Why I think everyone should intermittent dry fast everyday

Why I think everyone should intermittent dry fast everyday

Their is no doubt that humans have compromised their bodies and have made it very difficult to function the way that nature’s design them to function. When you eat too much it suppresses the body’s ability to heal and repaire the damages. Dry fasting is an art through detoxification of removing all consumption of water and food intake. There’s no topical ingestion through the skin by washing hands, taking showers, brushing teeth, or washing your face it’s complete abstinence from water and food consumption. All animals in nature dry fast every single day when the sun goes down, and it’s longer than 8 hours and possibly 20 hours every day. Animals in nature that are eating foods there designed for and dry fast don’t run into health problems like humans do. Humans continue to clog up their bodies with acid and mucus foming foods from very disease and compromise food sources. The body is working overtime every day trying to get rid of this metabolic waste that is flooding the system on a continual basis. Humans need to put down their forks and knives, give up their obsession with eating, and allow the body to detoxify and get rid of metabolic waste because it’s designed to clean and repair on a daily basis.

It’s very difficult for the body to heal until you remove all consumption. The reason why people are having trouble filtering through their kidneys it’s because they continually drink and eat from sunup to sundown and all the way through the night. You must give the body a rest in order for it to repair itself. The reason why we go on fruit diets is for one because they are designed for our species when it comes to our anatomy and physiology but also because it’s the most optimal food source when it comes to digestion and it’s also a food that leaves behind the least amount of residues in the body which encourages the body to heal at a specific level. But in all reality it’s not the fruits and the herbs that are healing us they may accelerate the healing, but the true healing takes place when the body is at rest. Even drinking water can burden the kidneys and stimulate the bladder for excessive urination. Excessive urination will put too much burden on the kidneys and bladder making it hard to drain the sewer system in the body which is the lymphatic system. If you don’t remove the acids stagnant and constipated in the lymphatic system, then the body cannot rest enough to heal and repair the damages that have compromised the function of the organs and glands.

You could go long-term on water fast and I highly do recommend them for healing, but if you really want to heal in the most effective way possible then it’s the dry fasting that creates this.

Dr Robert Morse ND said this about dry fasting and I quote:

When you dry fast you heal because dehydration causes competition between healthy cells and pathological organisms for water. It is a real survival-of-the-fittest scenario. Inflammation cannot survive without water. A wet environment is ideal for the proliferation of pathological bacteria, viruses and worms – water shortage is as devastating as fire for them. All dead or dying tissues will be expelled from the body. A water fast does the same thing but takes much longer to accomplish the goal. Dryfasting is dehydrating and an acid experience, bringing about the opposite as hydration to the cell and intersticial spaces. The Detox Miracle Sourcebook by Robert Morse, N.D.

All great masters understand the power and effective tool when it comes to regenerating the body systemically and that’s through dry fasting. The cleaner your body gets the more It can handle extended dry fast, but I believe that this must be attained through time by slowly extending each hour every week and to at least be 100% Raw to where your already creating the body’s ability to heal itself at a certain level. When you’re eating too much cooked food then it’s really difficult for the body to repair damages because cooked food blocks the flow of energy and dehydrates the body interstitially creating an acid and mucus environment for parasites and microbes to live and thrive on. When you open the floodgates by eating raw living foods high in fruits, and you allow your body to be at rest through fasting, there’s nothing you cannot heal and repair, because the body is an intelligent machine that has the tools to repair the damages.

Intermittent dry fasting is a perfect balancing tool for systemic regeneration. Food and water just make the body work harder because it’s putting too much focus on processing, digestion, and absorbing nutrition rather than fixing old damages that were created from the past. You can’t get deep levels of damage when your constantly consuming chemistry all day long. That’s like trying to create healing by picking off a scab but then suppressing it’s time to heal because you keep creating another wound by picking at it. But when you leave the scab alone it will eventually fall off and the body repairs the damage. The same thing goes for dry fasting when there’s too much innervation from chemistry coming in, it’s just going to expose the wounds in the body and irritate the damage tissues and make it harder to heal, but when you allow the body to be at complete rest that’s when the healing truly takes place at a rapid pace.

We are so fixated on eating and drinking and trying to find nutrition, and I truly don’t think nutrition is important, what I do think is important is to eat just eat simply like every animal in nature, and take a rest from eating to focus on nourishment spiritually, mentally, because the physical is only a temporary shell we live in, but infinite consciousness is in every single one of us and are being is not a body but an infinite spirit. We must get our minds more fixed on things that matter not on things that are temporary. It’s amazing that when you clean out your body well enough you will soon realize how little amount of food you need, and nutrition you need to thrive and be healthy. We are a culture of obsession and a culture of addiction. The less we focus on food, the least it will be a priority, and the healthier you will become.

When you dry fast for weeks, months and years at a time, you will be able to enjoy the true experience of consumption when it comes to enjoyment and nourishment, and we will be able to feel satisfied on the simplest meals, and enjoy the true flavors that nature has provided, but when your constantly eating foods that are created in restaurants and laboratories that alter and change the chemical structure of the food putting additives in them making them extremely addictive, you will never be truly satisfied, and you will always want more, and your body will continue to fail you until you run into serious health conditions. Is it worth a moment of satisfaction, to experience The Hangover? Is it worth it living in a hospital bed having no purpose in life because you over-indulged eating acid and mucus forming foods? Is it worth living in pain not being able to walk and enjoy the freedom of life because you can’t get rid of the processed food that is breaking down your body creating systemic acidosis? I don’t think so and when you live your life for nourishment, and you focus on your spirit by eating the fruits, herbs, and dry fasting so that you could evolve on a mental, physical and spiritual level, you will be able to soar into the heavens and enjoy the life that was given to you and it won’t revolve around food addiction, and constant worry about nutrition, and all these other things that are not based in fact but only written in books.

Dry fasting no doubt will create detoxification at the highest level and you will go through healing crisis but if you intelligently work your way up from intermittent dry fasting to extended dry fasting you could have avoided the serious blowbacks from shocking your system too quickly because you still inhabit an environment in the body that is way too acidic to handle it and that’s why I recommend intermittent dry fasting for at least 16 hours daily and anybody can do 12 hours daily and work their way up to 16 to 20 hours as a maintenance level for several months, and then dry fast for several days after that if there on a 100% fruit based diet and their kidneys are filtering daily. Dry fasting to me is not the obsession with fasting but rather just making it a lifestyle, because it’s completely healthy and normal in nature to dry fast everyday and to even take a couple days abstaining from food to work on other areas in your life rather than just putting an emphasis on eating everyday. It’s not more of an obsession with fasting but more of wanting to work on other elements in life that are more beneficial and important, because we put too much of an emphasis and we put too much energy into eating and drinking not realizing how little amounts we actually need in order to function with optimal health and vitality.

If you really want to get rid of acids and heal your health condition, then I strongly recommend you overcome your emotional eating habit, and start dry fasting on a daily basis when the sun goes down. Instead of complaining about your symptoms and not progressing in your healing, there is a solution and it’s not found in nutrition and food but it’s found incomplete rest allowing the body to fix itself and its state of dry fasting. For those that have been dry fasting and are making it a lifestyle have proven over and over, that the body heals much quicker when there not consuming chemistry from food and this proves to be true increase in kidney filtration, and experiencing more detoxification reactions because the body is working hard on fixing the damages. Dry fasting is the strongest pain reliever you could provide for your body!

If you’re not experiencing a lot of detox, when it comes to the stuff you see in your bowel movements, urine, coming out through your skin, and symptoms of pain and fatigue and other detoxification reactions, then you need to step it up, and stop overeating because true healing is not found in the fruits in the herbs alone, you must add in the fasting in order to truly benefit and get the results you desire to have. But never bitch about your health condition if you haven’t stepped into the levels of dry fasting, because it truly is a remedy that will create success if you just apply it, and you learn to slowly ease your way up instead of just jumping into it thinking that you will get your results immediately. I know humans are very spoiled and want a quick fix now, but that’s not how nature works, so when you submit to her laws, and you live this out as a lifestyle with patience you will find a remedy, and you will never have to look back at all the confusion that is being taught in the health food world and even amongst detoxification specialist.

The End

Get back to nature my friends, get back to a diet that your biological design to eat, tap into your intuitive Consciousness, let your instincts guide you, live in the present moment, and I promise you my friends you will thrive!

Written by Jonathon RA Stearns AKA the Mangotarian

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