Yo-yo dieting is extremely dangerous

Yo-yo dieting is extremely dangerous

When you don’t transition to a living Foods diet correctly you could find yourself very easily falling back to old cravings of eating foods that are corrosive and obstructive to the human organism. The reason we go raw in the first place is because we know that cooked food has no power to heal a body that is backed up with systemic acidosis.

If the foods we crave, is the very food that caused the health issue your dealing with, you don’t want to play russian roulette with your health, because this could be the worst nightmare, and decision you will ever make. This is why I highly suggest anyone that wants to heal their bodies to even try to attempt to do it through detoxification, if their mind in their heart is not in this for a lifestyle change.

The whole reason why your trying to heal your body with living Foods is because you need a life style change, not temporarily but permanently. If you didn’t need a lifestyle change then you wouldn’t be in this mess that your in today.

To detox the body and clean it out systemically with the goal in mind to go back to eating the foods that got you sick in the first place is no different than masking symptom with prescription drugs. When you mask symptoms with prescription drugs, and then you stop taking these prescription drugs your symptoms will come back to haunt you.

The same thing happens to the body when we clean it out, and then go back to the mucus and acid Ash forming Foods. When you go back to the foods that create obstructions and block the flow of energy in the body after you clean it out, the body becomes much more sensitive and you can create even more acidosis by doing this. At this point you can’t blame the raw foods when you go back to them for not working to solve your health issue, because you shocked the body, and now you need to find a balance, because the endocrine glands are not going to function the same way anymore.

The one thing we don’t focus on enough is the endocrine glands, and how they regulate the function of our bodies. The one thing we don’t focus on enough is the endocrine glands, and how the regulate proper function for the body when it comes to mineral utilization, calcium utilization, hormones and steroid utilization, and the function of the neurological system, digestive system, and how the body deals with absorption Etc. You don’t want to shock the endocrine glands by cleaning and detoxifying your body, and then going back to foods that create acidosis, because the overstimulation to the endocrine glands, will only make them harder to do their job, when it comes to regulating, and managing proper flow and bodily function.

The worst thing you could do is go from a very low protein diet, which is a fruit and vegetable diet, and then return back to putrifatctiv meat based diet, which is an extreme acid Ash forming diet, and not expect a serious blow back to your health in the future. If the body was truly design to eat dead animals then why do they cause so much destruction to the body when we return back to eating them, after abstaining from the eating them for so long?

I know the destruction this can cause due to returning to a diet like this. I was on a low-fat Whole Foods plant-based diet for many years, then I thought I needed animal food to sustain longevity!? buying into the propaganda feeding into pseudoscience, and internet constipation. It only took one year for my health to drastically decline, and fall into a Health crisis, waking up in hell, due to making this unconscious decision. when you clean out your body enough, and transition to a low protein plant-based type of diet, that’s not hard on the kidneys and creates proper function for them, the kidneys cannot tolerate or handle a high protein diets such as a paleo diet/ketogenic diet. This is a perfect way to damage the kidneys and create all kinds of inflammatory disorders such as the one that I suffered with for two years of my life, dealing with prostatitis, irritable bowel syndrome, and chronic pain.

Not only did I damage my kidneys and my adrenal glands, I destroyed my GI tract, as well as created all kinds of arthritis in my joints. I had none of these issues before I made this decision, to adopt a high protein meat based diet thinking that protein was vital and important to sustain long-term health. Boy was I wrong and extremely misinformed, I thought because I had strong genetics and a good Constitution, I can make the sudden change, and not have any serious consequence.

It’s so not worth it to clean out your body especially, at a high level of detoxification such as a raw living foods diet high in fruit, to return back to any type of cooked food diet again. You really need to educate yourself, and know what your doing, or your really going to regret thinking that you healed yourself enough to where your body could handle some cooked food again, because in most cases this is not the case when you clean out all the metabolic waste and the body heals itself and starts to function the way it’s designed to function to where it can no longer tolerate the stimulating foods that are highly cooked, and corrosive anymore.

Before you cleaned out your body through detoxification, your body was somewhat immune to the toxicity, but now that it’s clean, it can detect obstructive Invaders almost instantly.

For those that have cheated with cooked food, as simple as a boiled potato, after being on a low fat high fruit living Foods diet for so long, will be able to let you know how quickly and fast they felt like garbage after eating a steamed potato. This is evidence that were not adapted to these types of food, because when the body gets clean, it will tell you right off the bat that your designed for these foods, and this should not even be in your focus any longer.

The goal is to not clean out your body, heal your health condition, and then return back to food you’re not biologically designed to eat. Every species in nature is a raw foodist including humans, so your goal during detoxification is to clean and heal your body, is to make this a lifestyle, not a program, because the body doesn’t look at it as a program temporarily after it cleans itself out. This is where the confusion lies with most people, they think they can return to cook food so quickly, when it takes years to properly detoxify the body.

There is a way to return to certain cooked Foods after detoxing your body long enough, but you have to be smart and know what your doing. For most people, they need to detox for at least one year and detox properly, get rid of all their symptoms, and overcome systemic acidosis, before they could even think about eating cooked food, without getting a blowback.

The reason why yo-yoing from raw food to cook food, creates a lot of problems for people, is because their not ready to eat cooked food, without dealing with serious consequences. It is possible two go back to eating certain cooked food, but this cooked food must be a mucusless food such as mucusless vegetables steamed, and maybe some sweet potatoes, and soups. But to get so clean on raw living foods, and going back to eating processed food, or animal food, will not only give you a blowback symptom, but can also create systemic acidosis worse than ever before.

If you have started to detoxify your body, and have started filtering through your kidneys, and you have cleaned out your bowels, getting rid of the parasites, worms, fungus, and all the metabolic waste that is locked in the stomach and bowels, and then yo yo to cooked food, and then back to a diet that detoxifies the body, and then back to cooked food again, you could seriously damage your health doing this, and never truly get to the root cause of the problem and reverse systemic acidosis.

Some example of people’s experiences after detoxifying their bodies, and being on a raw food diet long enough, and what the experience when they eat cooked food check out this forum, and hear from real people share their experiences.


My goal in writing this article is to not be a fear monger, but to warn those that come into this lifestyle to clean, and heal their bodies to be careful not to return back to cooked food, without either dealing with serious consequences, or just having a good learning experience, knowing what cooked food does when your body gets clean enough, to tell you how toxic these foods are.

It’s very important to transition over to a raw food diet very carefully, so that you don’t end up going crazy, and falling into these cooked food cravings, and then creating an issue that could easily be avoided through proper transition.

If your passionate and excited and determined to live this as a lifestyle, and you enjoy eating fruit and raw foods, then in your case and may be easier to transition much quicker, but for those that have a negative attitude, and already have a too hard type of mindset, should transition over to this lifestyle much slower, than somebody that is able to do this long term and enjoy it. But if your only doing this to heal a health condition? but in the back of your mind, want to return back to cooked food, then I highly suggest you don’t even attempt to even detoxify your body with the fruit based diet, and fasting.

Be wise, and learn about detoxification more thoroughly, before you decide to enter into this lifestyle, because it is a lifestyle not a program. If your an aggressive type of person, with an extremist mindset, you should leave that at the door when it comes to detoxification, because detoxification is no joke, if you already have plans in the back of your mind to eat cooked food, to find yourself yo-yoing from raw to cooked. you will only regret this decision and wish you never did it.

The End

Get back to nature my friends, get back to a diet that your biological design to eat, tap into your intuitive Consciousness, let your instincts guide you, live in the present moment, and I promise you my friends you will thrive!

Written by Jonathon RA Stearns AKA the Mangotarian

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