, but eventually you want to realign your body to simplicity and eat your food’s whole the way that nature produced them.

I don’t think the goal to produce optimal health should be motivated in the focus of being a juicitarian or smothitarian, but instead a whole foods fruigitarion lol! The foods contain fiber for a reason and I believe that in order to consume the right amount of simple sugars in the bloodstream needs to be slowly released with the fibers intact, rather than juicing them without the fiber and putting a lot of pressure on the adrenal glands for carbohydrate utilization and sugar metabolism. Too much juicing can be hard on the adrenal glands if their not functioning properly and cause blood sugar spikes, so to avoid this it’s best to eat your food slowly chew your food well and eat your foods whole.

I think that juicing for a season to flush out the excess mucus from the protein plaques, mucoid plaque, and metabolic waste buildup in the GI tract can be beneficial and should be utilized but only for a season and then getting back to eating foods whole should be the goal because if you were stuck in nature or only had access to fruits and vegetables do to an economic crisis, you’re not going to have time to plug in your blender or juicer to eat your food so it shouldn’t be a priority in your life. It’s easy to retrain your body to eating your foods whole If you eliminate this dogmatic focus of only juicing or blending your foods into a smoothie. I lived on smoothies for a year straight, and I’ve done several juice fast in my life. I have read people’s stories many times, and I’ve heard them express fear of eating their foods whole because their body has gotten so adopted and used to just juice or smoothies, but you must understand that if you have some digestive discomfort from eating your foods naturally in the way that nature designed them to be eaten, your body will soon adjust, you just may have to give it a few days, so in my opinion to rely on juice and smoothies, is not going to benefit your body like eating them whole can.

I love my mango pudding, and I love my banana nice- cream but my intuition told me to not rely on smoothies or juices alone and to get used to eating my foods whole. When you fix your pancreas, and you clean out the sewage in the GI tract, you will be able to tolerate chewing your food, it’s really just the acid stagnation in mucus stagnation the blocks the flow of energy that creates the discomfort not the food itself.

I have noticed that my blood sugar is more balanced when I eat my foods whole versus having smoothies and juices, and I think a lot of this has to do with how it’s digested because you have teeth that are designed to chew, and this creates a natural break down process of digestion and proper sugar metabolism. It may be more beneficial for the adrenal glands to chew your food rather than to chew your smoothies or your juices. In my experience it has helped and I feel less foggy when I eat my foods whole versus blending or juicing them. I think having one juice or one smoothie in the day should be okay, I’m just talking about to just live on them every day and several times a day may not be beneficial to the glands, and the way the body functions when it comes to proper metabolism and utilization of chemistry.

If your pounding your juices and your blood sugar gets out of whack or your blood pressure rises or lowers, these are signs that your body’s not processing properly then it could be due to isolating the food by removing the sugar and nutrition from the fiber. If your blending your fruits in a high-powered blender, this could cause oxidation loss, and nutrition loss, and possible fermentation in the body, and this could be a main reason why people run into these blood sugar issues or sugar crashes after they consume them. Again I am not against blending or juicing and think they do have their benefits in certain circumstances, I just think that if you choose to have a smoothie or a juice then you should chew them and eat them very slowly but the goal should be to eat your foods whole primarily instead of only juicing and blending.

I don’t like the dogmatic approach of only juicing because I think it’s creating an imbalance in people’s minds, because they think that digestion is an issue, but to say that digestion is an issue and isn’t the best to create optimal health is going against nature’s design, because nature didn’t create juices for humans for optimal health but created fruits with lots of fiber for a reason. It’s the fiber in the fruits that create the prebiotic bacteria in the gut and the fiber helps to regulate the movement of the bowels. Yes juicing can eliminate the excess Terrain in the bowels from old stagnant fecal matter from acid and mucus forming diets, but eventually you want to create a new environment in the body, and the fiber in the fruits and vegetables are important for this.

Too much liquid from the juice also can be hard on the kidneys and you don’t want to over stress and burden the kidneys because you need them to filter out acids and metabolic waste in the lymphatic system. I have noticed that I filter much better when I eat my foods whole versus juicing them. When you relax the kidneys and you relax the bladder the body could focus and put its energy on removing lymphatic waste buildup rather than putting too much stress and pressure on urination of your electrolytes and fluids that you consume throughout the day. The fiber helps the slow water release so it helps the kidneys and bladder relax more.

I’ve heard it time and time again that when somebody starts juicing their kidney filtration stops and when they go back to solid food it comes back, so this should tell us through common sense that eating our foods whole is the best when it comes to creating the detoxification process and removing lymphatic waste. The fruits help to move and stir up lymph, and the kidneys help to eliminate them. If you don’t eliminate the waste, your going to experience a blowback. Find a proper balance and experiment with this yourself, but just understand that if you want it eat in the way that nature designed you to eat, you need to move towards eating your foods whole and when the body heals itself you should be able to do this without any issue.

The way I see it is it’s not about the nutrition focus and anti digestion, but a fine balance the way that nature designed things. I think eating your foods whole is the best option, and to also give the body a rest from digestion through dry fasting, I think is the most natural, and I think that’s what animals already do in nature at least intermittent dry fasting every single day. Give it a try if your struggling to get kidney filtration, retrain yourself to eat your foods whole and to practice intermittent dry fasting, because the goal is to get kidney filtration not to only focus on specific methods that everyone is doing because of specific protocol suggests it may not be conducive to your healing. Your body will tell you if your healing by removing metabolic wastes through the skin, bowels, Lungs, and mainly the kidneys. Your pee jar is your marker for removing lymphatic waste, and what you see in your bowel movements, if your plateauing because you have been on juice for so long, you may want to consider retraining your body back to its design to eat and consume chemistry by eating your foods whole in a proper balance.

The End

Get back to nature my friends, get back to a diet that your biological design to eat, tap into your intuitive Consciousness, let your instincts guide you, live in the present moment, and I promise you my friends you will thrive!

Written by Jonathon RA Stearns AKA the Mangotarian

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